Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cowboys Of Jamaa

Chapter 1
- - -

You know, Jamaa wasn't always a nice, peaceful land where you could play games and hang out with buddies, get pets and put on neat clothes. Nope, Jamaa used to be a cowboy land, where outlaws lived and cowboys hunted them down. Here is the story of the old Jamaa, the cowboy version.

The old bar was filled with many old cowboys. The cowboys had quenched their thirst and were gathered in a circle upstairs, talking about the outlaws upon the walls of the bar.

"Yes, outlaws," replied TT Chance.
"Who in tarnation are these outlaws?" Gasped Mary Seal.
The door busted open as soon as TT Chance was about to reply. In came another cowboy.

"Outlaws, on the wall!" TT Chance replied.
"Yes, all of 'em Wanted Posters," Mary Seal nodded.
The cowboy took a sip of water (his favorite drink) and sat down with the group. "Outlaws, you be sayin'."
"Yes mister," TT and Mary confirmed at the same time.

"So yeh say..." The cowboy tilted his head.
A bell rang.
"The mayor! He's announcing the new Sheriff! Let's go see!" TT Chance gasped, and they left the bar.

Chapter Two:
Voting Can Be A Pain
- - -

Whispers rose out of the crowd. After a while, Mayor Hickory continued.
"Our Sheriff is old, almost dyin'," the Mayor announced.
Gasps came all around.
"Like weh all don' know dat," Mary Seal rolled her eyes.
"Shush!" A cowboy scolded.
"A new cowboy is to be elected. Put your votes in at the bar upstairs," the Mayor finished. He limped away, beings he was old and dying too.
"I'm going to the bar now!" Mary Seal said to the Cowboy Bunny. They walked away.

The cowboys walked to the bar, where outside, they found a Vote Collecter croc, collecting votes from everyone.

Mary Seal, TT Chance and Cowboy Bunny voted for the next Sheriff. TT Chance voted for TT Coyote, Mary Seal voted for Cowboy Ron, and who did Cowboy Bunny vote for? No one knows. But we all know that Cowboy Bunny was running for Sheriff that day, we suspect he voted for himself (don't worry, voting for yourself was allowed!).
Chapter Three:
Two Non-Happy Outlaws
- - -

The next day, there was a big buffet at the bar. Everyone ate and had fun, and the Vote Collecter came by, and took off his hat.

There were many, many cheers. Cowboy Bunny stepped forward as the new Sheriff, and the Vote Collecter put the Sheriff badge on Cowboy Bunny.
TT Chance was a bit upset that TT Coyote didn't win, but he was cool that his friend Cowboy Bunny won the vote. In fact, everyone was happy.

Except for two outlaws that returned to Dusty Gulch. They stood outside the bar, listening to cowboys cheer and shout Cowboy Bunny's name.

"Aww, come on! The new Sheriff was just appointed," Rock, the rhino growled.
"Well, how about you sneak in, then steal the noodles?" El Storko, the horse suggested.
"Are you kidding? I'm too fat!" Rock snapped.
"Well, sorry!" El Storko shouted.

Chapter Four:
Never Lie To Sheriff Bunny!
- - -

The two outlaws were still outside the bar. After the party, Sheriff Bunny left to go home. Mary Seal and TT Chance went another way.
Its good that Sheriff Bunny went the way he did.

The two outlaws turned to face Sheriff Bunny.
"We're not outlaws!" Rock protested. "We are....your long lost cousins who came to congratulate you on your success!"
"Er, yeah..." El Storko nodded.
"Oh, then-" Sheriff Bunny stopped in the middle of his scentence. He pulled a Wanted Poster off the wall. "If you even were my long lost cousins, you're still outlaws!"
"Dumb posters!" El Storko shouted.
Sheriff Bunny got on his steed, and grabbed his lasso. "You two are going down!"
"Run!" Rock shouted. The two outlaws ran away, but Sheriff Bunny rode his horse to follow them. He lassoed them and threw them in jail!

Sheriff Bunny catches two of the many Jamaa outlaws.

Chapter Five:
Don't Throw Noodles At Outlaws
- - -

There was a party for Sheriff Bunny's first catch. The residents of Jamaa rejoiced, and came to see the trapped outlaws. The outlaws shouted at them, but the residents did not go away until the party was over.
In fact, because of this reason, Mayor Hickory decided to get rid of the evil outlaws of Jamaa. Sheriff Bunny lead a raid on the outlaws. He and many cowboys threw leftover noodles at the outlaws.
Except now, the outlaws are phantoms.

TT Chance- Trickertreee
Mary Seal - Spino11
Sheriff Bunny/Cowboy Bunny - GreatShot
Mayor Hickory - Trickertreee
Vote Collecter - Jammers4evr
El Storko - Spino11
Rock - Jammers4evr

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Author's Note:
I know Easter isn't until tomorrow, but I just had to do this :D I got this off of Bone #2, The Great Cow Race.

'Round and 'round
Our busy feet go...

Hurry and fury
And apple-red glow...

The sights and sounds
Of places to do...

The laughing and shouting will never be through!


After all that running, the rest is the best...

And the best to rest is with you.


Written by GreatShot

Friday, April 6, 2012

Appondale Appeals

Appondale, quick music played by flute
It's the land like treasure like loot
May it be dry and also great heat,
but cool mud will always end up in our feet
Zebras, giraffes, and elephants graze
Grass and wheat is what they crave

Appondale, just two games and two places
May be scarce, but big in some cases
Games include Fruit Slinger and Pest Control
Places include the Animal Museum and Pet Shop (Let's roll!)

Appondale, may not be the best looking land
May be "boring" and as dry as some sand
But I think in every Jammer's spirit and mind
This is the place where all tides bind

-Written by GreenFun, AJRCL author

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Sleeping Tiger's 2nd Journal

Hey! It's me, the Sleeping Tiger, and I'm back. See my picture at the side? Maybe that brings you memories.
And my picture is right! Who says tigers can't cartwheel? Because they can in Jamaa.
Anyways, I've been climbing through the skies. I've been almost everywhere in Coral Canyons now! On top of the canyon, sleeping in trees (thats how I got my name) and I've been jumping on birds.
I'm good at entertaining myself. I eat the birds that dare tresspass, and when other residents of Jamaa ask me how I get up into the sky, I just reply, "duh, I'm the sleeping tiger, how else do I get up here?"
So today, I slept in trees, hoping to catch any birds and whatnot.
I also went to the bottom of the canyons and bugged other jammers. They were like: "UGH!!! JUST TELL ME HOW TO GET UP THERE!!!"
My reply was, "are you the sleeping tiger?"
Then they replied, "NO!"
So I said, "then I'm not showing you."
And I ran off. I have a few tiger brothers! We hung out together, and pretended to run the old Canyon Shop.
That's about all we ever do.
The other day, my brother Atlas carved three pots and hung it around our tree. See the pot on the tree I'm sleeping in? Atlas is the purple pot, I'm the pot at the end, and my other brother, Wild, is the one near Atlas.
Well, that wraps up my journal!

Written by GreatShot