Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Pill Bugs Came to Jamaa

One day, the pill bugs of Kangan Flats came together for a meeting. They each had their own clans: Blue Clan, Purple Clan, etc. Blue Clan was filled with blue bugs; Purple Clan had purple bugs.
"We must leave Kangan Flats!" Cried the Blue Clan leader, SwirlBug.
"Agreed," nodded the Purple Clan leader, StarBug.
"Leave Kangan Flats? What for?" Called a Blue Clanner, LegTooth.
"The animals who live here keep stepping on us! LeafEye was killed because of that!" StarBug replied.
"Where can we go?" SwirlBug turned to StarBug.
"I don't know!" StarBug shouted.
"Greetings," said a small voice. Everyone turned and saw a green bug.
"There are no green bugs in Kangan Flats!" LegTooth exclaimed.
"I know. I come from a different land, Jamaa!" The green bug annoucned. "My name is TinyBug! I am leader of Green Clan, and I was told that bug clans were troubled in Kangan Flats. I am taking you out of here."
Blue Clan and Purple Clan followed the Green Clan leader. She lead them through bushes, past birds and avoided any dangers. TinyBug safely guided the two Kangan Flats clans to Jamaa, and they settled in Sarepia Forest.

Written By GreatShot

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pet-Eater

Have you ever been sitting in Flippers n' Fins, admiring this cool metal Angler Fish, when you turn around to your own ocean pet and it's just GONE?
You'd probably call out your pet's name, but it never comes. It can't. It's been eaten by The Jamma Pet-Eater. It's a huge shark that lives in Flippers n' Fins, hiding and waiting for the next victim. For some reason, it only eats adopted pets, not wild pets waiting to be adpoted yet. But The Jamma Pet-Eater loves to eat the pets because of the following reasons:
1. They taste richer than seals
2. Seahorses taste sweet
3. Angler Fish taste a nice-spice flavor
4. It likes to mess with pet owners.
So this is a warning to all underwater pet owners! Never, and we mean NEVER, take a pet into Flippers n' Fins! Leave your current pet outside, go in, adopt a pet if you want to, then quickly get out!

Written By GreatShot

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Blue Macaw will never stall (A story about the Blue Macaw Express)

I never really thought about it before now, but how does your mail get to you? Well your Jam-A-Grams are actually delivered by Blue Macaw Express.
These Blue Macaws fly all over Jamaa delivering mail!
They fly through dark jungles, avoiding hawks, vultures and not to mention phantoms, sometimes flying under the ocean to deliver some rather soggy mail.
The Blue Macaws also Design Jam-A-Grams! They draw art in the art studio (They only do it at night) they then vulture out, sorry I mean venture out to deliver the new Cards to the card selection! Hats off and paws up for these brave Blue Macaws! After all the motto for these Blue Macaws is...
..."The Blue Macaw will never stall"

Pink Pottery Pilgrim Bunny

 It was a normal day, I was taking a stroll in Coral Canyons when I saw a pottery shop!
I got closer and saw a pink bunny with a pink pilgrim hat running the store.
I looked at the pots, they looked nice but they seemed rather expensive.
Just then the Pink Pilgrim bunny said "Buy one at double the price, get the second free!"
I had a feeling at the time there was some catch.
 "Your total will be 2,500 gems" said Pink Pilgrim Bunny.
"Wow that's expensive! Do you think I should accept Drover?" I asked Drover my dog, Drover shook his head.
"Hmm I think I'll accept it, after all I am getting a special deal," Drover shook his head again and groaned for some reason.

 I payed 2,500 gems and took the pots and was walking home when I dropped one of the pots!
"Oops!" the pot hit the red rock, I expected it to smash but it bounced! 
I picked it up and raced back to the Pottery shop, "I DEMAND A REFUND! THESE POTS ARE MADE OF PLASTIC!" I yelled in a loud voice.
"SORRY WE'RE CLOSED" Pink Pilgrim Bunny said in a equally loud voice.

