The mystery of Willow-Bee manor

No one knows how Willow Bee Manor was named, maybe it's because the house is surrounded by willows and bees, or maybe it's because at night the wind seems to whisper Willow-beeeee...

1. Chapter one Willow bee manor.
My friends and I have just bought Willow Bee Manor, "Wow! It's so big!" said Spino. "I know!" said Octo, bouncing up and down.
We stepped though the doors, "Gasp!" I exclaimed, we stared around the house. The living room was spacious! The greenhouse was filled with...dead-plants. "Oh well" said Spino. We walked up the stairs to the second floor.
"Did that picture just move?" asked Octo. "I think so..." I replied. 

2. Chapter two Bidder.

We hurried upstairs and went into the bedroom. We sat down to relax.
"You know this house really cost a lot!" I said, "How so?" asked Octo.
"Look!" We all looked at the paper, "6,500 gems!"
"Why did it cost so much?" Spino asked. "It seems that another bidder was bidding against us." I replied.
"Hmm...... Eddie's honest bargains," we read on the paper.
All at once there was a banging on the door.

3. Chapter three We meet Eddie.

I opened the door, and there stood a wolf with black fur and yellow lightning as a pattern.
"Who are you?" I asked. "I am Eddie, owner of Eddie's honest bargains!"
"What do you want.....?" I said.
"I would like to buy Willow Bee Manor!" said Eddie.
Octo and Spino had come up next to me, and in chorus we said "It's not for sale!"
"Oh, surely you must be joking!" said Eddie. "I'll double the price you paid to start with! Now come on!"
"No!" we shouted.
"Fine!" said Eddie. "Keep the house! Do whatever you want with it! Paint it green for all I care!"
Eddie came right up to me. "Mark my words," he whispered, then in a loud voice he said, "You'll be sorry! You fools!" Then he jumped out the window, smashing it to bits in a tinkling of glass.

4. Chapter four The map.

The next day, we called a window repair bunny to fix our broken window.
Octo and Spino were chatting.
"The nerve of that Eddie wolf!" said Spino.
"I know!" said Octo.
Meanwhile, I was in the attic looking around, "Hmm.........." I thought to myself.
I dusted off an old photograph, it was a picture of Colonel Willow Bee!
I picked up the picture and a small folded up piece of paper fell out from the back.
The piece of paper looked like it would crumble into dust at the slightest touch, so I picked it up gingerly and hurried downstairs.
"Look at this!" I yelled. I hurried over and sat down in a chair next to Spino and Octo.
"What is it?" asked Octo.
"It's a map!" I said importantly. I spread it over the table.

5. Chapter five The screeching sound.

The map showed the grounds of Willow Bee Manor and the swamps surrounding it.
"Wow!" we all said with amazement and suspenseful interest!
"Hey, you know what....?" said Octo.
"What?" Icy paw and I asked in curiosity that could almost kill a cat.
"This must be why Eddie wants this house!" said Octo.
"That's right! He must have known about the map" I said.
"Yawn! It's getting late...." I murmured. Octo and Spino both yawned, as you know yawns are quite contagious.
So, soon we were all yawning, we could hear our beds calling us, "Come back! We miss you!" But I walked outside to pay the window repair bunny first before succumbing to the alluring calls of my softest pillow.
Spino came up to me yawning and said, "Where did you find a window repair bunny?"
"He was in the yellow pages," I replied.
"That figures," said Spino.
We all went upstairs and got into our beds. We were just drifting off to sleep when......
We all shot up in our beds.

6. Chapter six The scary night.

"What was that???!!!" I yelled! "I don't know!" answered Octo.
Then the awful screech sounded again! SCREEEECH!!! It was even louder this time.
There was an awful banging of rain on the windows, and a BOOM of thunder!
The lights flickered three times and went out. An eerie silence settled over the house.
But not for long, and whatever was making the screeching sounds screeched again!!! SCREEEEEECH!!!
I never liked dark rooms, especially when there's a storm and screeching noises outside!
So I took a deep breath and leaped across the room before any dark things could get me and opened the door.
I almost fainted. AHHHH!!!! I screamed! There were yellowish green eyes right in front of me.
"It's just me," a voice said.
"Yes it's me," said Spino.
"Whew!" I breathed in relief. "You know I never noticed before, but your eyes are really creepy in the dark."

7. Chapter seven We find the evidence.

None of us got a good sleep that night. Octo went outside for a walk.
As I recall she said, "The humming of bees and and the swish of willows help me relax."
I had fumbled back into bed and had been sleeping for about ten minutes.
I heard Octo yelling for Spino and I to come outside!
I walked downstairs with Spino right behind me.
"What is it?" we both asked.
"Look at this!" said Octo, she pointed at a...well...I didn't know what it was.
It appeared to be a box with a megaphone thingy on top, and buttons on a panel.
"Watch this!" exclaimed Octo, as she pressed the big green button on the panel.
A horrible screeching sound came out of the megaphone thingy, just like the one we heard last night.
Birds dropped out of the trees and we all covered our ears.
"Hey! What's that down there?!" I asked as I picked up a brown folder filled with papers.
We all took a look, GASP! We all stared at the folder.

8. Chapter eight It all falls together.

The folder was marked Eddie's honest deals.
I opened it. There was a list of Eddie's deals.
October 5 Mapped the lemon scam.
October 16 Fake gem scam.
October 20 Basic pillow scam.
At the back of all the honest deals was a list of Eddie's secret goals.
Octo picked it up and started to read.
"Eddies goals:
1. To become rich.
2. To get rid of all the other rivals' shops.
3. To replace Mira as king. Mwhahha!
4. To take control of Willow Bee Manor.
5. To get Colonel Willow Bee's treasure map.
6. To change Willow Bee Manor into another Eddie's honest deals.
"Wow!" we all said.
"I know what to do!" said Spino.
"What?" we asked.
"Lets set a trap!"
"I have the perfect idea for a trap!" I said.

9. Chapter nine Eddie goes to jail.

As night fell, We dug a pit in front of the front door.
I put one of my phantoms inside. Ow! I put on my gloves after that.
Then, we put the welcome mat over the pit.
Then we said in loud voices, "That screeching sound was so awful.We are leaving forever!"
and "Yes! It was so awful we would never come back!"
Then we walked away. But just as soon as we were behind the tree, we quickly climbed up and hid behind the camouflage of the green foliage.
A cloaked figure walked across the lawn bathed in moonlight.
It walked towards the front door, and stepped on the welcome mat.
There was a loud, alarming shout and a BZZTTT!!! Then we heard pitiful, desperate pleas for help!
We rushed over and looked into the pit.
"We got him!" we all said in unison!
We pulled Eddie out. When Eddie saw I was holding his brown folder, he groaned.
You can guess what happened next. Eddie was brought to justice.
(As it turned out he was a wanted criminal in seven lands in Jama.)
All his victims had their items returned and all his stores were condemned. And that was that.
Goodbye for now! The end.


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  3. Sorry I will try to include you in other stories! I can't include you all in the same story. It would be too hard.

  4. Very exciting story and Eddie deserved what he got!

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  6. I loved this story and all the stories in this website. Jammers are right to praise you. I look up to you as a writer and blogger.


    1. Thank you! Not all the stories are written by me though, I have blog authors who post stories too.

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