Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moments of Thanks (Thanksgiving Poem)

Everyday, every second, every moment, is memory
Memories stay over, sometimes those to remember are worth remembering
From the littlest scrap of food you can afford
To the greatest love you got from family
They are all
Moments of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Phantom's Punishment

Once, in Jamaa, there was a lil' rabbit. The rabbit was always right about everything. It bragged to everyone.
"I'm right about everything! You guys can be wrong sometimes, but me, I'm always RIGHT!" it laughed at other Jammers. 
But, the unfortunate truth was that, the rabbit was right about being right all the time. Annoying, right? The other Jammers wanted to deny it, but they couldn't, because what the rabbit said was true.
One fine day, the rabbit was hopping around Crystal Sands.
"Hey guys," a fox was saying to a wolf, seal, and tiger, "if you sleep by the pit in the Lost Temple of Zios, phantoms come out!"
"Wow! Really?" the seal gasped in delight.
"It's true!" the fox grinned, "so c'mon, let's go do it!"
The group of animals set off for Zios, and the rabbit smirked, thinking: Ha! More animals to criticize. Phantoms don't come out of the pit! What noodleheads!
The rabbit followed them into Zios; he saw them all sleeping, surrounding the pit. With an annoying smirk, the rabbit hopped over.
"You know that won't work," the rabbit said, eyes narrowed.
"Yes, it will!" the fox woke up and sat up, "It's been done before!"
"Yeah, right!" the rabbit snorted, "you're just listening to a bunch of rumors. Get lost!"
Offended, the fox whispered to the others, "C'mon. Let's go attract the eagles in Coral Canyons by hopping on the bridge."
They left, and the rabbit stood by the pit, watching them leave, with a smirk on his face. "My work here is done," he murmured.
Suddenly, behind the pit, purple smoke appeared, but the rabbit didn't pay attention. He was too busy whispering to himself how smart he was and that he should give advice to Mira.
"Yeah, that's what I'll do!" the rabbit said, as a phantom rose out of the pit. "Since I'm so smart and wise, I should give advice to Mira! She'd have to accept me, because I'm always right!"
The rabbit turned around to head for Jamaa Township, and saw the phantom rising above the pit. The rabbit gasped.
"You're smart, eh? And want to advice Mira?" said the phantom - no mouth moved, however. "And, you were wrong. Us phantoms do appear out of the pit! Plus, I'll bet you didn't know that we WERE created by Mira!"
The rabbit backed up, wide-eyed. For the first time in his life, he was wrong. "N-No! I'm never wrong! I-I must be having some sort of nightmare!"
"You're not!" the phantom roared, "You shouldn't brag about being right all the time. You were wrong! And, being Jamaasian, you should have known phantoms came out of the pit!"
The rabbit suddenly realized something. "Oh! I was mistaken, I got confused with that you get free items when you sleep by the pit! So I was right, right? I did know the phantoms came out of the pit."
The phantom shook his body, like an animal would shake their head. "No. Because you were still mistaken!"
The rabbit wailed. "No...! I was going to be Mira's advisor!"
"Well, you're not! And now, for bragging, I shall put a curse on the world of Jamaa! No animal shall EVER be perfect or always right because of you!"
A big lightning bolt came out of the phantom. When it was done, the animals of Jamaa were never always right, or perfect.
What happened to the rabbit, might you ask? Well, he learned from his mistakes. The rabbit from then on became an artist, and loved to draw. He never bragged again, and learned from the phantom that being right wasn't everything.
Now, what is the name of this rabbit, might you ask?

Written by GreatShot

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Penguin With a Bunny Hat

A cheery penguin called Roddy walked the road
He wore a bunny hat (yes, not a toad)
Roddy was white, and also blue
Why? He had just no clue.

He looked nice, not weird or such
The penguin had manners, not like, "Wutcha?"
So, I guess he was a normal kid
Just like all the other Jammers did

Because Jamaa is full of cultures
From peace to fighting vultures
Roddy is just someone to talk about today
'Cause well...there's nothing else to say.

-GreenFun, AJRCL Author

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Scared Ninja Tiger

Deep in Jamaa
Where the birds'll sing, "La, la, la"
There's a den full of Jammers to hang out.
Not a single one has yet to pout.

There, lives a tiger
His guarding is higher
Than the average Jammer.
If someone steals, he brings down the hammer.

The Noodle Treasure was the rarest of all.
Juicy, delicious, and not found in a mall.
The ninja tiger wants to have it
He wants it so bad, he doesn't have time to sit.

One day, another ninja shown up.
The ninja tiger screamed, and dropped his cup.

The ninja tiger ran and ran.
Finally, he jumped behind a lemonade stand.
(Another tiger came along too)

The tiger jumped into a plane,
where he thought me may at least be sane.
the tigers so clever,

The plane took off, the tiger thought he was safe.

Then, the other tigers shown up.
Tiger accidently (again) dropped a cup.

The tiger put on a parachute
And passed a horse playing a flute.
He jumped of the plane,
and landed on the ground below, how insane!

The other tigers followed him down
With that, the ninja ran out of town.

Moral: Some tigers don't make the best ninjas.

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation Preparation

I'm off to Crystal Sands for a week
I'll pack goods, not those that reek 
Getting a bag to pack up my stuff
Blankets and pillows that seriously fluff

When I went, I noticed some problems
Like where were the epic tiki columns?
The water slides were closed,
no flamingo was posed

The place was now boring, but I had...
Oh, no! I forgot many things, now sad
Like where's my plsuhies and toys?
and lei necklace for joys?

Great, this trip is no fun
there isn't even sun!
I guess home it is to Jamaa Township
better there than bad pound chips

-GreenFun, AJRCL author

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Hidden Crow of Jamaa

Did you know
that a crow
hidden so
Is in Jamaa?

He lives not in a tower
He has a magical power
But it not shows at the hour?
Not in Jamaa

Look everywhere, near and far
Look down, and above a star
You won't find him and here's why:
(Promise you won't cry?)

He is only a creation of the mind
This is why you cannot find...


-GreenFun, AJRCL Author

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Mystery Of The Map Maker

- - -
Chapter One:

It was a dark and stormy night. Lightning lit up the sky and crashed around. A little, gray bunny hid under her covers, cowering in fear at the storm. He tossed and turned. He looked out the window at the full moon. He then put her head under her pillow, praying he'd fall asleep and dawn would come. Storms scared the poor bunny.

By his bed was a small dog named Blueberry. He was - well, a blue dog who liked blueberries. Blueberry sat beside the bunny's bed, sound asleep. Blueberry wore a sword on his back.
On the other side of the room was a blue cat with a blue collar named Rivercat. She was fast asleep, on her orange mat.

