Forest to adventure

1.Chapter one River to adventure.

In Jama there are many secrets, and some of them take you into no small amount of danger.
Today I will tell you the tale about one of these adventures. It happened around last fall.
Me and my friends all live in the mountains around Sarepia forest.
Octo and Spino were in Willow bee manor, reading the Jama journal.
The top story was one about Eddie the infamous villain and scammer.
I smiled as I remembered how we had sent the creep to jail and took another sip of my Pop rox lemon splasher.
I put my lemon splasher down and heard a crinkle, it was the map I had found in the attic.
I studied it. It showed the swamp around our house and a trail into the mountains.
Hmm... I mused.

2. Chapter two phantom rocks.

I went outside and walked down the trail to Tech's house.
I looked up at the blue sky and admired the Yin ferns surrounding the trail, it was all so peaceful.
When all at once I saw a caravan next to the trail, I went over and looked it over.
The caravan was painted red and blue with green and yellow stars, a colorful combination to say the least.
"Um hello?" I said, there was a stirring inside the caravan.
A wolf with grey markings poked her head out, she was wearing a witch type hat, a spiked wrist band and a blue heart locket.
"What is it" she said in a airy voice. "Um... I was just saying hello" I replied.
"Would you like to buy a rare phantom repelling rocks?" she said. "Sure."
I opened up my gem carrier and took out three gems. "Is this enough?" I said.
She took the gems and bit one of them. While she was biting my gems I looked at the sign on the side of the caravan.
Hmm I thought to myself, Madam gingerpawz, Hmm she mumbled "Yes this is enough" she said.
She handed me three rocks, one of them was lava red another was lime green and the last was ocean blue.
I continued down the path the rocks clicking together, I didn't notice that they had started to glow.

3. Chapter three The wishing rock.

I walking down the trail and saw Tech's house on the side of the cliff.
I walked down the rickety wooden stairs down the cliff, they creaked and groaned under my weight.
I went to the front door and knocked, Tech opened the door and smiled (they don't call him laughing for nothing!)
"Hello!" he said. "Hello!" I replied. I walked inside and closed the door behind me.
Laughing jammers rock collection never fails to astound me, he must have nearly every rock there is!
He has jade, Bassalt, Kimberlite, Silloite, Quartz, Flint, Wackelstone, Shale, Sempstone, Slate, Pumice, and even the rare Moonstone and more!
But he didn't have a phantom repelling rock. "Look at this!" I told him.
He took out his magnifying glass and examined the glowing rock. "Wow I've never seen a rock like this before." He said.
"I bought them from a lady named Madam gingerpawz." I told him. "And I got one for you!"
"Wow! Thank you!" he said, "No problem."
I gave handed him the lava red rock, why do they call it handed? I thought "when we only have paws".
He walked upstairs to find a place to put his new rock, while I admired the Bahari crystal on the shelf.
He came downstairs holding a bag. "Want a snack?" he asked. "What kind is it?"
"Pop rocks of course!" he said. I gave a polite chuckle and said "Well I had better be going."
But then he handed me a rock with misty fog inside. I gave him a puzzled look.
"This is a wishing rock!" he said, "Whats a wishing rock?" I asked. "It grants you a wish per day." he said.
"Wow that's cool!" "Yup! And it's yours to keep!" he said. "Thanks!"
I put the wishing rock in the bag with the Phantom rocks and stepped outside, I waved goodbye to Tech and headed torwards...The dark enchanted forest.

4. Chapter four The portal.

The dark enchanted forest is a large unexplored chunk of Sarepia forest. As I entered the forest I heard creepy sounds, slithers, moans, sighs, and swishes. The whiz of a Bull Bat.
Then I heard something even spookier, a breeze but no ordinary breeze, it was so strong it knocked me off my paws and made me tumble down into a cave.
And was that a portal? I looked closer and all at once the biggest phantom I ever saw came out.
"LEAVE!" the phantom said, "LEAVE LEAVE!" I didn't know what to do, stand there? Sit there? Run?
"NO! I'll leave!" I shouted and tried to escape the sucking wind, but it was of no avail.
I was sucked into the portal with a pop. Who knew what was to happen next?

