Saturday, December 31, 2011

Escaping the Tower

Once there were two twin tigers who lived as prisinors in a dank castle tower. One was a boy named Pouncing, and the other twin was a girl named Crouching. They lived in an old castle with their "Stepmother," an old governess with a head just like a pumpkin. The tigers knew that she wasn't even related to them, and knew what the evil governess was up to. She only kept them for gems. You see, the governess got gems to spend on taking care of the two tigers. Instead of doing that, though, she spent them for herself. A new necklace, a royal cape, a tiara, all bought with the money that was for the twins. She used about 1 gem a month for the tiger twins.

"We NEED to get out of here," said Crouching sadly. She fiddled with her bow and arrows restlessly. The governess had allowed them to keep their bow and arrows.

"Crouching," said Pouncing, sounding serious. "We're going to escape."


Stay tuned! :D

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Tale Of The Sign Tiger

Once in Jamaa there were no signs at all. Everyone wondered where things were and got very, very confused. No one knew where things were, and Jamaa was so big they had to memorize everything.
After the Art Room in Coral Canyons was finally built, a tiger named Speedyproud decided he'd make signs. But he didn't know where wood grew. Were there wood plants? Surely he could use trees....
But tigers climbed trees. His family and friends would never forgive him! Speedyproud wanted to make signs to make others less confused, but it was so difficult!
Speedyproud was walking around Jamaa and came across the Mira statue. To his amazement, the statue actually MOVED! He flinched, but Mira looked as calm as ever.
"Speedyproud, I understand you want to make signs. But making these signs would make you very popular. To hide your idenity, wear this mask," Mira ordered, giving him a black mask with an orange pattern, with yellow and orange feathers.
Speedyproud put on the mask. While talking to Mira, she also made him able to transform into a seal so that if oceans came along, he could post signs there, too.

"I can't make signs," Speedyproud complained. "I don't wanna harm the trees!"
"I can help with that," Mira nodded. "All you have to do is say, 'sign', and a sign shall appear. You can draw on it, and it will always point the way it should."
Speedyproud got to work. After a while, others discovered the signs. But
Speedyproud's idenity remained unknown forever.

Written by Greatshot

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dancing sunflowers

The sunflower dances in the breeze! 
The sun flower golden as you please!
Drinking in the sun! Turning it's head.
Sometimes it's Golden and at times it's red!

Sunflower drinking in the rain! 
Living in Crystal Sands! Withstanding the stain!
Growing in Sarepia forest with ease! 
Attracting birds and bees!

Growing in the icy winds and snow! 
Even in Mt Shiveer! There it grows!
And Icy sunflower smooth and blue!
Sunflowers growing everywhere is nothing new!

They grow next too the Jam mart!
Giving hope of a fresh new start!
Around the Mira statue they spring!
Giving light to everything!

Even in the shadowy ruins where mystery abounds!
This is the Lost Temple of Zios where phantoms gather round!
Sunflowers of every shape and size!
Are a simple delight for your eyes!

In Coral Canyons growing in a pot! 
A sunflower field there are a lot!
In dens they grow there too!
A dancing sunflower so true!

Sunflowers growing strong and tall! 
Sunflowers like a impenetrable wall!
Going high into the sky like a tower.
Tis a dancing sunflower shower!

This is the library's 51th post! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sarepia Forest Dangers: Part Two

GreatShot looked at the fiery wolves. "Who are you guys?"
"We're a Fire Clan," they replied.
"A Fire Clan?" GreatShot echoed.
"We live here! Leave!" The biggest growled.
GreatShot scurried to her feet and ran back to Spino11 and Trickertreee.
"What happened?" Trickertreee asked.
"Do you not see? They're on FIRE!" GreatShot replied.
"That's weird," Spino11 nodded.
"Of course. And we need to leave!"
The three friends all ran out to the Lost Temple Of Zios. There, they found some phantoms, who gave a tiny zap to each of them.
"Ouch!" They flinched. It did not hurt as hard as it used too, but it still stung.
The phantoms all laughed, and flew into Sarepia Forest. After a while, the fiery wolves ran out of the forest and into a temple.
"Those phantoms wanna take over Jamaa; I've read it in the Chamber of Knowledge before!" Spino11 explained.
"But how do we stop them?" GreatShot asked.
"We'd need help from the Tiggie Patrol! I've heard they tried to stop an alien bunny before," Trickertreee suggested.
"Brilliant! Do you know where they are?"
"Well, I've rode in their ship before, so I can guess where they might be, GreatShot."
The three friends all went to where Trickertreee lead them, all looking for the Tiggie Patrol.

For part one, click here!

To be continued...
Written by GreatShot

The Enchanted Founder's Hat - Part 1

It was a nice, normal day in Jamaa. Explorer, Incredible and Bouncing were playing phantoms in the Township. Many people were trading and whatnot. Just a normal day. Suddenly, somebody said 'Jail at my den!' and the gang thought it would be a good idea to go play phantoms in a more scary place. When they got there it was in a volcano den. "Welcome!" the wolf they saw in Jamaa said, "This jail only holds one animal. Ivlet the wolf. Don't talk to him you hear me?" Explorer gave a nod and the group stood at the bars staring at Ivlet. It seemed boring, he was asleep anyways. Suddenly, one of the wolf's eyes opened and Bouncing, Incredible and Explorer found themselves gripped with him. "Kids... Maybe I could use them to my advantage..." he whispered. Ivlet looked at the three young wolves and growled, "Hello kids! I've been trapped in here for so long... Could you tell me what's been going on lately? I'd appreciate it. My first question, I heard Mira gave Explorer here a Founder's Hat... Is that true?"
Incredible nudged Explorer and he tilted his hat, "Y-Yes... It's supposed to be magic and protect Jamaa."
"Ha! Amazing. Could you give it to me, just so I could have a closer look..." Ivlet snapped. Bouncing was a tad bit scared of Ivlet and after a few words of encouragement, got Explorer to give Ivlet the Founder's Hat.