A floorboard in the hallway creaked. Blueberry kept sleeping, and so did Rivercat.
Worthless pets! The gray bunny thought. Aren't they supposed to protect me from things?
The bunny wanted to wear a sword, but it was confiscated from him because he didn't pay gems to be able to buy everything in Jamaa. In fact, a lot of items were taken from him.

The door opened. Something growled. It was a coyote! Coyotes ate rabbits, and this coyote sure looked hungry.
"Stay back!" The rabbit tried to look scary. "I'm warning you!"
The rabbit turned on the lamp. The coyote was red with orange swirls, a red leaf necklace, a yellow legendary glove and a Founders' Hat, passed down to him by his great-great-great-great-great (many greats later) grandfather, who was a Founder of Jamaa.

"TT!" The gray bunny gasped. "What are you doing here?"
The coyote looked at the gray rabbit. "I'm hungry, got any noodles?"
"Sorry, fresh out," the gray rabbit sighed.
TT gasped. "All out of noodles?!" He shouted. "That's horrible! Truly horrible!"
"Sorry, but I couldn't get to town lately-"
"It's bad luck not to have noodles," said TT in a bit of a deadly voice. Thunder boomed, a deafening crash.
"I'll get you noodles tomorrow," the rabbit promised.
"I need noodles now," TT panted, "I've had enough bad luck already! I've learnt a horrible story of 'The Map Maker'..."
"Wait," the gray rabbit put a paw up, "isn't 'The Map Maker' named Speedyproud or somethin'?"
"No, he makes signs," TT corrected.

TT walked out of the room, and the gray rabbit followed. TT looked in the gray rabbit's fridge, cupboard, under the sink, and more. No noodles.
"Sorry, TT," the rabbit apologized once more.
"GreatShot..." TT sighed. "Noodles are my faith. If I lose noodles, I get bad luck! I haven't had any noodles for..." he counted in his mind. "3 days!"
"Can you tell me about 'The Map Maker'?" GreatShot asked.
Blueberry and Rivercat trotted into the kitchen, beings their owner was out there, too.
"I will," TT nodded, "but it's a scary story."

"Hey, hey, hey!" Blueberry said, "no scary stories 'round bedtime!"
"Be quiet, Blueberry," came a new voice. A dog came out from under TT's hat. It jumped down onto the flooring. "I wanna hear this. Besides, TT's idea of 'scary' isn't...well...what you'd define as 'scary'."
"Hey!" TT protested. "I have a scary definition of 'scary', Drover!"
Drover pulled out a laptop. "Your 'Horror Video' you posted on YouTube. I watched it, it's not scary at all."

Blueberry, Rivercat, GreatShot, Drover and TT huddled around the computer and watched the video.
"Er, pretty scary..." GreatShot said cautiously. He shook his head. "Nevermind. Let's begin the story."
"Okay," TT nodded. "It all begins here...."

- - -
Chapter Two:
The Mystery Of The Map Maker (Part 1)

"Once upon a time in Jamaa lived a little octopus," TT began. "The octopus was named Canyoncloud. Canyoncloud wore red goggles, black wings and a lifeguard whistle-"
"Scary appearance," Rivercat joked.
"You're a scary appearance," Blueberry growled.
"Quiet, let me continue!" TT snapped. He continued. "Canyoncloud lived a good life. He was friends with a dolphin named Cleverspirit. They played together every day in the oceans, and got closest to land as they could. A few times, they managed to walk on land - er, more like float over land - and discovered Jamaa.
"Unfortunately, one day, Cleverspirit disappeared. Canyoncloud was full of grief for a long time. He missed Cleverspirit-"

"Please! Not a sad story!" Blueberry gasped. He began to wail.
"Er," Rivercat put her tail over Blueberry's mouth. "Blueberry gets kinda emotional sometimes...Keep going, TT."
"I wanna tell the story from here!" Drover insisted.
"No, Drover! I'm telling it," TT snapped.
"I wanna tell it!"
"I am!"
"Rock, paper," Drover began.
"Scissors...SHOOT!" TT shouted
Drover, not being able to do anything but "paper" did "paper". TT did "rock".
"Dang!" TT sighed.
"You know I can only do 'paper', TT," Drover laughed.
"Well, sorry," TT rolled his eyes.

- - -
Chapter Three:
The Mystery Of The Map Maker (Part 2)

"So," Drover said, "I'll take over.
"After Cleverspirit vanished, Canyoncloud began making maps to be able to find Cleverspirit. He wanted to find his friend and put an end to his grief. He set up in some Lost Ruins, and got to work. He managed to make several maps.
"One day while he was searching Jamaa, some Jammasians wanted to buy his maps. He sold them, and used the leftover maps. Eventually, ever Jammasian had one.
"Then, when Canyoncloud thought he had located Cleverspirit, he disappeared as, the-end."

The group looked at TT.
"What?" TT asked.
"Why do you call that scary?" GreatShot asked.
"When he disappeared," TT looked at the rabbit, "that was scary!"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scary Saperia Video

In a place of Saperia Forest full of trees
Away from squirrels, pill bugs, and fleas
Is the Theater, epic videos there are
Shows information of animals near and far

How, I, a little Jammer, made wrong
I saw a super scary video and scary song
I left my popcorn and friends to watch
while I went home, worrying a wash

The video scared me and I could not sleep
a sudden jolt would fear me to weeps
A mention of it from my buddy would hurt
"Aah! Go away!" I would blurt

I was a constant worrier for three days
I tried to think of non-scary ways
Until I decided to tell my mom
she said something that made me calm

"It was trying to teach, no need
The fish ate krill, it feeds
nature is that way, got it?"
I then no longer had a fit.

-GreenFun, AJRCL author

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friendships Can Start In A Weird Way

You know, sometimes friendships can start in a weird way.
Have you made any friends today?
Think about how you met them. How did you?
Did you buddy them right on que?
Or did the friendship start awkwardly?
Did it end shortly?
Here are some friendships that I had.
Let me tell you, they started out bad...

But ended up good!

When I Met Spino11

Okay, I'm done with the rhyming. :3 Of course, you must know this jammer.

And yes, you probably know she's one of my very best friends.
Well, I buddied her, but I didn't know her well back then.
I didn't even know she was a blogger.
One day, I was talking to my friend Awesomecoolanimals about my blog.
Spino11 happened to come by, and boy, am I glad she did.
She asked, "You have a blog? What is it so I can follow it?"
I told her my blog name.
She followed it, and I checked out her blog (Animal Jam Volcano at the moment). I followed hers, commented on it a lot, and then we became good friends.

See? The friendship started out weirdly, but now Spino11 is one of my great friends.

The Blogger With 3 E's.

Guess who that is?