5. Chapter five Fall song.

I was in a dark wood, the moon was full overhead and the trees creaked and groaned like squeaky wheels.
All at once I heard a whispering voice, if you're a wolf you're very attached to nature. And I can tell you the wind has a different voice for every season.
In the fall it makes you wonder what happened to the spring, and well it went something like this.

She came here in the spring time with flowers in her hair.
Inquiring for a place to stay until the trees grew bare.
I saw her in the cottonwoods, Beneath their pools of shade.
She caught a puff of cotton, And blew it on it's way.

Oh, sing songs of sunshine, sing songs of rain, sing songs of spring time gone.
Sing them all again.

She stayed though the summer months I saw her having fun.
She took a gold strand of hair and wrapped it round the sun.
She warmed the earth and kissed it's face with lips of sparkling dew.
I thought she'd stay forever her name I never knew.
Oh sing songs of sunshine, sing songs of rain, sing songs of spring time gone.
Sing them all again.

The autumn came, I heard the wind and saw the swirls of red, and cottonwoods with gnarled limbs Against a sky of lead.

I called for her to warm herself And said that she must stay. But all at once her eyes turned sad and then she went away...

Oh sing songs of sunshine sing songs of rain, sing songs of spring time gone, sing them all again....

Rather mournful isn't it? It makes you wonder what happened the the spring.
But then the wind seemed to whisper Go down the path to the town...Go down the path to the town...
So I went down the path never knowing what chilling adventures awaited me.

6. Chapter six Unwelcome in Vramaa.

I walked down the path and over a hill, and at the top of the hill was a town that's one shade lighter than the Moonlit night around me.
I walked down the street when all at once I was cornered by three black coyotes with red eyes glowing with pure evil.
Coyotes are part of the wolf family until the groups split apart, one following peace and good will, the other following a way of life filled with raiding and rioting.
The big scruffy coyote in the middle glowered at me and said "What do you think you doing in Vramaa!"
The name is somewhat similar to Jamaa I thought. But the coyotes gave me little time to ponder it.
"Vramaa?" I said. The coyotes then said "Aha! Just as we thought an outsider from Jamaa!"
I was getting more and more puzzled, then the two other coyotes shoved me from behind and started marching with me in between.
The coyotes took me too a dark brooding castle, an ominous foreboding overtook me.

7. Chapter seven

I was inside a giant room with a throne on the far side. Sitting on the throne was...a crane?
I was puzzling about the cat when the coyote that seemed to be the leader shouted "Queen Miza! We have brought you a prisoner from Jamaa!"
The crane looked up and said MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!! Typical I thought to myself.
Then she coughed and choked and said "Yes! My plan is working to perfection!"
"And then she said, take him to tower 713!" The coyotes took me up a long long looong spiral staircase.
We came to a door, the coyote opened the door and shoved me in. There was a bed with curtains a table with paper and pencil a rug and a shelf with books.
Hmm I thought to myself Not much in living decor. There was a pipe running up the wall a put my ear to it and listened. I heard Miza speaking! "Tomorrow we will invade Jamaa!" she hissed. "And then I will get rid of my horrid twin sister!" I gasped!

8. Chapter eight Escape.

All at once the rug under my feet started moving! I jumped back in surprise as Tech came out of a trap door in the rug!
"Tech!" I exclaimed!
Tech grinned and came over to me.
"I'm so glad to see you!" He told me.
"We've got to get out of here!" I told him.
"Why?" He asked. "Because Jamaa is going to be invaded!" I shouted.
"Use the wishing stone," said Tech.
"Why didn't I think of that?" I thought to myself.
I rubbed the wishing stone and wished.
"I wish...I wish...I wish that we were back home and everything was ok!" We said together.
The wishing stone glowed, and then it rose out of my paws.
Then there was a flash of light! And we found ourselves in the temple of Zios.
A great crowd was there! Octo and Spino were there! And so was everyone! The candy store owner, madam gingerpawz, Rocky paw...
I looked up to where everyone was staring.
It was the statue of Zios! It was standing tall and proud!
"How can it be?" Said Tech.
Then I remembered. 'We wished that everything would be ok! Remember?" I told him.
Just then there was a rumbling, and the ground opened and Miza and all her phantoms came out!

