Saturday, December 24, 2011

The graveyard of petrified jammers

Deep, deep in the jungle behind the buildings in the Temple of Zios is a abandoned house.
An old house...filled with...
Petrified statues of jammers!
Studies found out that these jammers were real! These petrified jammers are...

  • Celebrated herb doctor Ruben Griser, (The bunny with the hat)
  • Traveling painter and artist Benard Burkens, (The tiger with lei and bunny hat)
  • Bangles Gerdy, Half owner of Bangles and Alylissia's boutique a closed down shop in Jamaa Township, she "disappeared" (The seal with butterfly wings and the purple lei)
  • Aylissia Splodge, Second half owner of Bangles and Alylissia's boutique, (The wolf with purple butterfly wings and a purple heart necklace)
  • Carrran Octtoo, Building designer, designed the Sarepia theater, Flag shop and Bahari Bargains, (The wolf with the green heart necklace and black glove)
  • Alferd Royan, Inventor of the universal animal changer gloves. This invention allowed one to change into any animal just by tapping their glove. (The wolf with the wizard hat, worn and red glove)
  • Pureto Patsi, A random jammer of Jamaa's community, (Behind Alferd Royan)
  • Mandia Mertzin, A distant cousin of Mandio, (The seal with the green wig and butterfly wigs)
  • Parley Pintzer, A plant researcher, (The wolf with the green clover blanket and spiked collar)

Outside of the crumbling dwelling are many other petrified jammers! These jammers are...
  • Spino Flingo, Story writer who wrote the famous books The wonderful wizard of Paws, Indiana Tiger and the raiders of the lost phantom, Greely's stone, and Furry Potter (The wolf with pink horns and pink royal cape and wreath)
  • Herbert Hally, Owner of the largest collection of bottled weather ever known 7352 (All weather bottles were bought from Weather Wizard Alferd Royan, The bunny with the black star cape and Indian hat)
  • Callie Corestor, A random jammer from a remote corner of Coral Canyons, friends say she thought her reflection in a mirror was her sister trapped in another dimension, (The seal with Scary horns and Red wreath)
  • Maxour Cretaus, A Toy maker and Clock fixer from Sarepia Forest, (The panda with the beard)
  • Jabari Jackson, Achiever of the award "Hot sauce!" For drinking twenty Spicy pepper smoothies! (The wolf with black pokey hair and star cape)
  • Zaire Garrick, A turkey farmer who gave out free turkeys on Feast of Thanks, (The monkey with a blue turkey hat and blue butterfly wings)
  • Tricer Hiljo, A koala that was cursed with the curse of the snowman, (The koala with a snowman head)

    All these jammers are petrified! And no one knows why! Or why they are all in the same place!
    But rumor has it that this dwelling was once owned by a evil wizard.

    This has been...


    1. lol i study plants

    2. Thanks trickertreee :D lol

    3. the enchanted pandaDecember 24, 2011 at 8:47 PM

      good snapshots trickertreee.

    4. i started the whole snowman curse thing

    5. i am Carran Octtoo! (XD the ghost!)

    6. That's creepy...and no happy endings. Well, isn't that all how scary stories go?

    7. Hey, I decided to do a scary story because of this too, check my blog on the Jammers Literature Collection.

    8. Trickertreee's Tales of Scary Stuff??? That was from the show Garfield and Friends. Please fix this post and give the "Trickertreee's Tales of Scary Stuff" title to the cartoon show Garfield and Friends. And the Indiana Tiger and the Lost Raiders of the Phantom is Indiana Jones. Please give credit from titles and other stuff.

    9. Hey, I just noticed, Mandio...he's evil, is his cousin evil too? Anyways, I have finished the haunted story and it has your credits too!

    10. Hey, could I make something about this on my story blog? I'll give you credit if I end up writing it.

    11. I will destroy this evil wizard guy. After all, he's only a bunny.

      Signed, Sleeping Canyonrose, saver of Jamaa and vanquisher of all evil in Jamaa.

    12. Oh yeah. Today there was a weird bunny going laugh laugh cry cry and then she said I see pretty unicorn and then she was saying all sorts of weird stuff it was so creepy

      Signed, Sleeping Canyonrose, aka papad91278, vanquisher of all evil in Jamaa

    13. Dear PRT(People Reading This),

      What do you need to do to become a library author? Anyways, I can give you some stories. I freshly imagine them, they are never old when I get the idea.

      Sincerely, Neowulf

    14. incredible looks like the old spino11
      explorer looks like trickertreee

      NICE POST!


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