So Spino11 had told me about Animal Jam Rapids. I went to it, did a comment, and told Trickertreee to check out my blog.
So he did. Then, I met him on AJ and buddied him.

A Seal That Came Out Of The Blue

Boy, I remember this day like it was yesterday.
This jammer is...

Seals101 was in Deep Blue when I found her.
See, I was hanging out with tech66 in Deep Blue. Then, this non-member seal with a lightning pattern swam up, saying "Hello!"
I clicked her username, and saw it said "Seals101".
Tech, Seals and I talked for a bit. Then I got a buddy request from Seals101, and I accepted it.
Seals101 became one of my good friends.

Through A Jam-A-Gram

The next person is someone who EVERYBODY knows...

I used to never had known Tech66 was famous.

Well, I was in Jamaa Township, and Tech66 asked to buddy me. He said he had seen my blog and liked it. So I buddied him.
Yeah, short story. But Tech66 was one of my first blogger buddies.

A Blue Crocodile And A Gray Wolf

Well, these are two people I am talking 'bout.


Creature Icyspirit

I met Hope4meg when she asked to buddy me because she loved my blog. And I checked out her blog, and we became friends that way.
I was in Crystal Reef one day, and Hope4meg brought Creature Icyspirit to meet me. And I buddied him.

Thanks for reading!
I am friends with many others, but I can't remember how I buddied them.
And hey, maybe one of the friends you don't know so well will end up as your best buddy in the future!

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cowboys Of Jamaa

Chapter 1
- - -

You know, Jamaa wasn't always a nice, peaceful land where you could play games and hang out with buddies, get pets and put on neat clothes. Nope, Jamaa used to be a cowboy land, where outlaws lived and cowboys hunted them down. Here is the story of the old Jamaa, the cowboy version.

The old bar was filled with many old cowboys. The cowboys had quenched their thirst and were gathered in a circle upstairs, talking about the outlaws upon the walls of the bar.

"Yes, outlaws," replied TT Chance.
"Who in tarnation are these outlaws?" Gasped Mary Seal.
The door busted open as soon as TT Chance was about to reply. In came another cowboy.

"Outlaws, on the wall!" TT Chance replied.
"Yes, all of 'em Wanted Posters," Mary Seal nodded.
The cowboy took a sip of water (his favorite drink) and sat down with the group. "Outlaws, you be sayin'."
"Yes mister," TT and Mary confirmed at the same time.

"So yeh say..." The cowboy tilted his head.
A bell rang.
"The mayor! He's announcing the new Sheriff! Let's go see!" TT Chance gasped, and they left the bar.

Chapter Two:
Voting Can Be A Pain
- - -

Whispers rose out of the crowd. After a while, Mayor Hickory continued.
"Our Sheriff is old, almost dyin'," the Mayor announced.
Gasps came all around.
"Like weh all don' know dat," Mary Seal rolled her eyes.
"Shush!" A cowboy scolded.
"A new cowboy is to be elected. Put your votes in at the bar upstairs," the Mayor finished. He limped away, beings he was old and dying too.
"I'm going to the bar now!" Mary Seal said to the Cowboy Bunny. They walked away.

The cowboys walked to the bar, where outside, they found a Vote Collecter croc, collecting votes from everyone.

Mary Seal, TT Chance and Cowboy Bunny voted for the next Sheriff. TT Chance voted for TT Coyote, Mary Seal voted for Cowboy Ron, and who did Cowboy Bunny vote for? No one knows. But we all know that Cowboy Bunny was running for Sheriff that day, we suspect he voted for himself (don't worry, voting for yourself was allowed!).
Chapter Three:
Two Non-Happy Outlaws
- - -

The next day, there was a big buffet at the bar. Everyone ate and had fun, and the Vote Collecter came by, and took off his hat.

There were many, many cheers. Cowboy Bunny stepped forward as the new Sheriff, and the Vote Collecter put the Sheriff badge on Cowboy Bunny.
TT Chance was a bit upset that TT Coyote didn't win, but he was cool that his friend Cowboy Bunny won the vote. In fact, everyone was happy.

Except for two outlaws that returned to Dusty Gulch. They stood outside the bar, listening to cowboys cheer and shout Cowboy Bunny's name.

"Aww, come on! The new Sheriff was just appointed," Rock, the rhino growled.
"Well, how about you sneak in, then steal the noodles?" El Storko, the horse suggested.
"Are you kidding? I'm too fat!" Rock snapped.
"Well, sorry!" El Storko shouted.

Chapter Four:
Never Lie To Sheriff Bunny!
- - -

The two outlaws were still outside the bar. After the party, Sheriff Bunny left to go home. Mary Seal and TT Chance went another way.
Its good that Sheriff Bunny went the way he did.

The two outlaws turned to face Sheriff Bunny.
"We're not outlaws!" Rock protested. "We are....your long lost cousins who came to congratulate you on your success!"
"Er, yeah..." El Storko nodded.
"Oh, then-" Sheriff Bunny stopped in the middle of his scentence. He pulled a Wanted Poster off the wall. "If you even were my long lost cousins, you're still outlaws!"
"Dumb posters!" El Storko shouted.
Sheriff Bunny got on his steed, and grabbed his lasso. "You two are going down!"
"Run!" Rock shouted. The two outlaws ran away, but Sheriff Bunny rode his horse to follow them. He lassoed them and threw them in jail!

Sheriff Bunny catches two of the many Jamaa outlaws.

Chapter Five:
Don't Throw Noodles At Outlaws
- - -

There was a party for Sheriff Bunny's first catch. The residents of Jamaa rejoiced, and came to see the trapped outlaws. The outlaws shouted at them, but the residents did not go away until the party was over.
In fact, because of this reason, Mayor Hickory decided to get rid of the evil outlaws of Jamaa. Sheriff Bunny lead a raid on the outlaws. He and many cowboys threw leftover noodles at the outlaws.
Except now, the outlaws are phantoms.

TT Chance- Trickertreee
Mary Seal - Spino11
Sheriff Bunny/Cowboy Bunny - GreatShot
Mayor Hickory - Trickertreee
Vote Collecter - Jammers4evr
El Storko - Spino11
Rock - Jammers4evr

Written By GreatShot

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Author's Note:
I know Easter isn't until tomorrow, but I just had to do this :D I got this off of Bone #2, The Great Cow Race.

'Round and 'round
Our busy feet go...

Hurry and fury
And apple-red glow...

The sights and sounds
Of places to do...

The laughing and shouting will never be through!


After all that running, the rest is the best...

And the best to rest is with you.