What has Explorer done? What will Ivlet do with the Founder's Hat?
Find out in Part 2!

Written by Spino11

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bigcats the drummer

One summer in Jamaa it was very hot. The sun burnt like a giant furnace. 
There wasn't a single rain cloud in the sky, Bigcats grew all the food that fed the entire half of Jamaa!
But as July, August, September, and October went by without a single drop of rain it took its toll.
The streams dried up and the water slides in Crystal sands were closed and there was a terrible famine!
There was nothing in Bigcats cupboards so he went into Sarepia forest to look for food.
It was cooler and shady in the forest, He looked on bushes for berries and in trees for fruit. 
But Bigcats didn't find anything. Then he saw a Umbrella mushroom nut. 
But when he got closer he saw there were only three nuts.

"Only three Umbrella mushroom nuts will not feed all of Jamaa
 but it may give me strength to help me find food"
So Bigcats picked the nuts from under the mushroom, and found a stone to crack the shells.

He crouched down on the ground, and brought down the stone --CRACK -- on the first nut.
It bounced down a large hole "Oh bother!" He said.
He brought the stone down on --CRACK -- on the second nut.
It bounced down the hole too! "For howling out loud!" He yelled.
"If this last nut jumps down that hole, I'll jump down after it and get it back!" 
And -- CRACK -- the third nut whizzed down the hole!
At that, Bigcats peered into the hole. It was so dark he couldn't see the bottom.
But he took a deep breath and jumped. It was a long way down. 
A very long way down. He fell through a starry sky, he fell past the moon past leaves and trough branches.
He tumbled into a sunny day, and landed on soft golden sand.
Bigcats had fallen into Jamaa Wonderworld!
He rubbed his eyes, and saw a a turquoise ocean and a small bamboo hut.
Beside the hut sat a Black and Blue bunny cracking nuts with his teeth.

Bigcats thought the nuts looked just like the ones he'd lost. But he said nothing.
"Are you hungry?" asked the bunny.
"A little" Bigcats said, all at once his stomach gave a loud rumble.
"Well there are lots of potatoes growing in the field," the bunny replied.
"The big potatoes will be calling 'Eat me!' and the little poatoes will be calling 'Don't eat me!' 
Take this spade, dig up the little potatoes and bring them to me."
Bigcats took the spade, and went into the field. He saw huge, juicy potatoes calling out "Eat me, eat me!" 
He was starving and they looked so tasty. 
Then he saw tiny, withered potatoes calling out "Don't eat me, don't eat me!" They did not look tasty at all. 
But Bigcats remembered what the bunny had said, and dug up the little potatoes.
"Now Bigcats," said the bunny. "Peel the potatoes, put the peel in the pot, and throw away the insides."
Bigcats had never heard of a recipe like that before. 
He also wondered how the bunny had known his name, but he peeled the potatoes, 
threw away the wizened insides and put the peel in the pot.

The pot began to boil then Bigcats poured the peelings into two red clay bowls, and they sat down to eat.
The bunny started eating the brown soupy peelings. Bigcats thought the peelings looked very dirty.
But he was polite, and said nothing. He picked up his spoon, 
and wondered what potato peelings would taste like.
"Mmmm hmmm, delicious!" He said happily!
They were the tastiest thing they had ever eaten! 
"Thank you Bigcats" said the bunny. "I would like to give you something in return." 
He showed Bigcats a wooden door at the back of the hut.
"Go inside and choose the smallest drum."
Bigcats opened the door. Inside was a room full of drums. 
Drums of every size and shape! Huge drums decorated with carvings, 
medium-sized drums with curved sticks and colorful skins, and little drums covered in beads and tinkling bells.
Then he saw the smallest drum. It was old, and worn, and plain. 
Bigcats badly wanted one of the big gaudy drums, but he remembered what the bunny had said,
and chose the smallest drum. Bigcats also noticed his glove had changed color strangely.

"Take the drum home, play it, and shout SQUISHY PHANTOMS!" The bunny told him.
He then showed him a path that led into the forest. 
Bigcats had hardly taken three steps along the path, when he found himself back in Jamaa.
He saw his pet, Rudolph ran over and said "I have amazing news!"
All at once a cold voice froze Bigcats in his tracks. "What is amazing news?" 

Bigcats gasped in surprise and shock as he stared at his evil landlord, Barzel.
Bigcats had no choice he started playing the drum. 
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta taa. 
Faster and faster and faster!
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta TAA!
Suddenly whole floor was covered with food! 

When the Barzel saw the food he thought to himself "Where did he get such a wonderful drum?" 
The next day Barzel came up to Bigcats and demanded how he got the drum.
Bigcats told him the whole story. All about the nuts, and the hole and...
...But before he had time to finish, Barzel had run off to Sarepia Forest.
He found the mushrooms, and sure enough there were three nuts on them.
He picked the nuts, took a stone and brought it down -- CRACK -- on the first nut.
The first nut jumped down the hole, and Barzel left the other two nuts and jumped down the hole.
He went past a starry sky, past the moon, past leaves and through branches. 
He dropped into a sunny day, and landed on a mossy bank.
There sat the bunny next to the bamboo hut, cracking the nut.
"Mmmm hmmm," he said. "Are you hungry?" 
"Yes," said Barzel. "Well, there are lots of potatoes growing in the field," said the bunny.
"The big potatoes are calling 'Eat me!' and the little potatoes are calling 'Don't eat me!' 
Dig up the little poatoes and bring them to me."
Barzel grabbed the spade and went into the field.
The huge, juicy potatoes were calling "Eat me, eat me!" 
The tiny shrivelled potatoes were calling "Don't eat me! Don't eat me!"
"I am not eating those dried-up things!" he complained.
So Barzel dug the big juicy potatoes up.
"Now peel the potatoes," said the bunny. "Put the peel in the pot and throw away the insides."