"But that sign says your open 24 hours, night and day!" I said, pointed at a sign nailed to a post.
"But not all in a row," Pink Pilgrim Bunny said cleverly.
She pointed at some miniscule writing on the sign.
She then held a magnifying glass in front of the words.
We're not open in a row.
"Didn't you read it before?" Pink Pilgrim Bunny said.
"I couldn't read it before, it was tiny"

I was getting angry but then I thought it through.
An idea suddenly hit me over the head.
"That story inspiration was worth 2500 gems! Thanks!"
"Your welcome..." said Pink Pilgrim Bunny.
And that is how I wrote this story.
Which is only scarcely false.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Monkey Professor

Once in Jamaa there was a professor named Professor Zanymonkey. He did most of his research in The Lost Temple of Zios. There, he researched phantoms and their ways.
But he did not research alone. He had a frog apprentice named Squareberry. Squareberry was training to become a professor like Professor Zanymonkey.
Today, Zanymonkey and Squareberry were in Zios once again. Zanymonkey had done a lot of research on the phantoms.Today, Zios was empty, which meant it was not likely phantoms would come out of the phantom pit. But he peered inside and described the phantoms' habitat. It was very boring day indeed. Squareberry badly just wanted to go home, but Zanymonkey refused to leave. But after a while, Zanymonkey grew tired and fell asleep, and Squareberry kept wide awake, and was handy when the Professor started to attract flies.
Squareberry waited. And waited. And waited. The Professor kept sleeping, and the frog kept his eyes peeled for any phantoms. He never saw a phantom in his froggy life. But he eagerly waited.
But Squareberry must have dozed off. For when he woke up, he was in a different spot, and phantoms were coming out of the phantom pit! Squareberry marveled at it and woke up the Professor. Other animals were gathered around, asleep, too. And the Professor began to dance! Squareberry joined him, both dancing due to their success of finding Jamaa's phantoms.
Professor took note that when you sleep at the pit, phantoms will come out. He took it to his lab and posted on the internet of how to do this!

Written By GreatShot

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sir slurp, he who made food Scrumptious

Chapter one: Craving lemonade
Sir Craving wrote down the last few words "And with a crispy golden brown crust
this garlic bread cannot be missed!" 
Sir Craving was writing down descriptions of foods for a sprouting cafe.
"They should get some good sales on garlic bread" he said to himself grinning.
Sir craving did a home business writing descriptions of foods
and being a food critic.
Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door! It was actually more like banging.

Sir craving opened the door and saw a wolf with a red police hat, 
"I'm deputy Rochif, are you Sir Craving?"
"In person!" Sir Craving said, Sir Craving noticed that deputy Rochif was out of breath and breathing heavily.
He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help himself, 
"Are you thirsting for a glass of cool 
refreshing homemade lemonade with ice and freshly squeezed lemons?" he asked.
He watched amused as deputy Rochif's eyes glazed over and his tongue 
hung out of his mouth like a wet red towel.
But he quickly snapped out out of it and turned back to Sir Craving, "Follow me, we have pressing matters...
...and please, I implore you, don't talk about lemonade"

Chapter two: The private pie league

Sir Craving followed the deputy to the Juice hut.
Sir Craving looked around in shock, befuddled and dazed jammers stood slumped in corners or against walls.
A tiger suddenly said "You look just like that wolf who told me about pizza," a warm lopsided smile spread across the tigers face, "Pipping hot crispy crust..." 

Suddenly three jammers wearing red police hats entered, "We're Private pie league!" they exclaimed flustered.
"I'm Incredible, Pie eye deputy," said a wolf that was raspberry with black patches.
"A wolf that looked just like you came in here and did this to all these jammers!" said a tiger that was green with dark green stripes and light blue fur on his cheeks.
"Don't you mean the Private eye league?" Sir Craving asked, "No it's the Private pie league, 
we throw pies to stop villains!" said a horse that was entirely black with white hooves.
"You've got to stop this other wolf, he has powers of hungering just like yours!" Said the tiger, 
"I'm Pie eye deputy Explorer by the way," 
"There are some foot prints!" Sir Craving said as he pointed at some foot prints.
Sir Craving walked out the door following the foot prints, when all at once he saw another wolf.
"Stop wolf!" Yelled Deputy Incredible, she dived at the wolf and grabbed it's tail.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sleeping Tiger's Journal