Written by GreatShot

Friday, April 6, 2012

Appondale Appeals

Appondale, quick music played by flute
It's the land like treasure like loot
May it be dry and also great heat,
but cool mud will always end up in our feet
Zebras, giraffes, and elephants graze
Grass and wheat is what they crave

Appondale, just two games and two places
May be scarce, but big in some cases
Games include Fruit Slinger and Pest Control
Places include the Animal Museum and Pet Shop (Let's roll!)

Appondale, may not be the best looking land
May be "boring" and as dry as some sand
But I think in every Jammer's spirit and mind
This is the place where all tides bind

-Written by GreenFun, AJRCL author

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Sleeping Tiger's 2nd Journal

Hey! It's me, the Sleeping Tiger, and I'm back. See my picture at the side? Maybe that brings you memories.
And my picture is right! Who says tigers can't cartwheel? Because they can in Jamaa.
Anyways, I've been climbing through the skies. I've been almost everywhere in Coral Canyons now! On top of the canyon, sleeping in trees (thats how I got my name) and I've been jumping on birds.
I'm good at entertaining myself. I eat the birds that dare tresspass, and when other residents of Jamaa ask me how I get up into the sky, I just reply, "duh, I'm the sleeping tiger, how else do I get up here?"
So today, I slept in trees, hoping to catch any birds and whatnot.
I also went to the bottom of the canyons and bugged other jammers. They were like: "UGH!!! JUST TELL ME HOW TO GET UP THERE!!!"
My reply was, "are you the sleeping tiger?"
Then they replied, "NO!"
So I said, "then I'm not showing you."
And I ran off. I have a few tiger brothers! We hung out together, and pretended to run the old Canyon Shop.
That's about all we ever do.
The other day, my brother Atlas carved three pots and hung it around our tree. See the pot on the tree I'm sleeping in? Atlas is the purple pot, I'm the pot at the end, and my other brother, Wild, is the one near Atlas.
Well, that wraps up my journal!

Written by GreatShot

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recipe for life

First we'll start with a happy heart! And mix in good intentions!
A pinch of charm can do no harm and a dream is good to mention.
Stir it all up in a great big cup and shake it with emotion!
Then we top it off with love cause that's the magic potion.

Then we try it out to see if we should add some more!
There's really nothing too it, there's really nothing too it.
All you do it follow...! All you do is follow...this recipe for life!

Life is so much better when you flavor it with travel!
Season with adventure and your dreams will soon unravel!
Why don't we go to Crystal Sands ingredients there are warmer!
Then we'll add a dash of something from the land of silly humor.

From Zanzibar and Singapore from Fiji to Calcutta!
Be sure to taste the spice of life they make it like no other!
If you gather all this up and shake it all together!
Your life will surely be all together sweeter!
(A bowl of noodles doesn't hurt either.)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tails Of A Small Seahorse

Jamaa was the most peaceful place in the world for a seahorse to live. The ocean was quiet, the fish were friendly, the residents were nice. In fact, some seahorses lived with these residents. But now, the seahorses are in danger, and only some seahorses will rise to save all of them...

Cast Of Characters
- - -
Tides (GreatShot)
Ice (Spino11)
Oceanus (Trickertree), (pronounced Oh-she-an-us)
Finn (Octopus737)

Chapter One
- - -
One quiet day, a young dark green seahorse named Tides swam out of her cave. Yawning, she stretched her fins. The whale was passing by, out for his morning stroll.
"Hello!" Tides waved her short fins.
"Hello," replied the whale, and he swam on.
Tides looked around for her light-blue seahorse friend, Ice. Where is she? Tides thought.
Then, a dark red seahorse swam by. "You look like you're looking for someone," he said.
"Yes. My friend Ice," Tides replied.
"Ice? I've heard of her! She's a talented octopus tamer," the red seahorse nodded. "My name is Oceanus."
"I'm Tides. Can you help me look for Ice?"
"Sure, Tides," Oceanus agreed, and they swam off.

TT & Friends get shipwrecked!

I'm never going to write again! Never! Just see what my FORMER favorite literary magazine, 
A Tigers Writing Buddy, had to say about my books! 
"Trickertreee writes with a unique style and entertaining manner,
A literary lightweight my foot! I'm going to start writing stories again to prove them wrong!
Here's my first story after my extended vacation from authorship.

Chapter one: 
The ringing sounds of bells reached my ears from Township, BONG! BONG! BONG! BONG!
Telling me it was 4 o' clock, "Where are they?" I wondered, just then Spino and Octo hurried into the clearing in front of the Temple of Trivia, "Sorry I'm late!" Spino said, "Just in time I see," said Octo, as the last echos from the bells faded away.
"So, what is this Temple place?" asked Hank, "You answer trivia questions, and your given gem prizes."
Replied Octo, "Come on, lets go!" I yelled.
"Hold on a second," a giraffe guard said, "you've got to wait for the next round."
"Oh, oops," we waited a few seconds until the doors opened, "Now you can go in!" said the gecko who was hanging on a vine above the doors. All three of us walked into the room and sat down on a chair.
"Go get em' TT! Beat the stuffing out of them Spino!" Hank and Drover cheered.
My chair was above two gooses- er geese, I couldn't help overhearing what they said.
"So, this is your first time in the Temple of Trivia hmm?" said the first one.
"Yes, I'm so nervous, I'm getting people bumps!" said the second.
The first trivia question appeared.
What is the name of the sound that often follows lightning?
1. Ka-boom
2. Crash
3. Thunder
"This is to easy!" said a bunny, his nose in the air he chose his answer.
ANGHH! Wrong! The bunny looked horrified, "Well, I'm getting a refund on this fact book." he said.
Another name for a cowboys saddle is...?
1. Cactus
2. Cack 
3. Horn shap
"I think I know this," I said, I chose "Cack" A green checkmark appeared on my answer.
A low whistle escaped my mouth, "Hehe, some of Hank's cowdog knowledge must have rubbed off on me."

Chapter two:
After a few more questions the round ended and we were all handed our results, all three of us got stars!
"Congrats! 100 gems have been deposited into your gems, please come back soon."
Said our papers. "Now what?" asked Spino, as Drover and Hank came up to us.
We exited the doors in the back, and the jungle sounds of the Temple of Zios greeted us.
As we plodded along we came to the Chamber of Knowledge, next to it was a stall selling plushies.
"Come one! Come all! Get a plushie! Only five gems!" a bunny in a bow tie yelled to the scattered jammers nearby.
Spino's eyes skimmed across the plushies in the stall, "Hey, it's that panda plushie that looks like Po! The one I've been trying to get forever in the claw." Spino quickly darted over to the stall before anyone could buy the panda and set down five gems. "That Po Plushie please," she asked the bunny.
The bunny bit the gems, and handed Spino the Po Plushie, "Come back soon!" he called after her.
"This will go perfectly with my Shifu plushie," she grinned, "Squishy squishy!"
"Hey look," said Octo,"What's that?" we walked closer to a caravan on the left side of the Chamber of Knowledge. "Madam Gingerpawz," said the sign above the door. "A fortuneteller," Spino said.
"What's a fortune teller?" asked Hank, "If you cross a fortune teller's paw with silver, they'll tell your fortune!" Octo told Hank.
Drover piped up, "You mean, if I gave her a fork she'd tell my fortune!?"

