The case of the Flaming sky

1. Chapter one The strange cloaked person.

The sun beat down on Jama, it was a heat wave!
Have we discussed Jama during a heatwave?
Fires can start in many ways, A lightning strike, match thrown out by a careless person...
"My Geranium!" cried Octo. She woke up this morning and found her plant blackened and wilted.
"I want to go to the Joke shwop!" Said Alferd. Alferd is very young and is Octo's bunny friend.
"You mean that Joke shop that just opened?" Said Spino. "Banana peel republic?"
"Yes!" said Alferd hopping around on the green phantom rug.
"And then I want to go to Candy shwop!" Said Alferd.
Just then Octo screamed! AAAHHHHH!!!
"What is it?" Me and Spino asked.
"I saw a strange cloaked person in the window!" Octo told us.

2. Chapter two We meet Pete.

"Wets go candwy shwop now!" Alferd shouted.
"Ok lets all go." said Octo.
We all walked into Tech's new candy shop.
There were starlight cookies, lemon splashers, twirlberry muffins, and chocolate Mira's with cards.
"I've heard of those chocolate Mira's! Said Spino. "Was only sold at the theater snack bar!" she told us.
"They come with cards of famous jammers!" she said.
Tech strolled over with a smile on his face. "Welcome to my candy store!" he said.
Just then a drawling voice reached our ears.
A tiger that was grey with light grey stripes and blue eyes with a sinister flash came over.
The tiger smirked at us revealing two large front teeth.

3. Chapter three I meet Drover the dog.

"I am Pete..." The tiger said to us.
"What do you want?" I asked Pete.
Pete smirked and said, "Just watch out!" His blue eyes flashed and he walked out the door.
"Mighty unpleasant chap." Tech said to no one in particular.
"I was thinking of getting a owl at Claws 'N Paws." Spino said suddenly.
"Here you go!" Tech said before we left.
He handed us each some Melon mints.
We went outside, and walked to the Claws 'N Paws, the local pet store!
Run by Arctic sun the wolf, the pet shop is built into a tree in Apondale.
When we walked in we gasped! There were Hamsters, dogs, cats, butterflies, ducks, frogs, owls,  geckos, and even pets from Katangan! The Island of Clovers and Leprechaun lions.
"I'm going to get a pet too!" I cried out!
"Me too!" Said Octo.
Spino had walked off to the owl section.
And Alferd was staring at the frogs.
I sat down on a mushroom chair and looked at the dogs.
All at once I heard a voice!
"Pick me! Pick me! I'll be a good little doggie!" I almost fell off my seat!
One of the dogs was speaking!

4. Chapter four Katangan pets!

It was a white dog with a black nose and a stub tail.
"Oh please pick me and my friend Hank!" The little dog said.
A somewhat bigger dog with brown fur and a longer tail and bigger ears came up to Drover.
"Howdy I'm Hank the cowdog!" The big brown dog said to me.
"Why can't anyone else hear you?" I asked them.
"Oh we are Katangan dogs! Said Drover.
"Only special people like you can hear us!" Hank added.
"Wow that's awesome!" I said.
Just then Arctic sun came up to me.
She smiled and said, "I see your interested in the Katangan Cowdogs!"
"Um what are Cowdogs?" I asked.
"Cowdogs are Ranch dogs!" She told me.
"They also cost 600 gems together! They are coming in a package deal since they are great friends." She told me.
I sat back down on the mushroom chair and took off my glove.
I fished out six 600 gems and gave them to Arctic sun.
Hank and Drover grinned, and scampered over to me.
"Lets go tell Bouncing spirit and Icy paw!" I told them.
I walked downstairs from the dog's section.
I saw Spino and Octo in the Frog section with Alferd.
Spino had a Snowy owl with black moon shaped markings around it's piercing yellow eyes.
Octo had a Black cat that was purring and licking it's paw.
When Octo and Spino saw me they came rushing over!
"You won't believe this!" We all said at once!
"My pets can talk!" I exclaimed! "So can ours!" They both said.
Just then Octo jumped up!
"What is it?" Spino asked.
"Wheres Alferd!" Octo cried out in alarm!