Okay! I am not Speedyproud. I am related to that guy, but I am certainly not him! Speedyproud makes signs; I have no use! I sleep lazily in every tree in Jamaa! I even have a Treehouse den.
Anyways, today I was in my beloved Coral Canyons, walking by random wolves. Boring. I decided I'd show them something fun!
So I hopped from the cliff onto the trees, and lay down in the branches. The rock climbers gasped at my agility! Wolves can't jump like me, so I am called Leaping. The rock climbers asked me how I did that, and I replied, "Well, I am a tiger after all. I can leap far!" I then laughed, and went to sleep in the tree.
Now, it's the next day. I woke up and wanted to go to some other trees. But before I did that, I had some fun, walking on the side of the cliffs!

The wolves and seals asked me how I did that. So I replied, "I'm just an average tiger!" So I then kept climbing along the cliff.
So after I had my fun, I leapt onto the trees, then onto the rocks, heading for another tree.
But I fell off the clift, and ended up in Sarepia Forest! So I decided to have a little fun there. I hung onto the big Sarepia Forest tree! And slept there overnight.

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger

 Have you ever been in your tree house den and thought you saw a flicker of green movement? It just might have been the Treetop Leprechaun Tiger, this leprechaun is just one of many leprechauns hiding in Jamaa. But we are writing about this one because he is the only one we could get pictures of.

The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger is sneaky, he tries not to show himself, he can walk on water and not get wet.
The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger can fly from one branch to another, and can go places where most animals can't, and it just might help that he has a clover balloon.
There is also a legend about the Treetop Leprechaun Tiger.
A long time ago he was a normal tiger like most tigers in Jamaa, he loved to leap around in trees, but as happens very rarely a tiger falls out of a tree! And it happened to him! He was gravely injured, but the Leprechaun Lions gave him their soup made of clovers, and he was healed, but also turned into a leprechaun himself.
 Interesting legend, huh? The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger also has a companion, his pet cat, Lucky. Yes Lucky is the cats name and he follows the Treetop Leprechaun Tiger everywhere, as his cat.
The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger also has his work though, being a leprechaun is not all tricks and fun. The Treetop Leprechaun Tiger is responsible for making sure trees grow their leaves at the proper time.
(But he might have missed a certain patch of trees in Jamaa township)

That is the story of the mysterious Treetop Leprechaun Tiger, even he however likes to play every once and a while.
He's playing with his clover balloon :D
He better not pop it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The annoying bunnies

 Were you ever relaxing and sipping a smoothie, watching the peaceful sunset. When all at once bunnies wearing jester hats appear and start annoying you?
I recently had an experience with the "Annoying bunnies"
As you can see with the picture on the left.
So I decided to investigate and I found out about the Annoying bunnies! They are a group of bunnies who's only goal in Jamaa is to annoy people.
"Annoying bunnies are not average bunnies" ~The founder


1. You must be annoying (Obviously)
2. You must be a bunny (Obviously)
3. You must speak in caps when being annoying
4. Wear silly clothes and colors!
5. You must eat noodles, chocolate, and bamboo juice only
6. You may only be normal on a day that doesn't end in Y
7. You can only ice stake on National Pasta day
(This requirement list was provided by the founders of Annoying bunnies)

The annoying bunnies also have a mascot named Nom.
So watch out for the annoying bunnies!
I guarantee that if they show up you will not have a relaxing day. And protect your noodles!

Story smiths

Perhaps you were in Jamaa Township and saw an animal with a colorful bag, telling a story around the Mira statue, captivating jammers with his wonderful tale. This just might have been a Story smith traveling Jamaa! Story smiths travel Jamaa telling stories to jammers who are thirsting for stories! 
"What do you want in the story?" The Story Smith might say. 
"There should be...a bunny with a secret!" the bunny said. 
"And you?" The Story Smith said turning to the next jammer. 
"There should be a mountain climb!" 
"And you?" the Story Smith asks.
"And a save from certain peril from a cloaked rescuer!" The wolf with arrows exclaimed.
The Story Smith looked into his colorful bag, no one knew what was in these bags, he never took anything out. But he seemed to gain inspiration from it, he then began to spin a wonderful tale! With a bunny with a secret, a tedious mountain climb, a save from certain peril by a cloaked rescuer, and a bowl of noodles.
"And as the bunny went home with a wagon load of carrots he smiled, for he knew that no bunny would go hungry from deprivation of carrots again." 
The Story Smith then picked up his bag and went on his way, spinning stories with words.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tables of Dimensions