Barzel had never heard anything so ridiculous. 
So he peeled the potatoes, threw away the peels and put the juicy insides into the pot.
The pot began to bubble. Barzel served up the potatoes, making sure he had the biggest portion.
Then they sat down to eat.
The bunny started to eat the golden brown juicy potatoes.
Barzel picked up his spoon. "Yuck!" he spluttered. "That tastes revolting!" 
He pushed the bowl off the table -- it was the worst thing he had ever eaten.
"Thank you Barzel," said the bunny. "I would like to give you something in return."
He showed him the door in the back of the hut. 
"Go inside, choose the smallest drum, take it home, play it and shout SQUISHY PHANTOMS!" He told him.
Barzel opened the door. He stared at the biggest drum and thought,
 "If the little drum gives food, what will the big drum give?"
He snatched up the biggest drum and raced back to the hole.
 The bunny didn't even have time to show him the path out of Jamaa Wonderworld.
"Hehe!" laughed Barzel, "This drum will give me ten times more food, and probably gems as well!"
Barzel climbed up a vine that lead up to the hole, carrying the drum.
He climbed all the way up. 
Panting and groaning Barzel pulled the drum through branches, past leaves, 
past the moon, through the starry sky and back into Jamaa.
Then he carried the drum back home (Which was also the house Bigcats lived in)
When he arrived Bigcats was asleep. "Good!" He said in a loud whisper. 
"I won't have to share my drum with anyone!" He sat down and, very quietly started to play.
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta taa.
Faster and faster and faster!
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta TAA!
Suddenly Barzel was covered in spots. Covered in huge blue and red and green spots!
" AHHHHHHH!" he screamed.

He was covered in spots from head to toe! "Help!" he screamed.
Everyone in Jamaa heard it and woke up and rushed outside to see what the matter was.
Barzel was rolling on the ground, covered in spots.
Everyone began to laugh. Bigcats shook his head. 
"Oh my Barzel you must be very ill! Very ill indeed! 
You must go to bed right now and stay there until the spots have gone.
And with spots those colors you must not eat anything!"
So Barzel lay in bed for a whole week.
 He listened to Bigcats playing the drum and shouting "SQUISHY PHANTOMS!" , 
and everyone feasting and having a good time. And after the feast something wonderful happened!
Thunder Clan recovered their rain drums and started the rain song! 
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta taa.
Faster and faster and faster.
Ta te, ta te te, ta ta TAA!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The graveyard of petrified jammers

Deep, deep in the jungle behind the buildings in the Temple of Zios is a abandoned house.
An old house...filled with...
Petrified statues of jammers!
Studies found out that these jammers were real! These petrified jammers are...

  • Celebrated herb doctor Ruben Griser, (The bunny with the hat)
  • Traveling painter and artist Benard Burkens, (The tiger with lei and bunny hat)
  • Bangles Gerdy, Half owner of Bangles and Alylissia's boutique a closed down shop in Jamaa Township, she "disappeared" (The seal with butterfly wings and the purple lei)
  • Aylissia Splodge, Second half owner of Bangles and Alylissia's boutique, (The wolf with purple butterfly wings and a purple heart necklace)
  • Carrran Octtoo, Building designer, designed the Sarepia theater, Flag shop and Bahari Bargains, (The wolf with the green heart necklace and black glove)
  • Alferd Royan, Inventor of the universal animal changer gloves. This invention allowed one to change into any animal just by tapping their glove. (The wolf with the wizard hat, worn and red glove)
  • Pureto Patsi, A random jammer of Jamaa's community, (Behind Alferd Royan)
  • Mandia Mertzin, A distant cousin of Mandio, (The seal with the green wig and butterfly wigs)
  • Parley Pintzer, A plant researcher, (The wolf with the green clover blanket and spiked collar)

Outside of the crumbling dwelling are many other petrified jammers! These jammers are...
  • Spino Flingo, Story writer who wrote the famous books The wonderful wizard of Paws, Indiana Tiger and the raiders of the lost phantom, Greely's stone, and Furry Potter (The wolf with pink horns and pink royal cape and wreath)
  • Herbert Hally, Owner of the largest collection of bottled weather ever known 7352 (All weather bottles were bought from Weather Wizard Alferd Royan, The bunny with the black star cape and Indian hat)
  • Callie Corestor, A random jammer from a remote corner of Coral Canyons, friends say she thought her reflection in a mirror was her sister trapped in another dimension, (The seal with Scary horns and Red wreath)
  • Maxour Cretaus, A Toy maker and Clock fixer from Sarepia Forest, (The panda with the beard)
  • Jabari Jackson, Achiever of the award "Hot sauce!" For drinking twenty Spicy pepper smoothies! (The wolf with black pokey hair and star cape)
  • Zaire Garrick, A turkey farmer who gave out free turkeys on Feast of Thanks, (The monkey with a blue turkey hat and blue butterfly wings)
  • Tricer Hiljo, A koala that was cursed with the curse of the snowman, (The koala with a snowman head)

    All these jammers are petrified! And no one knows why! Or why they are all in the same place!
    But rumor has it that this dwelling was once owned by a evil wizard.

    This has been...

