Monday, November 28, 2011

How pets came to Jamaa

A while ago in Kangan Flats there were many small animals.

Dogs, cats, ducks, frogs, butterflies, hamsters, bats, reindeer, angler fish, and seahorses!

Kangan Flats is what jammers call "The lush land," and "The wonderful west."

It is also known for being "Wild west'y," It is a place where outlaws have hidden and where the first Jamaa express hold up happened.

There are pets everywhere in this amazing land! They are so abundant it is where all pets come from.

The bats live in a cave at the top of Wind Jammer Plateau, they only come out on 
Day of The Phantoms in which they make a epic flight to the rest of Jamaa. 
The bats are so thick they make a day seem like night.

There is a giant lake in this land where Angler fish and seahorses live, frogs and ducks live in the marshy area.

The dogs have their own part of the island filled with slides homes and everything a dog could want!

The cats have their own area, with yarn balls that appear out of nowhere! And catnip grows wild.

No one knows how this pet haven and utopia came to be, but a small town is being built!

Aspenville! There is a big land race happening there! 

Jam on! Hope to see you in Kangan Flats! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

The story of Captain Melville!

This is the story of Captain Melville, Smoothie tiger, Fruit artist, Juice jammer!
You all know the name Captain Melville well don't you?
He is the supposed owner of the juice hut!
There has been much speculation over who this jammer is.
Well late this night I was hungry, so I went down to the juice hut under the star sprayed sky.
I walked into the juice hut, and imagine my surprise to  see a tiger! It was Captain Melville! Here is his story, told in his own words.

The story of Captain Melville.

A long time ago I lived in Smoothie Swamp, a peaceful place on a island off the coast of Coral Canyons, bordering the Coco islands where coco is harvested.

Me and my cat Gurdy always loved to play pirate and still do! We never knew what would happen because of that.

We were siting on the shore next to Fruit Juice Falls, playing pirate when a foggy shape appeared in the waterfall mist.

It was a pirate ship! There were thousands of phantoms! Wearing pirate hats and holding flaming torches and bloody swords! Then they waved their flaming swords and bloody torches! Or is that backwards...

Then they said. "A cabin tiger!" They waved their arms and all at once I was floating into the pirate ship! Along with Gurdy!

The phantoms shoved me in front of a door, and then the leader said. "This is your job! Scrub the deck, wash the windows, shine the cannon balls, mend the sails!" 

And on and on and on...then they did the worst thing of all! They threw Gurdy off the ship! 

I was locked in my mop room and I sat down on a barrel and cried and cried. "Why me?" I wondered.

Gurdy is gone, I'll never see my home again and what lies ahead is working forever for these phantoms.

Then my stomach growled. "And, and, and...I'm so hungry!" I yowled!

All at once there was a scratching on the little window behind me.

I turned around and was shocked to see...Gurdy! And she was holding a fair sized wriggling fish!

I opened the window and let her in, she hopped down holding the fish in her mouth.

Turns out there was a candle and a frying pan in that little mop room.

I cleaned the fish and baked it on the frying pan. Me and Gurdy had a yummy fish dinner.

We had gone to sleep on the soft part of the mops when all at once the ship stopped and shook!

Me and Gurdy woke up with a start and all the mops fell on us.

We were being squashed with mops! I was pressed against the door when all at once the door groaned and fell down with a crash!

We found our selves on the deck, about twenty yards away was the shore!

All the phantoms were streaming out from the bunk room and were yelling! "NIFAJO METLA MIZA! MIZA! MIZA!" 

Who is "Miza?" Oh well I didn't wonder about that I hesitated for a moment in front of the water, then dived in with a giant tiger splash!

Me and Gurdy swam to shore, the phantoms didn't follow.

Then everything went black, black as night, black as...a phantom.

The sun shone on my face and I groaned and shook the seaweed off my face.

I opened my eyes and saw two other tigers! The one on the left was black with raspberry stars and she was wearing a red glove, also next to this tiger was a red cat.

The other tiger was raspberry and white colored with green leaves, wearing a pink top hat a lei and leaves on her paws.

"Wha...who are you?" I asked. "My name is Oranoo." Said the tiger on the left. "Mine is Quavine." Said the other tiger.

"Where am I?" I asked them. "You are in Jamaa." Said Quavine.

"Can me and my cat Gurdy live here?" I said slowly. 

"Jamaa is for all animals in need!" Said Oranoo. 