The Tables of Dimensions is a fascinating place, filled with floating tables, no one knows how they got there or why there is a lone grey wolf plushy in the middle.
It was a long time ago when a grey wolf decided to do a feat of wonder! 
He started to fill his den with tables.
Buying them, trading for them, scavenging them. The tables piled up layer by layer, the grey wolf did this for many many years, when he placed the last table on the mountain of tables, he disappeared. And in his place was a grey wolf plushy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The invader from the museum of pink

Chapter one: Tiggerkat's Reese Cup break
"Welcome! Greetings! Welcome to the green museum of dreams!" 
Tiggerkat and I stood at the entrance of the museum greeting visitors.
Octo and Spino were giving tours of the museum. "And there is the rare Green zap phantom!"
 Octo said as she displayed her phantom knowledge.
"And there is the Cactus lemoncitrus!" Spino said as she pointed at a tall cactus that was filled with lemon juice.
"I'm going for a lunch break!" Tiggerkat said suddenly.
"You mean Reese Cup break," I said smiling knowingly.
Utterances of "Wow!" and "Amazing!" and occasionally, 
"My eyes! The green is horrible!"
 drifted up from the crowd. 
Tiggerkat got off his chair and was going for his Reese Cup break when a black wolf suddenly said, 
"I saw this great picture of a Reese Cup..."
"STOP MAKING ME HUNGRY!" Tiggerkat yelled!

Chapter two: The pink monster

Tiggerkat was lured to the black wolf. The black wolf continued his story, "The Reese cup phantom was getting bigger and bigger." Greatshot, the security guard, came up, "Stop enticing Tiggerkat!" she yelled.
Suddenly the black wolf transformed into an evil pink monster!

Greatshot, Spino, Octo and I all jumped back in alarm! The pink monster reached out and tapped Tiggerkat. Tiggerkat started turning pink!

Everyone screamed in horror as Tiggerkat was turned into a pink monster! 
The pink monster that had come in cackled wickedly. "It's, it's pink!" Octo stammered. 
"Noo please anything but that!" Spino screamed.

Chapter three: The green cowboy

Tiggerkat fainted as the pink spread everywhere, and the pink monster started destroying everything!
Books flew out of shelves, lamps crashed, stuffing was ripped out of couches and green plushys went flying.
In fact, I narrowly ducked a hurtling couch. All the visitors had fled the museum by now, 
and the museum was empty except for me and my friends, oh and the pink monster.

All at once a cowboy appeared on the bean bag. "I am the green cowboy!" he exclaimed.
He suddenly lassoed the pink monster, and the pink monster started turning green!
Whatever the green cowboy touched turned green again, and the museum of green was as it was before.
Then the green cowboy disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 
Now the museum of green is the same again, except that now Tiggerkat has a terrible fear of pink Reese Cups.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The fishes "friend"

The crocodile rests in the water looking like a log.
He hides in water not concealed by fog.
His eyes glint as they spot a fish.
And with a beckon of his tail Swish! Swish!
He captures a yummy dish!

The crocodile how clever he is, hiding in the river.
How he never blinks might give you the shivers!
He invites little fishes in with warmly smiling jaws!
And the little fishes don't know any better to think too pause!

The ballad of the watermelon thief

Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
Here I am at the watermelon patch no gate, no guard, no gate, no latch.
Come on watermelons lets start this war! I'll eat till I bust and I eat some more!

Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
Spitting out the seeds, having so much fun! Sinking my teeth into juicy watermelon!
It's a sweet feast! It was awesome! That's only til' the sun!

Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!
The sun rises! It's time to scat! I slink away like a rat!
I was so much fun I think I'll invite, some of my friends who like a watermelon fight!