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    A Jamaaliday carol

    Twas the night before Jamaaliday, when all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
    The stockings were hung by the fireplace with care in hopes that St Frosty soon would be there.

    The animals were nestled all snug in their beds
    While visions of starlight cookies danced in their heads.
    Frosty the phantom looked as his map,
    "The first house is here!" He adjusted his cap.

    When out on the lawn there rose such a clatter!
    We sprang out of bed to see what was the matter!
    Away to the winter window I flew in a flash,
    Tore open the curtains and pulled up sash!

    The moon shone bright on the crest of the new fallen snow
    Gave a slumber to the mid-day objects below.
    When, to our wondering eyes should appear,
    But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer!

    With a little squishy driver, so lively and bouncy!
    We knew in a moment it must be St Frosty!
    More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
    And he whistled and shouted and called them by name!

    "Now Smokey! Now, Rusty! Now, Holly and Bangles!
    On, Charles! On, Splodge! On, on Chloe and Spangles!"
    To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
    Now fly away! Fly away! Dash away all!

    As dry leaves that before the wld hurricane fly,
    When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
    So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
    With the sleigh full of toys, and St. Frosty too.

    And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
    The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
    Down the chimney St. Frosty came with a bound.

    He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
    And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;
    A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,
    And he looked like a phantom just opening his pack.

    His eye -- how it twinkled! his dimples how merry!
    His cheeks were like roses, his nose was not there? Much less like a cherry!
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, (Wait a second he didn't have a nose you know!)
    And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow; (Ok another thing wrong that's enough!)

    The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, (No teeth...)
    And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;
    He had a broad face and a little round belly,
    That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

    He was chubby and plump, a right jolly little phantom,
    And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
    Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
    And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,
    And laying his finger aside of his nose, (No nose!)
    And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

    He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, (He can't whistle, can he?)
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
    "Happy Jamaaliday to all, and to all a good-night!"

    Sarepia Forest Dangers: Part One

    It was another day in Jamaa, quite an average day. It was the week after Christmas, and everyone was returning to their normal, everyday lives.
    GreatShot, Spino11 and Trickertreee were all in Jamaa Township, looking for any good trades to do. They were all bored. No presents to open, period. The only thing to look forward was the new horses.
    "Now THIS is getting boring!" Exclaimed GreatShot.
    "What do we do now?" Trickertreee asked aloud.
    "I heard some local natives have been saying Sarepia Forest is getting pretty mysterious. Let's check it out!" Spino11 suggested. The others nodded their agreement.
    GreatShot ran down the pathway that lead to Sarepia Forest. Her friends followed.
    In the forest, things were normal. Some wolves were all talking around the fire, clearly not having any camping fun.
    "Are these wolves what they say is mysterious?" GreatShot asked.
    Trickertreee shook his head. "Not likely. I was here yesterday, and I saw them here."
    "Me too," Spino11 said, "GreatShot, had you been watching TV instead of going out in the wild to discover things?"
    "No!" GreatShot lied. "Let's just look around."
    The three friends walked past the group of wolves. They made it to the other side of the forest.
    "What are those wolves doing?" Spino11 asked.
    "How could we know? They're whispering as soft as I've ever heard!" Trickertreee complained.
    "I have an idea!" GreatShot whispered. "I can change animals. I'll change into my clan wolf; maybe then they will tell me anything."
    "Good idea," Spino11 said approvingly.
    "Go ahead," Trickertreee nodded.
    GreatShot touched her glove with her paw, and she turned into a black wolf with gray stars. She trotted up to the group.
    "Hello. What are you guys doing? I'm a clan wolf," GreatShot asked.
    The whole wolf group turned to her. Suddenly, they turned into wolves that looked like they were caught on fire. But the fire was pure black!
    The wolves growled and slowly walked toward GreatShot, as GreatShot backed up slowly, regretting ever turning into another animal.

    For part two, click here!

    To be continued...

    Written by GreatShot

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Decorators of Jamaa

    It was a normal chilly December day in Jamaa, and the last of the Fall leaves were drifting onto the ground. I was in Serepia forest, and I was whistling happily and strolling towards Jamaa Township. This is when IT started. I met one of my friends, Star fire Jasmine, and we chatted about things as we walked along.

    "Yeah, it stinks that-" We had reached Jamaa Township. As normal. There were Jammers everywhere. As normal. All the buildings were gingerbread and there was fresh snow on the ground. Not normal.

    "How the cheese did-?" I stuttered. I gaped around, fascinated, but then my brain started to work again. I wanted to know how this had happened. I had been here an hour ago, heading to Jam Mart Clothing. There was no possible way it could snow this quickly! Then a brilliant idea hit me, and I raced to the forest again, Star fire Jasmine calling after me.

    I got there puffing, and looked around. There were Christmas ornaments and snowmen everywhere, but I ignored them and kept running to Coral Canyons. I had suspected that if I could get there fast enough, I could figure out what or who was causing this.

    Yes! As I got to Coral Canyons, I could see a wave of sparkles heading over the barren landscape, with it tons of Christmas stuff. As I looked, I noticed that they were not sparkles, they were PHANTOMS! Golden phantoms that were the size of a ladybug! They turned, and raced away when they saw me. I sprinted after them, stumbling and scraping my paws with my tail dragging in about as many cacti as there is sand on the beach!

    Finally I caught them in a cave. I was quite a sight, my fur torn and scratched, and my tail looked like a rats nest with a rat in it! Somehow I mustered up enough dignity to ask them about decorating Jamaa.

    "I- I'm surprised you found us," a tiny gold phantom squeaked in a voice that sounded in between a tea-kettle and a balloon. "Oh," I said. "But what we do is most intriguing, too." The phantom rambled on about how they helped decorate and how they did it in one golden wave.