Later with the help of my new friends Oranoo and Quavine I built the juice hut! 

That is my story, and also the story of the juice hut I used my knowledge on smoothies to make them!. 

And where do I live? Well I don't live in the juice hut. To find out where I live decode the puzzle below.

24, 1 24 11 20, 24 3, 9 23 20, 18 23 16 2 17 20 7, 4 21, 8 2 4 4 9 23 24 20 8!

Your clue is... V=11

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Otto's story

A long time ago before Mt. Shiveer was ever discovered there lived a seal.

The only seal that ever existed at that time, he lived in this cave you see pictured. <---

Otto's lair was filled with ice sculptures he had sculpted. It has a fireplace, and on that fireplace is perched...the seal spirit stone.

Otto's favorite activity was sliding down the slide! He also liked to explore caves with his friend Peck.

They both  loved to explore the ice caves in Mt. Shiveer.

Like this blocked one. Shown here <---

But then Eddie discovered Mt. Shiveer.

He decided to melt Mt. Shiveer! Well Otto couldn't just stand there and let his home be melted!

He stopped Eddie by tempting him with hot coco.
Eddie was stopped and Mt. Shiveer was saved! Mira saw
Otto's deeds and made him a seal shaman.

Later Lisa discovered Mt. Shiveer.

Otto decided to seal up his ice cave and left to go protect Jamaa.

And that is the story of Otto the seal shaman

~The End

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The mysterious elephantoms of Sarepia Forest

Once upon a time a band of wild elephants roamed Sarepia Forest.

They rumbled around and scared all the other animals away!

They jumped on trees, crushed the theater, and got the flags in the flag shop muddy.

The phantoms that were evil had observed these elephants and had ideas.

The leader of the Sarepia green phantoms, Rock had a plan.

Rock the phantom smiled, or would have, if he had had a mouth.

He had uncovered the most sinister, the deadliest phantom spell ever found.

He waved his many arms in wicked delight and cackled!

That night the elephants were gathering around the fire.

They were discussing what land to invade next.

Rock and all the other phantoms turned invisible and started chanting the wicked phantom spell.

"Fjngish isnjuofih fkn oijw kjwif mzian onhoa nucinw nqiic fgh ncu qqz zuia icub!"

And at that moment the wild Sarepia elephants were turned into...


Thursday, November 17, 2011

The tale of the Hot Coco Machine

A long time ago the famous inventor Blossom Berry Flower was tinkering on a machine...a machine so amazing everyone would say Squishy phantoms! (The best praise an invention could get!)

Blossom Berry Flower picked up a sack filled with coco seeds! Grown on the islands off the coast of Coral Canyons.

Blossom Berry Flower Poured the coco seeds into a funnel, then she put a quilt on top of her invention and smiled.

But her wicked rival Monster Spooky Croc was tinkering on a invention too...

Blossom Berry Flower had gone too bed, but it was hot and she left her window open.

Her invention plans blew out the window! And into the sharp claws of Spooky Croc!

Spooky Croc was lazy and skipped every odd numbered step!

The next day Blossom Berry Flower woke up and was horrified to find her invention plans missing!

"What shall I do?" She cried in despair.

But then Blossom Berry Flower looked at her invention.

And realized that she could do it! She went to work with renewed vigor!

She had made...a Hot Coco Machine! She turned it on, and shared a cup of coco with her duck Fire tree.

Later at the inventors convention, Blossom Berry Flower and her rival Monster Spooky Croc were awaiting the unveiling.

Monster Spooky Croc unveiled his invention and the crowd ooed and ahhed.

But then Blossom Berry Flower's duck Fire tree touched the machine with his beak.

And the machine fell into pieces! Blossom Berry Flower unveiled her invention! And the crowd cheered!

Most of all her friends! Blossom Berry Flower smiled and waved! She was so happy!

The judge awarded her the Contraptions contor award! And the Hot Coco Machine is in the Hot coco hut for all too enjoy!

That is the story of the Hot Coco Machine.

~The End.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The original story of Jama

This story was written on a scroll a long time ago when Animal jam was in beta. But that scroll was burned by some bad phantoms, (note not all phantoms are bad click here to see why.)

So here is the full uncut story of Jama! Read on!

And so it was that the Sky Father was named Zios. He created many stars and planets, and set them in motion. But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the Sky Mother, a grey heron, and named her Mira.   Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together. She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was, encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals. They named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and its animals were at peace.   But today, all is not well in Jamaa. A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa. Only you can help save the animals and restore the world to its glory. Please help, for you are Jamaa's only hope.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The land of Leprechaun lions!