Chapter three:
"Come on, lets go in," I said, we stepped inside, "Do you have any silverware?" Drover asked openly.
"Hello? Is anyone here?" Spino asked. "Maybe she doesn't know we're here," said Hank.
Suddenly Madam Gingerpawz stepped through a curtain with Stars and moons on it, "So, you wish to know your fortune?" she took long strides towards us. "Uh- ye- yes please." Spino stammered.
"Can you tell me if I'll loose my shoes tomorrow?" I asked, "Shoes? Madam Gingerpawz doesn't perdict shoes! Madam Gingerpawz will tell your fortune, but first, I must ask one question... you have any money?" "Of course!" I replied, "I tossed a green gem into the air. "Will this be enough?"
She took the gem in her paw, she closed it, opened it again, and it was...gone!
She smiled, "Very good," her eyes focused in on Spino, I had the impression of the barrel of a gun turning to target an animal. "You, give me your paw." She had her eyes closed and reached for Spino's paw.
She grabbed the stuffed arm of her Po Plushie! Me and Octo were trying (unsucessfully) to hold back snickers. "Scilencio!" Madam Gingerpawz boomed, "But-" Madam Gingerpawz cut Spino off mid sentience.
"Quiet! I must concentrate..." she put a paw to her forehead, "Yes, Madam Gingerpawz sees all! You will live in a igloo...promise never to eat noodles again...and...ride the stars? Very strange, this is the strangest paw I have ever seen." "That's because it belongs to a panda plushie!" I told her. "YOU DARE TO MOCK MADAM GINGERPAWZ!" "I'm sorry, here's my real paw," Spino held out her paw.
"That's better," said Madam Gingerpawz, "You will become a famous writer, of a novel called 'Journey to Gongmen' jammers far and wide will know of your great book!"
"Wow..." said Spino. "Do me next!" I said, "As you wish..." said Madam Gingerpawz.
She grasped my paw in her's, her eyes closed, but then, her eyes opened wide.
"No! No! I dare not say!" she yelled, "you are too young!"
"Come on, please tell me my fortune." I asked her. "No! No! It is too 'orrible" she cried out.
She jerked her paw away, and nearly knocked over her crystal ball.

Chapter four:
"I guess I'll never know the future, til it happens of course." "Shouldn't she give you your money back?" asked Spino, "Yes, it's only fair." said Hank. Madam Gingerpawz's eyes grew big, "Wait! Stop! Madam Gingerpawz has recovered!" 
"You up with a terrible criminal! Named- named- Eddie!" she exclaimed.
"Wait a second- that's already happened!" I told her. "It has?" she asked.
"Yes," said Octo, "I was there." "Hmm, let me try again." said Madam Gingerpawz.
"You will be Mira's evil twin! Miza! And-" she uncovered her eyes and looked at us.
"What!? It happened already?" "Yes," we all said at the same time.
"Well, how can I predict his future when hes already done everything!?" she yelled.
"Just try once more, who knows, maybe it will work," I said, "Okay, but this is the last try." she said.
"You and your friends...will be shipwrecked, on an island far out at sea." she opened her eyes. "Now, I must go eat my daily bowl of noodles!" and with that, Madam Gingerpawz left the room.

Chapter five:
As we walked out of the caravan the evening breeze ruffled the leaves in the trees, "So what do you think it means?" asked Hank. "I don't know, but getting shipwrecked sounds like fun!" I replied.
"Yes, I haven't been shipwrecked for a few days now," said Octo grinning. "We'll get shipwrecked first thing tomorrow! We can ask Scar the lion if we can borrow his boat, maybe he'll even come along!" said Spino.
"It's settled then, we'll go see Scar tomorrow," I said, "But- but-" Drover stammered, "What if there are pirates?" Spino laughed, "Pirates are a thing of the past! The only thing you'll need to worry about is a monkey that throws coconuts." Drover's eyes grew as big as plates! Like this, well, I guess you can't see.
They were as big as plates anyway. We took the ferry down from Township down to Kangan Flats.
That night, I dreamed of pirates, noodles, and oddly enough...
...monkeys throwing coconuts.
The next day we were all awakened by a gunshot, the signal in Kangan Flats to..."GET UP!
We all woke up, well, almost all of us. Drover and Hank were both asleep, "Murgle skiffer snuffering porkchop ladybug apples..." Hank mumbled in his sleep. "Oh Hank...?" I said slowly.
Hank rolled over and mumbled..."Raccoon Barn grasshopper pie..." I lifted up one of Hank's ears "HANK  WAKE UP!" I screamed into his ear. I watched as Hank broke the worlds High jump record, and displayed an incredible display of gymnastics, and acrobatics. He stumbled around for a moment, and recovered.
"Come on Hank! Let's load up, and wake up Drover," I told him.
"I'll go call Scar and tell him we're coming over, won't he be surprised?" said Spino with a smirk.
I watched Hank wake Drover up, "WAKE UP HALF STEPPER! ARISE AND SING!"
I watched as Drover's eyes opened and he tried to get up, he was stepping on an ear so he only succeeded in rolling over.

Chapter six: 
After a few minutes we were finally underway, we caught the ferry coming in.
TOOT! TOOT! Said the ferry as it rounded a bend in the river, "Hey look!" I yelled at Spino and Octo.
"It's our old friends Austin and Joselle!" all eyes turned to the captains deck, sure enough, it was them.
Austin and Joselle are twin elephants, the bandanas and hats were different, but otherwise they were the same elephants who had given us a broken down boathouse, out of the "Goodness of their hearts."
"Hey, hello!" Austin yelled down from the captains deck. We all waved back, "What's up?" asked Joselle.
"The Sky!" Spino said with a smile. "Heh heh," said Austin. The ferry boat headed to the dock, "Move out of the way! I'll either crash this boat or not!" Austin yelled. We all quickly obeyed as the ferry chugged to a stop, narrowly missing plowing into the dock. Drover eyed the ferry suspiciously, "Are you sure this this is safe?"
We all piled in before we could answer his question, "So Octo," said Joselle, "What'cha all doing these days?"
"Oh, not much," replied Octo, "We're getting shipwrecked, that's all."
"Oh?" asked Austin as he pulled the "Last call bell" with his trunk. The ferry started to vibrate, and steam poured out of the smokestack, and the ferry started it's daily march upstream.
"So," I asked Spino, "What did you bring for the shipwreck?"
Spino looked into the picnic basket she had brought along, "Well, a brought bottles of water, food, and-"
Drover cut her off, "Who gets the steak!?" he asked, "it's only for urgent use," said Spino.
Hank joined Drover, "It's the urgent smell of a steak!" he barked.
"NO," Spino said firmly, she stamped a paw on the deck, she turned back to me, "I also brought a 'How to survive a shipwreck on a desert island in the mythical land of Jamaa left of Crystal Sands handbook.' " she told me. Octo came over, "They sell books like that?" she said disbelievingly.
Suddenly there was a grinding sound, and the ferry came to a sudden stop.