    "Oh," I said for the eleventh time. I was half listening now. The phantom was just going on and on. "Yeah and we help build snowmen and they're so cool and we give them carrot noses you know I like carrots and that's weird for a phantom because we don't like even have a visible mouth so like where do we speak and we are smaller than regular phantoms and we're golden and not evil but we have lighting and well you know Mira she created us to do this and she gave us magic oh but real magic not cup and card tricks oh but I like cards and so-" Wait a minute this phantom was saying that...

    " You said Mira gave you her magic?" I interrupted. "Yes and Mira is awesome she gave me these lighting bolts that light up broken lights and they're different from lightning bolts because lightning bol-" I cut the phantom off again. "Well, I'm not surprised, but why keep yourselves a secret?" I asked. I thought about what these phantoms had done for us, so I wanted to help them back.They looked rather sad, too. But if Jammers knew about them... I continued speaking before the phantom go start talking about jellybeans. "You can go out! We Jammers will know you're good. And you were sent by MIRA!" The phantom considered this for a moment. "Ok..." Then I had a brilliant idea.

    "Wait! You can work for frosty the phantom! He's a good phantom like you guys! You can become his decorators and attendents! You can still continue your good work, too, and you will become a legend!" I cried, triumphant of finding something for these cute, tiny phantoms could do. The phantom nodded, its eye sparkling. So went went to look for Frosty. He welcomed them, and taught them all about his work, like the phantom told me about his.

    And so, to this day, these gold phantoms of Mira's, sent out to help decorate, have been working with Frosty the Phantom, in his work to celebrate the Jamaalidays.

    The End.

    P.S. Do you think it's a bad story? I don't blame you if you do.

    Sunday, December 18, 2011


    One day in Sarepia Forest, a wolf named Magicclaws saw trash everywhere.
    "This is the last straw!" He shouted. Magicclaws saw trash in the forest everyday.
    He got a bin and drew a recycling sign on it for people to put the garbage in. This trash episode would end!
    Magicclaws gathered all the trash in Jamaa and put it in. He made a sign that said, "Put Plastic and Glass here."
    When jammers are bored, they will organize the bin. This makes Magicclaws happy to see jammers caring about recycling.

    Written By GreatShot

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    How Jamaa Got The Flag Shop

    One early day in Jamaa, a black wolf was standing in Jamma Township saying, "Step right up, folks! Sign up to be in the construction contest today! Any house! Any game! Anything!"
    A wolf named SpiritClaw, an orange wolf with white lightning marks, heard the wolf and signed up. She would build a flag shop; her mom was a good seamstress.
    SpiritClaw went right to work. She gathered up hay for the roof. She got wood and bought some tables. Her mother made some flags. Finally, SpiritClaw was done. She announced it, and it won first place as it opened as a Jamaa Shop!

    Written by GreatShot

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    The Tiggie Partrol (Part one)

    I had just joined the Tiggie Patrol.
    The Tiggie Patrol orbits Jamaa keeping it safe from all manner of dangers!
    "Do you want to be Second captain or Computer specialist?" Asked Captain Oranoo.
    "I don't know." I said, "I just want to work with this computer!" I patted a computer on a table.
    "Computer specialist then." Said Captain Oranoo.
    I sat down at the computer and was finding out how to use it.

    I had just found out how to activate the ships Rebobulator when pilot Quavine yelled. "There's a planet down there! Shall we land?" Captain Oranoo came up to her and said, "Yes lets land!" Quavine guided the ship down to the planet.
    I opened up the planet locator on the computer, "This is planet Hippquledmonstrosusroseilia!" I shouted. 
    "I wonder who named it I thought to myself." 
    "Cadek open the doors!" Oranoo said to Secondary Captain Cadek. 
    Cadek opened up the doors by flipping a switch and the doors opened.
    We all gathered by the door and gasped in amazement! It was a candy world! 
    "WHEEEEE! FROSTING!" Captain Oranoo yelled. He jumped out the door and into the frosting snow.
    We all came out and looked around in awe, "A Lemon Splasher river!" I yelled and jumped into the River.
    We were all licking and tasting the world around us when I felt something.
    I stood up and looked around, my ears pricked up and I surveyed the area around us.
    I must have a sixth sense about this thing but I felt something wasn't right.
    "Captain Oranoo?" I asked. "What is it Trickertreee?" All at once this cute little bunny hopped out from behind a frosting hill. 
    "Aw it's so cute!" Said Quavine as she approached the bunny. All at once the bunny pulled on his face and...
    ...pulled off his mask! We all gasped in horror, terror, shock, and other things I didn't mention! 
    The bunny that stood before us now had evil red eyes and had long orange horns!

    "I will get you Tiggie Patrol!" The bunny cackled! "Quick back to the ship!" Cadek yelled. 
    We all made a mad dash to the ship and got inside! "Quick activate hyper drive!" Oranoo yelled to Quavine.
    "Way ahead of you captain!" We jumped from being above Crystal sands to Mt Shiveer in five seconds.
    "Are we all here?" Asked Oranoo. "Yes!" We all said. 
    All at once my eyes fell upon a unwelcome passenger. "AHHH!!!! IT'S THE BUNNY!" I yelled!
    "I will get you! You will make wonderful servants for Miza!" The bunny yelled. 
    Cadek grabbed the alien bunny who was kicking and screaming in protest! "Let me out!" The bunny yelled.
    Cadek booted the bunny out the bay doors and the bunny screamed! "NOOOOOOoooo!!!"
    "Whew that was close!" Quavine said in relief.
    I was sorta hungry and got some Peppercorn potato chips out of my bag. All at once there was a thump on the window.
    IT WAS THE BUNNY AGAIN! "MWHAHAHA!!!" The bunny yelled.
    "Quick lock the area with the alien bunny!" Oranoo yelled. I set the ship into invasion mode. 
    All at once a red light started blaring! "Whats going on?" Quavine said worried. 
    A red light was beeping on my computer. "The alien bunny ripped off our air box! We're running out of air!"
    I saw the bunny though the ship window he was making another evil face.

