Jama in jeopardy

1. Chapter one Jama in jeopardy.

It was a foggy day and I was down by Crystal Sands, it's usually bright and sunny there but today it was cold and foggy.
I was searching for seashells for my collection when there was a blast of noise from the fog.
I dropped the bucket of seashells and looked up, a giant ship was coming! Everyone on the beach ran into the woods. I climbed a tree and watched.
Strange creatures were coming out of the ship! What could this be? I thought.
Animals next to me were murmuring and trembling as the creatures came out.
The creatures were humans! The human that seemed to be the leader came out.
He took a deep breath and said "You smell that mates? That's the smell of a money making resort!"
The "mate" or whatever it was, unwrapped something and threw the paper on the ground.
Then the leader of the humans said "Ahh once the fog clears away it will be perfect for a tropical resort!"
Then he said "Yes...a hotel would be lovely on that a hill, people will pay to come here!"
Do I bite him now or later? I thought to myself. "I just hope there aren't any dumb animals that would hinder our progress." Said the leader.
The other humans laughed, and one of them dropped a can on the sand. "We shall return in three days!" the leader of the humans said.
The humans walked back into their huge ship and the engine started, the ship pulled away destroying a coral formation.
"At least they haven't found my secret island for me and my friends" I thought to myself.
But then I heard the leader say "And we will also pay a visit to all the islands around here!"
I came down from the tree and looked at the paper the "mate" had dropped. "Crunch in every bite" the paper said.

2. Chapter two Spino and Octo's strange British accent.

I quickly hurried home to Willow Bee manor to tell Octo and Spino, they were sitting down drinking tea.
"Why hello there!" said Octo in a British accent. "Care for a cup of tea chap?" said Spino
"Why are you talking in a British accent?" I asked, but then I remembered that I was the author and it was probably because I made them speak that way! "I'll have to revise you later." I told them.
"There are some evil humans trying to turn Jama into a resort!" I said!
"Blimey!" said Spino and Octo "I really need to revise you soon." I mumbled.

3. Chapter three Our boat is wrecked.

We hurried to our secret island what could we do I wondered? "I'm ever so grateful you included us in this story." said Octo in British accent, "Yes indeed!" said Spino in British accent also.
"Hold on a second! You've been revised remember!" I told them. "Oops!" They said, and in normal voices they said "Lets go!"
We took the boat across the ocean to our island, All at once we ran into...A steel plated gummy bear!
No just kidding, although that would be cool. All at once we ran into a coral reef!
The boat exploded into a million pieces! Or maybe it was just thirty-seven.
We fell into the ocean and we saw shark fins coming! Dun! Dun! Dun!
I paddled around in the water when all at once we were lifted up, what was going on? And the sharks were getting closer and closer...

4. Chapter four The great escape.

It was our dolphin friends! Hoppy and Harold! "Hoppy is happy to see you sir! yes sir I am quite happy to see you sir, don't you see sir.
"We will take you away from the scar'y shark's!" I was puzzled, how could Harold have used a apostrophe in scary if he hadn't dropped a letter?
But we had more important things to worry about at the moment. The sharks gnashed their teeth and licked their lips. Wait a second do sharks have lips?
Hoppy and Harold started to swim fast, startling the ocean birds as we raced past.
Harold and Hoppy jumped! I could barley hang on! "Turn right to our island!" I shouted.
We got to our island (who's location will remain unknown the the reader) "That was close!" said Spino "I know!" Said Octo "I need to read a book to calm my nerves, I think I'll read mystery of Willow Bee manor."
Spino and Octo walked to our solar powered tree house in a palm tree, I stayed down at the cove with Harold and Hoppy.
"We are safe now sir, I am very happy sir, aren't you sir?" said the increasingly annoying Hoppy.

5. Chapter five Alferd the bunny.

All at once I heard Octo shouting for me and Spino to come! So I hurried into the tree house.
"I found a book on protecting Jama from humans from a long time ago, it was last millennium!"
"Whats a millwenium?" asked a voice from behind us. We turned around and stared at a white bunny with brown markings.
"Alferd!" Said Octo. "Hi bwouncing. Hi uncle trwicotreee." said Alferd, I frowned slightly upon being called "uncle trwicotreee."
Alferd is Spino's small young bunny fwiend, friend I mean, he can't talk very well and he likes onions and chickens (so do I!) I also like garlic...
"Hello Alferd! How did you get here?" I said. "It's a secwet!" said Alferd. "Wook at my new gecko!" Alferd said. "Isn't he cute! I named him wicks (licks) becwase he wikes to wick." All at once I had an idea.