Chapter seven:
We looked over the side of the ferry, the ferry had just demolished two rowboats and the dock.
"Well, we're here anyway." said Austin. We all got out and headed to Scar the Lion's place.
Scar the Lion owns the lion museum, all about the history and heritage of lions.
Including an extensive lion plushie collection, we went around to the back of the museum.
Spino knocked hard on the door, "Scar-ar?" she asked.
I heard strange music coming from behind the door, "He must be practicing his schotish again." I said.
We went inside anyway, there was Scar, Scar is a red lion with a black mane, and unlike most animals I know, doesn't wear a thing except the fur coat nature gave him.
"Step to the left, step to right, hop and roar!" Scar gave out a huge roar that ruffled everyone's hair.
"Oh, hello again Spino and TT!" he said cheerily, "Practicing your schotish lion dance again I see."
"Mmmhmm!" Scar said, "The Lion Schotish will soon be an exhibit!
Spino dropped the bomb on him, "Scar, would you like to come get shipwrecked with us?"
"I- what? Shipwrecked? You mean, go into the ocean?" "Yes!" Spino replied, "we will go into the ocean."
"You mean ocean as in water?" Scar said nervously, his tail started to twitch.

What will happen to TT & Friends? Find out in Part 2! 
(Not written yet.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Snake Tamer

There once was a curious rabbit. It wasn't an ordinary rabbit - no, this rabbit was evil. It had a skull on its head - er, well, you can tell what it looks like by looking at the picture.
The young rabbit rounded up all the snakes of Jamaa. Even the ones that were owned! The owners gasped as their snakes slithered away.
"I have control over every snake!" The bunny howled. The snakes bowed at his small feet.
"What do you want us to do, master?" A purple snake asked.
"Hmm," the bunny began to think. They'll do anything I want, he thought. "Go get Lord Shen for me!"
The snakes did as they were told. Lord Shen came to the bunny.
"I understand they want me to come to you," Shen held back a laugh, seeing how small the bunny was.
"Yes! Snakes, I want you to squirt Shen with water guns!" The bunny commanded, and the snakes all got water guns and squirted Shen.
"NOOOO!!!" Shen yowled, and he ran away.
Word got to Jubei, Silver, Fortis, TT Coyote and Gold that Shen was being "tortured", by snakes. The gang all came to the bunny.
"Hey you, hand over the snakes!" Silver growled.
"Nah, I'm good," laughed the bunny, watching the snakes having a "water gun fight".
"Do it now!" Jubei commanded.
"I'll throw potatoes at you!" TT threatened.
"TT! You wouldn't be that cruel!" Gold gasped.
"If that's what it takes for these snakes to stop, I know I would," Fortis nodded.
Silver and Jubei gave TT a potatoe sack. TT threw a potatoe at the bunny.
"NO! MY WEAKNESS! GAH!!!" The bunny jumped.
"Ooh!" Silver's eyes beamed, and she threw a potatoe at the bunny.
"Stop! I command you!" The bunny begged.
"Okay," Gold nodded, "but as long as you stop commanding these snakes!"
"Actually," Fortis held up one paw, then he got a banana sack. He threw a banana at the bunny. A thick cloud of purple smoke appeared, and the bunny was gone.
"That was a better way," TT approved.
"Lets keep going to Gongmen, I want to get there!" Shen growled impatiently.

Written by GreatShot

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Builder Of Jamaa

Ever wondered how Jamaa Township was built? Ever wondered who started building the dens, shops and games in Jamaa? I bet you haven't. This is the story of Grand Zanypride, the Builder Of Jamaa.

The sun rose in the happy land of Jamaa, and Mira was looking down at the animals living there. They all seemed sad for some reason, and the crane swooped down to a tiger who was looking bored and down. "What's wrong with all you Jammers?" asked Mira.
"Well," started the tiger, "We're bored! There's nothing to do on this island." Mira thought for a minute, and looked around her. No buildings or games stood there, just trees and grass. It all seemed boring indeed. Mira decided to command one of the shamans, Cosmo in this case to go to explore the uncharted land of Appondale, which at this time had giraffes and zebras living there, which were "wild" unlike the Jammers of the civilized world, in case there was anything there to solve this problem. Cosmo walked around, and climbed up a acacia tree for a better view. He gazed down at a herd of zebras, who were grazing. "Are you guys just going to stand there eating grass all day? With my new invention, the popcorn machine, we'll be eating much more exciting food!" one of the zebras called.
"Grand, this will never work, just like all your other inventions! Just give up already." another zebra neighed. Cosmo thought, popcorn hadn't been invented in Jamaa yet, he wondered what it tasted like. Grand was sad, the other zebras didn't appreciate his inventing talents, so he trotted off under the acacia tree and sat down, with a "long face". Cosmo jumped down in front of him, and smiled.
"You are gifted, zebra. Let me try this so called, popcorn." the koala said as he munched a piece of popcorn. "This is wonderful! Ever considered working for us? You know, you could help us build a civilization of this new land! Come on, and meet Mira, mother of Jamaa!"
Grand smiled, "Really? Wow! I'll be inventing in no time!" Mira approved of Grand Zanypet, and granted him the privilege to test out his inventions on the shamans and other Jammers.

Nowadays, Grand Zanypride is hardly ever seen. He's been due to finish the crocodile statue in the museum, but where has he been? It's like he's just disappeared, and poor Mira has to take to the constructions of other buildings, such as the new Sol Arcade. They've run out of ideas for new buildings and games, let's all hope that Grand Zanypride does return, and keeps on building the marvels in Jamaa.

Written by Spino11

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dairy of a Ranch dog

Editors note:
This is the thrilling story about the life of a Ranch dog named Hank from an Ol' Barn.
The story also contains some shall we say...exciting moments.
So I ask that those of you who have any phobias, to use caution.
Okay then! Start the story drums!