    All at once cadek appeared with a strange contraption! "This is the bunny cannon!" He yelled.
    He grabbed my potato chips and stuffed them into the cannon. 
    He aimed the cannon at the evil bunny and fired! The potatoes hit the bunny directly! 
    "NOOO!!! NOT POTATOES! MY ONLY WEAKNESS!" The alien bunny yelled.
    "Hmm I'm going to rename this the potato cannon!" Cadek said. 
    "We only have five minutes of air left!" I yelled!
    "Quick plant the emergency seeds!" Quavine yelled to Oranoo.
     Captain Oranoo put some seeds into a pot and a plant suddenly grew! 
    "The air is going back up!" I said excitedly. 
    "We've gotten rid of that alien bunny...for now." Said Captain Oranoo. 
    "We're not though with him yet!" Said Quavine.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Sneak peak of future chapter in Trouble in Kangan Flats

    One night I was cooking noodle soup with chopped up green onions for dinner.
    I had just put on my onion chopping goggles (to protect my eyes from the onion fumes) and was raising my knife above the cutting board.
    When all at once Drover and Hank ran though the kitchen barking!
    AHHHHH!!!!! I almost dropped the knife!
    "Whoops! Sorry Trickertreee!" Drover yipped and he and Hank left.
    I finished chopping the green onions and put them into the chicken broth bubbling in the pot.
    After a while I finished the noodle soup poured them into red clay bowls made by Austin the elephant. (Austin is a future character.)
    I brought the bowls out and set them on the dining table! "Soups up!"
    "Wow that smells so good!" Octo said as she picked up her spoon and fork.
    "You know maybe you should open up a restaurant!" Spino said as she put in her spoon.
    "Don't be silly! Besides where would I set up shop?" I said as I searched in the soup for my dumpling.
    "Well there's always that old boat house by the side of Baboon Lagoon!" Spino said thoughtfully.
    "Yes I'm sure lots of jammers would love your food!" Octo said.
    After a bit of thought I said, "Ok I'll do it! Tomorrow we can start refurbishing the old boat house!" We all clicked cups filled with Lemon Splashers. "It will be grand!" Drover howled.

    A sneak peak of a chapter in Trouble in Kangan Flats!

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    The Tale of the Chamber of Knowledge's Books

    The books in the Chamber of Knowledge weren't made by just any jammer. They were created by the shaman Harper, the seal shaman. Harper loved to write stories. Day and night without rest, books by Harper would be written.
    But Harper never got his books published. So the seal sent them off to a publisher called, "Rainygem's Jamaa Publishers". They did not publish Harper's books!
    Harper felt like quitting, but would not give up. So Harper sent books to another publisher called, "Firebunny's Epic Publishing!" Firebunny, the founder of the organization, loved the books and called Harper and said, "Harper, your books are the best! They are going to be published!"
    Harper smiled and said "Thanks." The books were placed in the Chamber of Knowledge, where Harper would visit everyday to read the books.

    Written by GreatShot

    The Appondale Savannah

    The Appondale Savannah has been home to many animals since Jamaa was discovered. You can see giraffes, lions, zebra, leopards, gazelles, crocodiles, rhinos and elephants! So head on down to Appondale to see them! Before Jammers lived in Jamaa, the animals living in the Appondale Savannah, frequently got lonely. When the shamans settled there, they made friends with the wild animals living there. The Acacia trees provided shelter for both the shamans and the animals. So therefore, the Appondale Savannah remains an important part of the Jamaa Eco-system. This natural place is restricted because Jammers may disturb the wildlife living there, however, they can still be observed them from the tree in Appondale or by the fences, just don't throw any waffles or popcorn.

    By Spino11

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    Super sort!

    Super sort was founded on earth day,
    by a jammer named Kerchal.
    He found a hollow tree in a remote part of Sarepia Forest.
    He built a complex of rooms that sorted trash!
    He got bins and set them around Jamaa!
    This place is where all garbage is sorted in Jamaa today where it is made into new things in the shops!

    When Trickertreee and Spino Left

    Trickertreee had left for a break from playing in Jamaa. All of his friends came together all asking each other, "Where is Trickertreee?", "Does anyone know where Trickertreee is?" and, "He may be taking a break!"
    All these friends came to the Mira Statue to get help from the great Mira, in high hopes that she would help Trickertreee to return to the pals. They howled day and night, wanting him to return.
    Whenever Trickertreee logs off, this event happens. They all wait for Trickertreee to return!
    But after a long time of howling, Spino11 disappeared! That made everyone howl for Spino11 and Trickertreee himself! But everyone knew that these jammers would return.

    Written by GreatShot

    The Magnifying Glass

    One day, a moneky named Canyonpaw had a magnifying glass. It was one of his favorite possesions. He could use it to zoom in on anything!
    But one day, Canyonpaw went to pick up his magnifying glass. But, IT WAS GONE.
    Canyonpaw desperately looked all around Jamaa trying to find it. But after days of searching, he could never find it
    But it is not gone. Sometimes if you look at your chat bar, the magnifying glass is there. It misses Canyonpaw too, but it will not work if you try, since it knows you are not it's beloved Canyonpaw. But it will never leave. Beware of the missing magnifying glass!

