Phantoms at sunrise

1. Chapter one The Phantom Forest

Octo, Spino and me were walking in the Phantom Forest.
Night was falling and the fireflies were glowing and the frogs croaked.
All at once the frogs stopped croaking and we froze.
We saw dark shapes moving in the fog.
"The phantoms!" Octo whispered.
We jumped into a hollow tree and didn't move a inch.
One of the phantoms spoke! "Gleam are you sure the phantom cactus is here?"
"Yes I'm sure," the phantom gleam replied.
"Are you sure we shouldn't turn invisible?" Another phantom asked.
"No click," the phantom named Gleam said.
"We must fight for truth and peace between jammer and phantom!" The phantom gleam said.
"Our group was started by the noble phantom Fire"
"Fire is...gone now..." she said slowly.
We all stared at each other in the hollow tree, thinking the same thing.

2. Chapter two Good Phantoms.

Octo hopped out of the tree and confronted the phantoms!
We hopped out and joined her.
"Hello!" Octo said.
"Are you good citizens or bad citizens?" The phantom gleam said.
"We're good." I told them.
"Come with us!" Gleam said.
The phantoms all started dancing around in a circle, and a portal opened up!
All at once we were all sucked into the portal, phantoms and all!
We popped out onto a grassy hill over looking a beach, a jungle was behind us and...
"Is that a volcano?" Spino said.
"Where are we?" I asked the phantoms.
"We are in Volcano valley!" A phantom named Click, clicked.
"Tell us whats going on!" Octo said.
"We are a secret society of phantoms, we are striving for peace between jammer and phantom.
 We try to do all the good we can."
"That's cool!" Icy paw said.
"I knew that there were good phantoms!" I said!
All at once though the portal came Hank and Drover Snowrook, and Bongo! Our pets!

3. Chapter three Our pets arrive.

Hank and Drover rushed into my paws and started licking my face. Bongo flew to Icy Paw's shoulder,
And Snowrook pranced over to Bouncing spirit in her fancy cat like manner.
"Trickertreee!" Drover was hopping around.
All at once Drover saw the phantoms and hid, and Hank bristled up.
Bongo started flying around Spino's head in fear and Snowrook said, "Oh dear this does not look good!"
"Relax!" I told Hank and Drover. "These are good phantoms!"
"Good phantoms?" Hank asked in puzzlement.
"Yes!" Said Octo.
"Will you help us in our quest against evil?" Gleam said.
"I will!" Said Spino.
"Me too." Said Octo.
"Me three." I said.
None of us realized we were being watched by another phantom...a phantom with red eyes...
And that phantom was talking into a Phantom-talki!

4. Chapter four The bush monsters...

"We had better get back home." Spino said.
We waved goodbye to the phantoms and walked in the direction of Sarepia forest.
We were walking when we came to a dark forest.
"It's the dark enchanted forest!" I said.
"Is that bad?" Asked Spino. "Very bad." I said.
We started walking into the Dark enchanted forest.
We started whistling. "Do you have to do that?" Bongo Spino's owl asked.
"It keeps your mind off being scared!" Octo said.
"Oh no! A dead end!" Spino cried out.
We stopped, our path was blocked by some strange bushes.
We started walking though the bushes.
All at once Octo screamed!
It appeared that the bush was...eating her!
"BUSH MONSTERS!!!" I screamed.
Everyone screamed with horror! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"
All the bushes were moving and waving their branches!
Spino and Octo disappeared into a whirl wind of bushes.
I was surrounded by bushes, they had eyes! Red blinking evil eyes!
They were coming closer, and closer...

5. Chapter five

I backed away and ran into another bush, the bushes were coming closer and closer!
I tried to yell, but all at once a big leaf hand came down on my mouth, all I could say was "MELF! MELF!"
The bush creatures tied vines around my muzzle, and carried me up a tree.
My eyes grew wide as I was taken though the leaf canopy.
It was a giant city in the trees! There were wooden bridges connecting all the trees.
I saw Spino and Octo being carried, their paws tied together with vines.
We were all brought into a giant room and untied. I stared around, the room was small and square but boy was it high!
Three bush monsters untied us, we all stared around with scared eyes.
All at once the leaves fell off, revealing that the bush monsters were actually...
...Evil phantoms!!!
We all gasped. "Help! Help!" I yelled. The phantom's stared at us with cold red stony gazes.
Then a phantom wearing one of those...disgusting wigs presidents wear! Stood up and slammed a hammer on a block of wood.
"Order in the court!" The phantom slammed his hammer again.
"Octo, Spino, and Trickertreee are accused of being nice jammers!" The phantom yelled.
"We shall now decide their sentence!" The phantom with the wig stated.
Spino jumped up. "I object!" She said firmly.
Me and Octo jumped up too. "The verdict is supposed to be first!" I yelled.
"To decide if we are innocent or guilty!" Octo proclaimed.
"NO! We follow phantom rules! We declare the sentence first! Verdict afterward!"
All the phantoms huddled together deciding our fate.

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