Chapter one: 
It was a early morning on the day of...whenever it was. It was a day we can be sure of that, and it happened.
I yawned, stretched, and looked over at my fellow hound. 
"Wake up Drover! It's a new day! And you know what that means..." you might have expected him to spring up alert and ready for the day. He twitched and started running in place on his bed of hay. And since he wasn't upright he wasn't going anywhere! 
I had to go to teeth daggers and lip shields to growl him out of bed. "Wha-?! Oh! I'm awake, I'm awake! Don't growl at me in the morning I can't stand the strain!" 
"Drover, wake up! It's a new day! There are important duties to do!" 
Suddenly I heard the sound of the door slamming. Do you understand the importance of this sound?
Maybe not, let me explain. You see when the door slams it means that the owner has come out with scraps! 
These scraps can consist of...burned toast, corncobs, bits of bacon, and my favorite...bits of juicy steak!
I raced down the hill as new meaning flooded into my life, I suddenly stopped short as I saw a horrible sight.
It was...the cat, the cat had beat me to my scraps! Have we discussed the particular cat we live with?
Probably not since you've never read about me before. Drover suddenly appeared beside me, "Hey Hank! What's going on?" I turned to him with a cold glare, "Why are you so chirpy?" 
He beamed me a goofy smile and said, "I don't know, but I'm not a bird," 
"What do you mean by bird?" "Well I mean ostriches, ducks or chickens. Those are all birds aren't they?"
"Sigh, when I say chirpy I mean why are you so happy?" "Oh, I thought you were talking about birds,"
"I was not talking about birds! For your information the cat has beat us to scraps!"
Suddenly the cat appeared smirking, "Mmmmmm hi Hank, out for a little stroll around the yard gate?"
"Zip it Pete," I was just about to Hamburgerize him when...oops.

Chapter two:

It was Sally May! And she was staring at me, she has this creepy way of...finding naughty thoughts.
Not that I had any! But it felt weird as she walked into the private rooms of my mind, opening all the drawers...looking under the bed, peering into every nook and nanny, cranny I mean.
After she had stopped frisking me with her eyes she turned to the cat. She scrapped my juicy fatty steak scraps onto the ground. I moved over to them and was just about to gobble the steak scraps down when...
...WHACK! She had hit me across the nose with her spoon! "Don't you dare Hank Mc nasty! These scraps are for dear little Pete who was here first!" "But! I-" "I'll feed you over here so you won't fight!"
She moved over to the other side of the yard, quite a distance from the cat in other words.
She scrapped the scrapes, she scrapped the scraps let us say. And two pieces of burned toast fell to the ground.
I looked up at her and gave her a sincere look as if to say, "That's all!?"
She parked her hands on her waist and said, "If you can chew bones you can chew toast!"
Then she went back into the house and slammed the door with a loud Thwump!
As soon as she entered the house I looked around to make sure no one was watching. No one was.
I started edging myself towards the side of the yard fence with Pete next to it.
I could hear him smacking and gorging on steak scraps that would make him fat and ugly! Fatter and uglier I mean. I pushed him out of the way, and he let out a loud yowl, "Move out of the way kitty! I'm claiming these steak scraps for evidence!" if looks could hurt we would have been seriously wounded, "But Hanky-"
I woofed down the steak scraps and went back to my side of the yard gate. "Those steak scraps look so good, can I have some?" It was Drover of course, "Why not?" I let a steak scrap fall from my jowls.
We went back to the barn and I flopped down on my bed of hay. My eyes began to drift closed and I felt myself...floating away on a boat into the great lake of...dreaming, I suppose.

Chapter three:

I was twitching and dreamin wonderful dreams, when all of a sudden...I heard a strange voice! 
Here is a direct quote it said..."And the chicken parade will begin!" have we ever talked about chickens before?
Well...chickens are a...shall we say, touchy subject for a ranch dog, SLURP. Wait hold it! Dismiss that slurp at the end, in fact I never said anything about the so forth! Right? You never heard me say anything about the...blank...the Slurpens. Chickens I should say, you know I'm really regretting ever mentioning the...blanks.
Suddenly the strange voice called again! "Chickens...all you see are really is the dickens when the mind plays clever tricks! Projecting colored pictures of a bird upon a plate..."
I covered my ears with my paws! No, no! I couldn't be tempted!
Suddenly I uncovered my ears and realized, I needed a chicken.
I got off my bed off hay and crept off into the night like a panther, I knew it was crazy. I knew that there were...some risks involved. The biggest of them being Sally May. But she didn't need to know, Hehehe.
All I had to do was...hide the feathers and no one would ever know! Hehehe.
The chicken house loomed in the distance, I surveyed the door. It was a simple latch door, all I had to do was push the latch with a paw or nose. And the door would swing open and I could...well do my business.
I was creeping closer and closer to the door when a voice froze me in my tracks! "Mmmm Hanky! What are you doing?" I turned around and stared at the cat. All the breath hissed from my lungs.
"You again?" "Yes it's me!" said the cat as he sharpened his claws on the tree.
"Well your a solid witness kitty, enjoy the show!" I pointed my nose at the door like a rocket and was just about to launch when..."I can help!" I turned to face the cat again.
"You can help? Sorry to sound cruel cat, but you've pulled to many sneaky tricks on me in the past,"
The cat then...well he put his paw on his heart. And looked up at the sky, "Yes Hanky, and I regret them now. After all, what kind of cat would take advantage of a dog. At a time like this?"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Pill Bugs Came to Jamaa

One day, the pill bugs of Kangan Flats came together for a meeting. They each had their own clans: Blue Clan, Purple Clan, etc. Blue Clan was filled with blue bugs; Purple Clan had purple bugs.
"We must leave Kangan Flats!" Cried the Blue Clan leader, SwirlBug.
"Agreed," nodded the Purple Clan leader, StarBug.
"Leave Kangan Flats? What for?" Called a Blue Clanner, LegTooth.
"The animals who live here keep stepping on us! LeafEye was killed because of that!" StarBug replied.
"Where can we go?" SwirlBug turned to StarBug.
"I don't know!" StarBug shouted.
"Greetings," said a small voice. Everyone turned and saw a green bug.
"There are no green bugs in Kangan Flats!" LegTooth exclaimed.
"I know. I come from a different land, Jamaa!" The green bug annoucned. "My name is TinyBug! I am leader of Green Clan, and I was told that bug clans were troubled in Kangan Flats. I am taking you out of here."
Blue Clan and Purple Clan followed the Green Clan leader. She lead them through bushes, past birds and avoided any dangers. TinyBug safely guided the two Kangan Flats clans to Jamaa, and they settled in Sarepia Forest.