    Written by GreatShot

    Mario The Moose

    Extracted from an ancient Jamaa text:
    "Mario the Moose is not very well known but he lived in Jamaa before the shamans settled there. He was lonely and lived in Coral Canyons. He loved art and painted on different things. The picture above is the only painting we found of his. Nobody knows where he is now or what he's doing now. Evidence proves he lived in a cave and didn't need to worry about predators and such. Jamaa Scientists also believe he was the only moose to live in Jamaa. Some of them also believe there is a moose spirit stone waiting to be uncovered. Who knows? You might be a moose reading this now... We don't know for sure! Keep your eyes open everyone for Mario the Moose."

    By Spino11


    This story is about S.O.S! A emergency signal made by good phantoms! 
    With the all new phantom fighters phantoms are in more danger than ever! 
    Especially the good ones which spend time around citizens!

    A poster for the Phantom Fighters.

    S.O.S stands for Save Our Squishyness! 
    In a interview with the phantom gleam she said. "It was inspired by Octo's famous quote!"

    10 things to do before Club Penguin loads

    1. Grow A Beard
    2. Read War & Peace 10 times
    3. Travel The World
    4. Graduate
    5. Invent Time Travel
    6. Become Famous
    7. Write A Novel
    8. Get Every Rare on AJ
    9. Watch Every show ever Created
    10. Make and manage 1000 blogs

    By Spino11


    Jamaa was just recently discovered. Many adventurers, like Liza and other jammers, began to set out to discover Jamaa's mysteries.
    One jammer who looked like the one on the side named Blacktail was thought to be evil, but was 100% good. She went to the Lost Temple of Zios one day and saw a pit. She became tired and went to sleep. The pit got a bunch of purple smoke in it.
    Suddenly, Blacktail heard a zapping noise. She woke up and saw three floating black, er, things with wavy arms and one big eye in the middle of their bodies!
    Blacktail drew the creature in her notebook and wrote under the picture: A Phantom. She went to Jamaa Township and warned everyone about the phantoms. After a long time, Blacktail created a type of scientest. They were called Phantomologists, who studied Phantomology! Many joined, and phantoms were researched all around Jamaa!

    Written by GreatShot
    (On one of my blogs, this post was popular, so I posted it on here. But I have written lots of posts in one day because I love to type. Hope it's ok to write so much for just one day!)

    How Oceans Came to Jamaa

    One day, a rabbit named Tinypaw was in the Lost Temple of Zios alone. She was standing by the phantom pit, hoping a phantom would come out, since she did not know you had to sleep to make one come out.
    But a small phantom came out of the pit. It zapped Tinypaw, and she appeared in an ocean as a seal!
    Tinypaw became worried, but she realized she could breathe. Best of all, she could do backflips!
    Tinypaw swam to the surface and saw many animals playing in Crystal Sands- wolves, monkeys, rhinos, elephants and rabbits.
    Tinypaw thought that maybe the oceans would be a fun place in Jamaa, and started carving things out of rock, like a store which she'd call, "Bahari Bargains," and a place which lead to Crystal Reef, and another leading to Deep Blue.
    After monts, Tinypaw was done. But there was one problem: How could she get to land to tell everyone the news?
    So Tinypaw touched a conch and became a bunny again! She hopped to her friend named Sunnyspirit, who was an author of Jamaa Journal. Tinypaw told Sunnyspirit about the oceans. Sunnyspirit passed on the news to her fellow authors. They published the story, and everyone turned into ocean animals to play in the oceans!

    Written by GreatShot

    The Story of The Coral Canyons Art Studio

    One day, a young rhino named Fastbeast became obsessed with art. He drew day and night, longing to be Jamaa's first artist.
    Fastbeast had just drawn his best picture of Mira when he realized that no one else in Jamaa liked drawing!
    "How is that possible?" He asked aloud, shocked.
    Fastbeast knew that he had to show everyone else how fun drawing could really be. So he went to an undiscovered land. Fastbeast had some bricks & wood with him. He began to build an Art Studio. He carved pots for decoration, and his mother helped by making flags. Finally, Fastbeast carved and art plate and colored it. Then he hung it over the door.
    Inside, Fastbeast placed down crayons and paper. He put a window on the wall so artists could think while gazing outside.
    The day he finally finished the Art Studio, he took a long rest. Once he was done, he rushed to Jamaa Township and told everyone, "There's an Art Studio in a not-yet found land! You have to see!"
    Many came over with their curiousity peaked. Fastbeast then lead them to his Art Studio and stood proudly beside it.
    Everyone came inside and began to draw and color. They all had a good time sharing drawings and making their own creations.
    To this day, there are artists everywhere in Jamaa.

    Written by GreatShot

    How the Color-Changing Poton Came to Jamaa

    Back in the old days, animals had MUCH different names, so that is why this wolf was named Arcticclaws.
    Arcticclaws lived in the Lost Temple of Zios and her home was a house by the entrance to Sarepia Forest. Everyone thought her house was abandoned so they did not bother coming into the house.
    One day, Arcticclaws was bored once again. She paced back and forth.
    "I guess I should look up in the attic for anything interesting...again," Arcticclaws sighed, and climbed up the ladder. She would always look in the attic when she was bored. In her day, anyone bored would do that.
    Arcticclaws looked through the papers, mumbling to herself, "A drawing...........about Mira (read that)..........wait, what's this?"
    Arcticclaws came across a paper that had pictures of how to make a color-changing potion. She went downstairs to an old Chemistry Set.
    Arcticclaws worked day and night, trying to find out how the potion worked. But by dawn, she FINALLY figured it all out.
    Arcticclaws marveled as the potion changed colors. She traveled to Jamaa Township, and showed everyone it.
    They all traveled to her house, and she shown everyone how it was done. The steps are now known worldwide.
    But now, Brady Barr owns the house and conducts his expirements there. But, he still owns the chemistry set, which people use still today to make the color-changing potion.