5. Chapter five Pete the cheat.

Alferd had disappeared!
There were no tracks or anything!
"Hank and Drover can you track Alferd down?" I asked them.
"I sure can! Your talking to the the best bloodhound in Jamaa!" Hank declared!
Hank put his nose to the wooden floor and sniffed.
Hank walked though the wooden door with the window.
We all hurried outside, Octo's cat and Spino's owl followed and Drover came trotting out the door.
"Come over here!" Hank yelled! Or should I say barked.
"You know I forgot to ask you what your pets names are." I told Bouncing spirit and Icy paw.
"My owls name is Bongo," said Icy paw. "My cats name is Snowrook," Bouncing spirit said.
Snowrook was preening his feathers, he looked up and stared at Hank.
"Is that a dog?" Bongo asked in a slightly self-important tone.
Just then hank barked! "Come over here!"
We all walked to the savannah behind Claws 'N Paws.
Tall yellow grass grows there, along with Acacia trees, but none of them as big as the tree Claws 'N Paws is built into.
It was Alferd! He was tied to a tree!
We ran towards Alferd, but all at once Pete appeared out of nowhere!

6. Chapter six Impending storm.

Hank started biting on the ropes that bound Alferd to the tree.
"Hwelp me!" Alferd cried.
Hank bit though the ropes and Alferd hopped up.
Pete came running after them! Shouting at the top off his lungs!
We quickly ran home.
We all stumbled into a heap in front of the door.
"I don't think we've seen the last of Pete!" Spino said.
I took the key from under the doormat and slipped it into the keyhole.
We all walked inside and sat down at the couch.
"Lets see the Jama TV News, maybe we're finally getting some rain." Said Octo.
I turned on the Jamaa news network channel and we listened to the weather forecast.
"Hello this is your host, Frosty Win-dee. Gale!" A bunny with a blue clover cape, and white bat glasses said.
"It seems like more dry air and heatwaves are due." Frosty said.
"What? This just in! An impending dry thunderstorm!"
"A dry thunderstorm means lots of lightning and thunder! But no rain."
"Which is bad! A lightning strike is all we need to send a already dry Jama into flames!"
We all shifted nervously in our seats.
"Well that's all for now! Frosty Win-dee. Gale signing out!"
A crackle of lightning streaked across the sky and thunder boomed.
Drover and Hank shivered, Snowrook twitched her tail nervously and Bongo preened his feathers some more.

7. Chapter seven Cats forever

All at once the Jamaphone rang.
Octo quickly went to answer it.
Octo came back looking worried, her eyes darted back and forth.
"Tech's candy shop is burning!" She told us!
We all gasped! Tech's candy shop was burning!
"It was set on fire by...Pete! He harnessed the lightning and started a fire!" Octo told us.
We quickly put on our jackets and Hank and Drover howled, well Hank did anyway.
We practically broke down the door and ran down the steps, but all at once we thudded into something hard!

Chapter seven Cats forever.

Groan! My eyes fluttered open revealing
"The singing cookies have eaten the raccoon barn!" I tried to stand and fell back down.
I reached a sitting position and my head started clearing up.
"Wha, what did I just say?" I said dazzled.
Spino and Octo groaned and got up their eyes spinning around.
"What's going on?" Said Spino. "Who are you?" Octo said to the Jaguar.
"My name is Cats forever!" Said the jaguar. "Pete has taken over Jamaa!"
We all stared at Cats forever, "Your kidding right?" Said Spino slowly.
All at once there was a banging on the door! I just noticed a door in Cats forever's den.
"It must be Lyle! The sandcat!" Cats forever said as he opened the door.

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