Written By GreatShot

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pet-Eater

Have you ever been sitting in Flippers n' Fins, admiring this cool metal Angler Fish, when you turn around to your own ocean pet and it's just GONE?
You'd probably call out your pet's name, but it never comes. It can't. It's been eaten by The Jamma Pet-Eater. It's a huge shark that lives in Flippers n' Fins, hiding and waiting for the next victim. For some reason, it only eats adopted pets, not wild pets waiting to be adpoted yet. But The Jamma Pet-Eater loves to eat the pets because of the following reasons:
1. They taste richer than seals
2. Seahorses taste sweet
3. Angler Fish taste a nice-spice flavor
4. It likes to mess with pet owners.
So this is a warning to all underwater pet owners! Never, and we mean NEVER, take a pet into Flippers n' Fins! Leave your current pet outside, go in, adopt a pet if you want to, then quickly get out!

Written By GreatShot

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Blue Macaw will never stall (A story about the Blue Macaw Express)

I never really thought about it before now, but how does your mail get to you? Well your Jam-A-Grams are actually delivered by Blue Macaw Express.
These Blue Macaws fly all over Jamaa delivering mail!
They fly through dark jungles, avoiding hawks, vultures and not to mention phantoms, sometimes flying under the ocean to deliver some rather soggy mail.
The Blue Macaws also Design Jam-A-Grams! They draw art in the art studio (They only do it at night) they then vulture out, sorry I mean venture out to deliver the new Cards to the card selection! Hats off and paws up for these brave Blue Macaws! After all the motto for these Blue Macaws is...
..."The Blue Macaw will never stall"

Pink Pottery Pilgrim Bunny

 It was a normal day, I was taking a stroll in Coral Canyons when I saw a pottery shop!
I got closer and saw a pink bunny with a pink pilgrim hat running the store.
I looked at the pots, they looked nice but they seemed rather expensive.
Just then the Pink Pilgrim bunny said "Buy one at double the price, get the second free!"
I had a feeling at the time there was some catch.
 "Your total will be 2,500 gems" said Pink Pilgrim Bunny.
"Wow that's expensive! Do you think I should accept Drover?" I asked Drover my dog, Drover shook his head.
"Hmm I think I'll accept it, after all I am getting a special deal," Drover shook his head again and groaned for some reason.

 I payed 2,500 gems and took the pots and was walking home when I dropped one of the pots!
"Oops!" the pot hit the red rock, I expected it to smash but it bounced! 
I picked it up and raced back to the Pottery shop, "I DEMAND A REFUND! THESE POTS ARE MADE OF PLASTIC!" I yelled in a loud voice.
"SORRY WE'RE CLOSED" Pink Pilgrim Bunny said in a equally loud voice.

"But that sign says your open 24 hours, night and day!" I said, pointed at a sign nailed to a post.
"But not all in a row," Pink Pilgrim Bunny said cleverly.
She pointed at some miniscule writing on the sign.
She then held a magnifying glass in front of the words.
We're not open in a row.
"Didn't you read it before?" Pink Pilgrim Bunny said.
"I couldn't read it before, it was tiny"

I was getting angry but then I thought it through.
An idea suddenly hit me over the head.
"That story inspiration was worth 2500 gems! Thanks!"
"Your welcome..." said Pink Pilgrim Bunny.
And that is how I wrote this story.
Which is only scarcely false.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Monkey Professor

Once in Jamaa there was a professor named Professor Zanymonkey. He did most of his research in The Lost Temple of Zios. There, he researched phantoms and their ways.
But he did not research alone. He had a frog apprentice named Squareberry. Squareberry was training to become a professor like Professor Zanymonkey.
Today, Zanymonkey and Squareberry were in Zios once again. Zanymonkey had done a lot of research on the phantoms.Today, Zios was empty, which meant it was not likely phantoms would come out of the phantom pit. But he peered inside and described the phantoms' habitat. It was very boring day indeed. Squareberry badly just wanted to go home, but Zanymonkey refused to leave. But after a while, Zanymonkey grew tired and fell asleep, and Squareberry kept wide awake, and was handy when the Professor started to attract flies.
Squareberry waited. And waited. And waited. The Professor kept sleeping, and the frog kept his eyes peeled for any phantoms. He never saw a phantom in his froggy life. But he eagerly waited.
But Squareberry must have dozed off. For when he woke up, he was in a different spot, and phantoms were coming out of the phantom pit! Squareberry marveled at it and woke up the Professor. Other animals were gathered around, asleep, too. And the Professor began to dance! Squareberry joined him, both dancing due to their success of finding Jamaa's phantoms.
Professor took note that when you sleep at the pit, phantoms will come out. He took it to his lab and posted on the internet of how to do this!

Written By GreatShot

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sir slurp, he who made food Scrumptious

Chapter one: Craving lemonade
Sir Craving wrote down the last few words "And with a crispy golden brown crust
this garlic bread cannot be missed!" 
Sir Craving was writing down descriptions of foods for a sprouting cafe.
"They should get some good sales on garlic bread" he said to himself grinning.
Sir craving did a home business writing descriptions of foods
and being a food critic.
Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door! It was actually more like banging.

Sir craving opened the door and saw a wolf with a red police hat, 
"I'm deputy Rochif, are you Sir Craving?"
"In person!" Sir Craving said, Sir Craving noticed that deputy Rochif was out of breath and breathing heavily.
He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help himself, 
"Are you thirsting for a glass of cool 
refreshing homemade lemonade with ice and freshly squeezed lemons?" he asked.
He watched amused as deputy Rochif's eyes glazed over and his tongue 
hung out of his mouth like a wet red towel.
But he quickly snapped out out of it and turned back to Sir Craving, "Follow me, we have pressing matters...
...and please, I implore you, don't talk about lemonade"

Chapter two: The private pie league

Sir Craving followed the deputy to the Juice hut.
Sir Craving looked around in shock, befuddled and dazed jammers stood slumped in corners or against walls.
A tiger suddenly said "You look just like that wolf who told me about pizza," a warm lopsided smile spread across the tigers face, "Pipping hot crispy crust..." 

Suddenly three jammers wearing red police hats entered, "We're Private pie league!" they exclaimed flustered.
"I'm Incredible, Pie eye deputy," said a wolf that was raspberry with black patches.
"A wolf that looked just like you came in here and did this to all these jammers!" said a tiger that was green with dark green stripes and light blue fur on his cheeks.
"Don't you mean the Private eye league?" Sir Craving asked, "No it's the Private pie league, 
we throw pies to stop villains!" said a horse that was entirely black with white hooves.
"You've got to stop this other wolf, he has powers of hungering just like yours!" Said the tiger, 
"I'm Pie eye deputy Explorer by the way," 
"There are some foot prints!" Sir Craving said as he pointed at some foot prints.
Sir Craving walked out the door following the foot prints, when all at once he saw another wolf.
"Stop wolf!" Yelled Deputy Incredible, she dived at the wolf and grabbed it's tail.