    Written by GreatShot

    Library author updated rules!

    Previously to keep your position as library author you had to write one story every month.
    Now instead of just stories you can write stories, poems and songs!

    And to get to Gold plated Library author you had to write five stories.

    You can now write five stories, poems or songs to reach that position!

    A Poem Dedicated To Buddies

    We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder,
    We see Eye to Eye.
    We dive deep underwater,
    We jump high in the sky.

    We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder,
    We Stand Side by Side.
    When One of Us Gets a Tiny Bit Tired,
    One Gives the Other a Ride.

    I've Never Had a Best Friend Before,
    So I Can't be Sure What it Feels Like.
    But I Think it Feels More Like This I do,
    I Think I Feel More Like Myself.

    When I'm With You.

    Finding (finding), Losing and Finding,
    Making (making) a Bond that is Strong.
    Building, (building) a House For Our Friendship,
    Breathing a Breath For Our Song (our song).

    No Matter What Animal We Will Be Friends

    By Spino11

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    The Story Of Princess Orangemountain

    This story is extracted from an ancient text:
    "Once upon a time there lived a normal Jammer called Princess Orangemountain. She was kind and had lots of friends. One day, Princess decided to go to Jamaa Township but it was full. She kept trying and trying but it was still full. This eventually angered her and she started clicking on the map constantly until... The whole of Jamaa froze. This was the first glitch ever in Jamaa history. Soon, Princess Orangemountain recovered from the glitch and left in her place was an evil Jammer. Remember the roof glitch that happened on top of Club Geoz? She was there. Remember the bee glitch in Coral Canyons? She was there. Remember the Best Dressed glitch? She was there. It was no phantoms. It was Princess Orangemountain. Beware, she has a sister too... Princess Yellowmountain who likes to mess up buddy games... Beware the Princess Mountains... Beware!"

    Written by Spino11

    The coyote with no name...

    The Coyote With No Name
    I am unknown! A coyote without a home, sometimes I'm here and then I'm not!
    I travel the road the dusty road, carrying my heavy load.
    Sharing holes with badgers, sleeping under the stars.
    There ain't no place you can't run into trouble, there ain't no place too far!

    I am alone! The wind will moan.
    Through the dark canyons I walk.
    This is my song! Don't take me wrong.
    I usually don't talk this long...
    *Wind whistles*

    Who knows who the coyote with no name is? We may find out in Kangan Flats...

    A record!

    Hey jammers! I have some awesome news! My library has gotten 1,000 views!

    Hooray! I hope my stories and others will be known everywhere someday!

    And I am featuring quotes about stories on the side bar! Comment your quote(s) about stories here!

    That's all for now Jam on!

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    Frosty the phantom!

    This is the tale of Frosty the phantom! Many of you have probably not heard of him.
    But he is responsible for all those gifts you get on Jamaalidays! Here is his tale...

    A long time ago Frosty the phantom lived with other evil phantoms.
    But he felt that hurting jammers...just wasn't right! 

    "You don't fit in!" Said a phantom named Forest fire as he set a den on fire and watched jammers run screaming out of the hut.

    "I don't know! Maybe something is wrong with me." Said Frosty, "I'm just sure reindeer can fly!"
    Forest fire rolled his one eye and said. "Whatever..." Then he left in a cloud of dust.

    Frosty was going to drift off into sleep inside his Cedar tree when all at once he had a idea!
    "I'll make toys! I'll show my fellow phantoms how good giving is!" Frosty went to work that night carving sewing and painting.

    Frosty had finished his last toy when he looked out the window. "Yay it's snowing!" Frosty's eye twinkled with joy. He got back into bed and closed his eyes, smiling contentedly.

    The next day he went to Phantomville in a jolly mood carrying his toys in a red bag. 

    "Happy Jamaaliday's everyone!" He laid toys at every door step and smiled.

    Phantoms opened up their doors and laid their eyes upon Frosty's toys.


    Forest fire threw his teddy bear at Frosty hitting him on the side.

    Frosty ran out of Phantomville and ran back to his cedar tree weeping.

    "Why don't they understand! No one understands that I can't be a bad phantom!" Cried Frosty.

    All at once there was a knocking at his door. "Come in the doors open." Said Frosty in a shaky voice.

    Another phantom walked through the door smiling. "Thank you for the teddy bear!" Said the phantom.

    Frosty was speechless! Finally he caught his voice and said. "Uh..why thank you!" 

    "My name is Merry Mary phantom!" Said Merry Mary. 

    And that's how it started! Merry Mary and Frosty are now together making toys with the help of Elves!

    And every Jamaaliday Frosty flies though the sky with reindeer! Delivering gifts to everyone!

    Later Octo a song writer wrote a song about Frosty! Listen to it here!

    Frosty the phantom
    (To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

    Frosty, the phantom
    Was a squishy, happy soul
    With one big eye and waving arms
    And a tiny lighting bolt

    Frosty, the phantom
    Lives in a dark and icy cave
    And sometimes comes out
    Into the cold
    To frolic around and about

    Frosty, the phantom
    Is as good as phantoms go
    Delivering gifts and joy
    To Jammers of Jamaa
    As they play 'round in the snow

    Frosty, the phantom
    Has to go now to his cave
    He'll visit again
    When the next year comes
    But now he's zapping away

    Zappity, zap zap, zappity zap zap
    Look at Frosty go
    Zappity, zap zap, zappity, zap zap
    Zapping through hills of snow!


    Thank you Octo for making such a amazing song! And happy Jamaalidays to all!