6. Chapter six Zip line.

"You know I heard humans are terrified of geckos." I said. "That's true!" Said Octo.
"We've got to get ready for the invasion!" I shouted "Tell the town crier!" cried Spino.
"Wets go!" said Alferd. "Lets take the zip line!" I said, the zip line is a wheel with handles on for you to hang onto, while you swing down a wope, rope I mean.
We all hurried to the zip line on the other side of the island. "Wook at all the yin fwerns!" Said Alferd.
We all hurried to the zip line Alferd got into Bouncing spirit held Alferd in her paws, I went first.
WAHHH!!! I shouted as I went zipping down the zip line! The zip line was going across the ocean, when I saw something that caught my attention!
Shark fins! The sharks looked up and smiled, if you have never seen a shark smile it is one of the creepiest sights ever.
Then the sharks Flew...bounded...They leaped! They leaped out of the water and snapped, teeth shining in the ocean sun.
Then I had an idea! "Maybe humans are afraid of sharks!" I thought to myself.

8. Chapter eight The news spreads.

The zip line took us to a old candy factory in the mountains of mischief.
You see the owner of the factory was trying to break the record for the biggest gum bubble!
But then the bubble exploded! And everything had to be shut down! You can imagine the mess!
The entire forest was covered in Bubble gum! And everyone had to leave.
But a few lone travelers take this route sometimes.
We found some parachutes that only we know about.
We put them on and parachuted down the mountain!
I felt the wind rushing by! We landed with a thud at the bottom.
Actually we sorta crashed and scraped at the bottom.
"Well there goes our parachutes." said Octo.
But then we heard a voice that froze us dead in our tracks!
This is just an expression, we did not die! That would ruin the story!
We heard the voice of Old Grumpy Feet!
Have we discussed Old Grumpy Feet?
He is this mean old wolf whom we call the "Window watcher."
"Hey! What are you doing you annoying pests!" He yelled at us from the 13th floor of the old phantom apartment.
"Gwumpy wolf!" said Alferd. "Yes!" Said Spino.
Can you see why we call him the Window watcher? He always watches the window.
We ignored him and went into Jamaa township.
Everyone was in a uproar! People were talking about the impending invasion!
"What will do?" Said a cream colored bunny. "String them up! Lets string them up!" Shouted a tiger.
"This invasion is simply..." A wolf wearing black and blue paused as if searching for just the right word.
"Abdominal!" she finally said. I have no idea what "Abdominal!" means.
All at once everyone started running! We were carried away with the crowd.

9. Chapter nine SQUISHY PHANTOM!!!

It was the shamans! Gilbert the tiger shaman roared for silence, and the crowd fell as quiet as phantom that had just eaten ketchup.
Liza the panda shaman gave an announcement!
"We are being invaded! We must all fight! Hide yourselves and use your jammer powers to evade the invaders!"
Just then there was a Boom! And a giant black ball flew though the air, and fell though the roof of Tech's candy store!
"That is a canon ball!" Octo told us. "Humans use them to fight each other." She explained.
Everyone scattered! They climbed up trees and ran into buildings and locked the doors!
We ended up hiding in the bamboo grove.
At first Jama township was as desolate as a phantom that had just eaten ketchup.
But then the humans came! They walked down the road.
The captain was grinning and saying stuff like..."Yes a water slide would be perfect there!" And..."I smell profit isn't it wonderful!"
Just then Something appeared next to me. It was a scary mask!
There was a rustling next to me. Scary masks and other stuff had appeared!
I put my mask on and winked at my friends, they couldn't see it though.
All at once I jumped out of the bamboo grove and yelled! "SQUISHY PHANTOMZ!!!"
And then everyone jumped out and yelled..."SQUISHY PHANTOMZ!!!"
The humans gasped and ran! They dropped their bags and ran like mad!
Everyone cheered! There was a awesome celebration that night!
And that day was declared...SQUISHY PHANTOM DAY!!!

The end...


  1. Trickertreee writes with zest and vigor and humor, but don't look for him to win any awards soon.

    Pack his books for a cure for sleeplessness.

  2. Magical lady flowerOctober 25, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    What are you talking about? His stories are the best I've ever heard!

  3. Explorer sunny stoneOctober 25, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    Me too! His stories are great and contain many funny moments!

  4. I'm wondering what will happen next? Will trickertree and his chaps become food for sharks? Or??

  5. I am actually British :D

    -Icy Paw (Spino11)

  6. The story is funny! XD XD!

    @ Spino11

    I am part German.

  7. nice story you should win an, no what am i talking about? millions of awards!!


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