Far away seven miles away from the shores of Crystal Sands, there is a island filled with four leaf clovers!

This island is filled with lions! It was the only island with lions actually.

These lions are very special and rare, they eat soup made from boiled clovers.

This soup is actually a life saving medicine as well! It can cure everything from nicks and scratches, to dreadful colds and Phantom pox.

This land is filled with rainbows and everything lucky! (Notice that it is seven miles away.)

These lions protect their spirit stone like they do their pots of gold.

But recently the lions have given up their spirit stone! And that is how lions appeared.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A near Cat-astrophe!

This story was more recent, last week in fact!

But the start of this story was one month ago.

One evening, train drover Mighty spirit found a yellow kitten sleeping on a seat, of the newly founded Jama express!

He carried the kitten to a cafe near the station they were in, the cafe's name was Cafe le Octo, if you were wondering.

He fed the kitten named it Dick and put it in the baggage car for the night.

When the trail went out the next day, Dick went with it.

Dick was quite frightened at first but soon calmed down.

After a few weeks, Dick began riding in the engine.

Mighty spirit noticed that Dick was afraid of the sound of another train coming.

He would crouch on the floor at his paws and remain there until the other train passed.

For a month Mighty spirit had tried in vain to break him of this.

On one trip, the train crew reached a station at 4:13 p.m.

At the same time, a freight train was due there from the opposite direction.

Dick's crew waited and waited, when the train didn't come, Mighty spirit decided it was okay to go on.

He sent a message to the next station, with a "Jamagramaphone" A device used to send Jama grams.

So Mighty spirit started the train.

The train had made it from The top of the Sarepia forest, and was going down the hill gaining speed when Dick suddently raised his head, leaped to the floor, and crouched next to Mighty spirit's paws.

Mighty spirit thought maybe Dick had heard the other train.

He poked his head out the window and listened, but he could only hear wind and the call of Jiffer birds.

Mighty spirit decided to stop the train, and head back to the station in Sarepia forest.

He backed up at full speed up the hill!

He pulled into the station. A few minutes later another train pulled into the station!

Both trains had narrowly escaped a serious accident!

When Mighty spirit got at the next station he checked the Jamagramaphone wires.

Sure enough they were broken! Only Dicks message had gotten though!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shark catches wolf!

50 years ago a ship named Jurald was sailing in Kani cove, captained by Explorer Mc-greedy.

All was well until the captain of the J.Q.B a Jamanian ship, seized the Jurald because he believed that Explorer Mc-greedy was smuggling illegal skullys.

Explorer Mc-greedy claimed that he was innocent, but he was arrested and a trial was scheduled in the Phantom Forest, Jama.

Because the lawyers had little evidence to prove that he had been smuggling, Explorer Mc-greedy was confident that he would be freed of all charges.

During the trial, another ship arrived in Jama.

It's captain (who's name will not be disclosed due to prying ears) claimed to have proof that Explorer Mc-greedy was guilty.

While at sea, they had bumped into a shark.

The shark gave the captain papers with details about smuggling that Explorer Mc-greedy had written!

No longer able to lie, Explorer Mc-greedy confessed that before he was captured, he had thrown the papers overboard.

He was angry that he had been caught by a "Dumb shark fish."

The documents became known as the "Shark Papers" and are on display in the animal museum.

This story has been told and retold again, to show that honesty is the best way.

Note-This is a real story, I have modified it for Jamanian readers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The mysterious leaf creatures of Jama

Once a year every fall leaf piles appear everywhere.

Are these leaf piles harmless? Do they just lie there?

Here is the tale of the leaf creatures, left just the way it was written.

A very long time ago one fall evening a wolf named Rocky Wolf was walking down a path in Sarepia Forest.

This was when Sarepia forest was first discovered, when the theater had never existed! And the lock was still on the flag shop.

Rocky wolf stepped on a leaf, Then she heard a strange sound...

Crunch! mulf! munch! melf! It was coming a leaf pile! With red, yellow, and orange leaves.

Then a orange creature rose out of the deep! And it moaned!

Then creatures like these rose out of all the other leaf piles!

Rocky wolf ran away as fast as she could!

Rocky wolf also got some pictures of these strange beasts! (Oddly they were in color)

No one knows where they came from. Maybe they are creatures like phantoms...

But we do know this, they come out every year in the fall! To terrorize!