Friday, June 29, 2012

The Scared Ninja Tiger

Deep in Jamaa
Where the birds'll sing, "La, la, la"
There's a den full of Jammers to hang out.
Not a single one has yet to pout.

There, lives a tiger
His guarding is higher
Than the average Jammer.
If someone steals, he brings down the hammer.

The Noodle Treasure was the rarest of all.
Juicy, delicious, and not found in a mall.
The ninja tiger wants to have it
He wants it so bad, he doesn't have time to sit.

One day, another ninja shown up.
The ninja tiger screamed, and dropped his cup.

The ninja tiger ran and ran.
Finally, he jumped behind a lemonade stand.
(Another tiger came along too)

The tiger jumped into a plane,
where he thought me may at least be sane.
the tigers so clever,

The plane took off, the tiger thought he was safe.

Then, the other tigers shown up.
Tiger accidently (again) dropped a cup.

The tiger put on a parachute
And passed a horse playing a flute.
He jumped of the plane,
and landed on the ground below, how insane!

The other tigers followed him down
With that, the ninja ran out of town.

Moral: Some tigers don't make the best ninjas.

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation Preparation

I'm off to Crystal Sands for a week
I'll pack goods, not those that reek 
Getting a bag to pack up my stuff
Blankets and pillows that seriously fluff

When I went, I noticed some problems
Like where were the epic tiki columns?
The water slides were closed,
no flamingo was posed

The place was now boring, but I had...
Oh, no! I forgot many things, now sad
Like where's my plsuhies and toys?
and lei necklace for joys?

Great, this trip is no fun
there isn't even sun!
I guess home it is to Jamaa Township
better there than bad pound chips

-GreenFun, AJRCL author

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Hidden Crow of Jamaa

Did you know
that a crow
hidden so
Is in Jamaa?

He lives not in a tower
He has a magical power
But it not shows at the hour?
Not in Jamaa

Look everywhere, near and far
Look down, and above a star
You won't find him and here's why:
(Promise you won't cry?)

He is only a creation of the mind
This is why you cannot find...


-GreenFun, AJRCL Author

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Mystery Of The Map Maker

- - -
Chapter One:

It was a dark and stormy night. Lightning lit up the sky and crashed around. A little, gray bunny hid under her covers, cowering in fear at the storm. He tossed and turned. He looked out the window at the full moon. He then put her head under her pillow, praying he'd fall asleep and dawn would come. Storms scared the poor bunny.

By his bed was a small dog named Blueberry. He was - well, a blue dog who liked blueberries. Blueberry sat beside the bunny's bed, sound asleep. Blueberry wore a sword on his back.
On the other side of the room was a blue cat with a blue collar named Rivercat. She was fast asleep, on her orange mat.

A floorboard in the hallway creaked. Blueberry kept sleeping, and so did Rivercat.
Worthless pets! The gray bunny thought. Aren't they supposed to protect me from things?
The bunny wanted to wear a sword, but it was confiscated from him because he didn't pay gems to be able to buy everything in Jamaa. In fact, a lot of items were taken from him.

The door opened. Something growled. It was a coyote! Coyotes ate rabbits, and this coyote sure looked hungry.
"Stay back!" The rabbit tried to look scary. "I'm warning you!"
The rabbit turned on the lamp. The coyote was red with orange swirls, a red leaf necklace, a yellow legendary glove and a Founders' Hat, passed down to him by his great-great-great-great-great (many greats later) grandfather, who was a Founder of Jamaa.

"TT!" The gray bunny gasped. "What are you doing here?"
The coyote looked at the gray rabbit. "I'm hungry, got any noodles?"
"Sorry, fresh out," the gray rabbit sighed.
TT gasped. "All out of noodles?!" He shouted. "That's horrible! Truly horrible!"
"Sorry, but I couldn't get to town lately-"
"It's bad luck not to have noodles," said TT in a bit of a deadly voice. Thunder boomed, a deafening crash.
"I'll get you noodles tomorrow," the rabbit promised.
"I need noodles now," TT panted, "I've had enough bad luck already! I've learnt a horrible story of 'The Map Maker'..."
"Wait," the gray rabbit put a paw up, "isn't 'The Map Maker' named Speedyproud or somethin'?"
"No, he makes signs," TT corrected.

TT walked out of the room, and the gray rabbit followed. TT looked in the gray rabbit's fridge, cupboard, under the sink, and more. No noodles.
"Sorry, TT," the rabbit apologized once more.
"GreatShot..." TT sighed. "Noodles are my faith. If I lose noodles, I get bad luck! I haven't had any noodles for..." he counted in his mind. "3 days!"
"Can you tell me about 'The Map Maker'?" GreatShot asked.
Blueberry and Rivercat trotted into the kitchen, beings their owner was out there, too.
"I will," TT nodded, "but it's a scary story."

"Hey, hey, hey!" Blueberry said, "no scary stories 'round bedtime!"
"Be quiet, Blueberry," came a new voice. A dog came out from under TT's hat. It jumped down onto the flooring. "I wanna hear this. Besides, TT's idea of 'scary' isn't...well...what you'd define as 'scary'."
"Hey!" TT protested. "I have a scary definition of 'scary', Drover!"
Drover pulled out a laptop. "Your 'Horror Video' you posted on YouTube. I watched it, it's not scary at all."

Blueberry, Rivercat, GreatShot, Drover and TT huddled around the computer and watched the video.
"Er, pretty scary..." GreatShot said cautiously. He shook his head. "Nevermind. Let's begin the story."
"Okay," TT nodded. "It all begins here...."

- - -
Chapter Two:
The Mystery Of The Map Maker (Part 1)

"Once upon a time in Jamaa lived a little octopus," TT began. "The octopus was named Canyoncloud. Canyoncloud wore red goggles, black wings and a lifeguard whistle-"
"Scary appearance," Rivercat joked.
"You're a scary appearance," Blueberry growled.
"Quiet, let me continue!" TT snapped. He continued. "Canyoncloud lived a good life. He was friends with a dolphin named Cleverspirit. They played together every day in the oceans, and got closest to land as they could. A few times, they managed to walk on land - er, more like float over land - and discovered Jamaa.
"Unfortunately, one day, Cleverspirit disappeared. Canyoncloud was full of grief for a long time. He missed Cleverspirit-"

"Please! Not a sad story!" Blueberry gasped. He began to wail.
"Er," Rivercat put her tail over Blueberry's mouth. "Blueberry gets kinda emotional sometimes...Keep going, TT."
"I wanna tell the story from here!" Drover insisted.
"No, Drover! I'm telling it," TT snapped.
"I wanna tell it!"
"I am!"
"Rock, paper," Drover began.
"Scissors...SHOOT!" TT shouted
Drover, not being able to do anything but "paper" did "paper". TT did "rock".
"Dang!" TT sighed.
"You know I can only do 'paper', TT," Drover laughed.
"Well, sorry," TT rolled his eyes.

- - -
Chapter Three:
The Mystery Of The Map Maker (Part 2)

"So," Drover said, "I'll take over.
"After Cleverspirit vanished, Canyoncloud began making maps to be able to find Cleverspirit. He wanted to find his friend and put an end to his grief. He set up in some Lost Ruins, and got to work. He managed to make several maps.
"One day while he was searching Jamaa, some Jammasians wanted to buy his maps. He sold them, and used the leftover maps. Eventually, ever Jammasian had one.
"Then, when Canyoncloud thought he had located Cleverspirit, he disappeared as, the-end."

The group looked at TT.
"What?" TT asked.
"Why do you call that scary?" GreatShot asked.
"When he disappeared," TT looked at the rabbit, "that was scary!"