9. Chapter nine All well.

Miza came out and shouted the crowd.
"Surrender! And you will be rewarded!" Miza shouted to the assembled multitudes.
Just then a little racoon walked out from behind Miza, he walked like a monkey.
Does that make sense? Maybe not, but they resemble monkeys.
The racoon came over to Miza and talked to her.
"Wheres my gold!" Said the raccoon.
Miza seemed annoyed. "I will give you your reward later." She hissed.
Just then the shout went up! "We will never serve you! We will never be Miza assistants!
"Fools!" Miza screamed. Then Miza turned to her phantoms and said."Get them!"
All at once the phantom rocks glowed. They started flying at the phantoms!
And the phantoms exploded! And turned into trees.
Miza was so mad! She started yelling at the nearest person, which happened to be the Raccoon named Elf Stealer.
Miza was walking around, yelling about...whatever evil persons yell about.
When Miza slipped on a banana peel! And the raccoon elf stealer snickered.
It was a wonderful day! Miza was defeated! By a banana peel... And all was well in Jamaa!
And..."Trickertreee," oh that's one of my friends Octo. "Trickertreee!"
"I'm comming Octo!" "Trickertreee Alferd is..."
"He's what Octo?" "He's eating your salad."
Excuse me I think I'm needed in the kitchen. And well...there's no place like home.

The end...


  1. Very nice but..... i am only in there once.... and you made me seem old....

  2. Oh my, I can't wait for the next installment of the story...... is Vrama going to invade Jama? What will trickertreee do? He's trapped and can't escape!! I like the Yin ferns especially, what a cool name for a species of ferns.

  3. I liked how Laughing Jammer opened the door with
    a smile and you noted that they don't call him
    laughing for nothing.

    What happens to Miza? Does she cause more trouble?

  4. greay story trickertreee im readin' all ur blogs

  5. I will post my story.
    One very stormy night, a mother wolf gave birth to her pups. The runt of the litter she named Sleeping, and the rest had better-self esteemed names. Sleeping was struck by a lightning bolt that was- blue? Early next morning, a ruthless hunter came to their home and killed the mother. The pups wailed and wailed, but no response. Sleeping was so sad that she chased after the hunter, but he was too fast for runty Sleeping.
    She scented wood, and looked behind her to see a phantom pack cheering for their sadness. Sleeping wanted to attack them, but was too scared. She closed her eyes and thought, 'they're just kittens.' But 'kittens' was in that thought, so she was in a kitten form. She thought 'pup' again, so she was a pup again. Sleeping ran past the phantoms and saw a portal. She went in it, but there were many obstacles in it, so once through the portal,Sleeping was very athletic. She saw coyotes, and hid, then thought 'kitten', then was in her kitten form. Sleeping got past the coyotes and saw Queen Miza holding a pouch. She could smell what was in the pouch- her brothers and sisters! Sleeping leaped up at the pouch and tried to claw it open, but it was no use. It was made of star cloth, a rare and indestructible kind of cloth. Queen Miza spied Sleeping, picked her up, and stuffed her in the pouch. She thought 'pup' and she was a pup. Miza opened the pouch a little and told them her evil plan: to team up with Eddie and rule over Jamaa! The pups wailed and wailed, and Miza dropped them in a room with no windows, just a table and a mirror. Sleeping had heard this brain teaser before. She looked in the mirror, she saw what she saw, cut a half, and then jumped in. Once out, a faintly glowing wolf appeared."Mom!" they all yelled at once. The spirit said, "You will save Jamaa." Then she disappeared.The pups walked straight up to Queen Miza and Miza yelled," How are you little brats out of there?" The pups gathered their strength and together, they defeated Miza. They were then back in Jamaa, And Mira was there. She said, "Thank you all for saving us." She offered them a life as her protectors, and only Sleeping turned it down. She had a life as a Jammer, and paid regular visits to Maidenmere, her birthplace.
    Signed, Sleeping Canyonrose.

  6. Vramaa and phantoms will never reach Jamaa as long as I'm still standing.

    SIgned, Sleeping Canyonrose.


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