Authors note: I wrote this song because I'm yearning for summertime with watermelon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Angler fish dueling

The ancient tradition of Angler fish dueling began many many years ago,
 before the Flag shop was unlocked and when Coral Corner was open.
It all started with two ocean animals who were having a terrible argument!
Karo the seal thought Chicken noodle soup was the best, 
while Frienger the turtle thought Tomato basil soup was the best!
Their argument went on for years until Frienger decided to end it once and for all.
Karo and Frienger both had Angler fishes and Frienger challenged Karo to a Angler fish duel!

Karo accepted and both Angler fishes went into a ferocious fight! While their owners cheered them on.
No one knows who won, 
but no one knows why it's a complete tie between jammers who like Chicken noodle, and Tomato basil.
And the tradition was started! All thanks to Karo the seal and Frienger the turtle.

Sarepia Forest Dangers: The Ending

The friends all looked for the Tiggie Patrol so they could destory the phantoms and the Fire Clan who thinks they should own the forest.
"I think Tiggie Patrol is in Mt. Shiveer," Trickertreee figured.
"I thought they'd be in space," Spino11 protested.
"Let's look in Mt. Shiveer before we, uh, try space," GreatShot shook her head.
"Sounds good," Spino11 agreed. Trickertreee nodded in agreement too.
The pals all went for Mt. Shiveer. As soon as they crossed the bridge, an alien bunny with horns and blue wings shouted, "You shall never catch me alive! Never, you hear? NEVER!!!"
GreatShot realized potatoes were chasing it. The potatoes were followed by the Tiggie Patrol.
"We'll see about that! Taste potatoes!" Captain Oranoo shot some more at the bunny.
"Noo! Noo!" The alien screamed.
"That's Tiggie Patrol alright," GreatShot sighed, looking at how weird they were.
"Trickertreee?" Quavine asked.
"I'm here!" Trickertreee smiled. "Is that bunny behaving himself?"
"No," Cadek shook his head.
"But we need help! Driving out some dangers from Sarepia," GreatShot explained.
"We'll do it. But Oranoo, you can stay here and fire at that bunny," Quavine suggested.
"Ok, go on," Oranoo nodded, and chased after the alien again.
The Tiggie Patorl got in a spaceship and flew to Sarepia Forest. GreatShot, Spino11 and Trickertreee followed on the ground.
The spaceship loomed over the phantoms and Fire Clan. They all screamed at the giant ship and tried to run, but Tiggie Patorl shot bananas at them.
"Nooooo!" The evil guys shouted, and disappeared.
Everyone cheered. Fire Clan and the phantoms were gone! They returned to Oranoo and said the alien was gone, too.
But what they didn't know...the aliens, phantoms AND Fire Clan united! Uh-oh!

The End.....?

Written by GreatShot

The mysterious gecko creatures

Imagine this, your traveling down a dark road during the night.
Your coming home from a long days trading.
All at once you hear a rustling behind you. You turn around expecting to see a phantom!
It's nothing but a squirrel, but then the brush starts to get thicker.
You creep through the dense undergrowth.
All at once it strikes! You yell for help! But it's too late!
Your dragged off by...something.
You may have just encountered...a gecko creature.

These horrible creatures are very rare and scary, they are rumored to eat Top-hats, 
giving them the nick name "Toppys"

They also come in green colors...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ridiculous notions

If phantoms paraded down smoothie straws!
If Mira became evil and broke a few laws!
You know what this means! It doesn't make sense!
The Jamaa constitution gives us the right to be ridiculous!

If a bunny hit a wolf in the face with a lemon meringue pie!
If a palm tree became a spy!
You know what this means! It doesn't make sense!
The Jamaa constitution gives us the right to be ridiculous!

If a armadillo dug a fifty foot hole!
If a wagon broke down and hit a mole!
You know what this means! It doesn't make sense!
The Jamaa constitution gives us the right to be ridiculous!

If a zebra snored in the middle of the road!
If a group of elephants followed Yellow Mc Toad!
You know what this means! It doesn't make sense!
The Jamaa constitution gives us the right to be ridiculous!

If a yodeling koala picked locks!
If the flag shop was reclocked!
You know what this means! It doesn't make sense!
The Jamaa constitution gives us the right to be ridiculous!

So how much wood? Could a wood pecker square?
If a pecker wood was a checker board...square!?!