Friday, October 28, 2011

The sea battle of Kani cove

Once upon a time a bunch of phantoms captured three Ships, The Jamaina, Jamaana, and the Jama Maraina.

But then brave animals, Clever friend, Magic jammer, Quiet gem, and Doctor moon. Got their own ship to defeat the phantoms.

First they slayed the wicked Medusa! Whoever that looked upon the face of Medusa would turn to plastic!

They all wore sunglasses so they wouldn't be turned to plastic, and tied Medusa's head (Yuck!) to the bow of the ship.

They yelled to the captured jammers on the ships to wear sunglasses! And then they turned the phantoms to plastic!

The phantoms couldn't control the ships, them being turned to plastic. And the ships crashed into reefs and Sank to the bottom of Kani cove. All the jammers were rescued, and All was well! And no one knows what happened to that Medusa head...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The first pumpkin bunny

Today in Jamaa there are pumpkins everywhere! But it didn't used to be that way.

Pumpkins can only be grown by bunnies because they have special pumprical powers.

Doctor moon, the first pumpkin bunny, was growing pumpkins. She never knew why no other animals grew pumpkins. 

One night she was bored and took her knife and wiggled it around in the pumpkin. Her pumprical powers guided her paw, and she carved the first ever pumpkin mask! 

Soon afterwards pumpkin items were appearing in stores. The store owners never knew who was giving them the pumpkin items because Doctor moon wore a mask.

Soon pumpkin bunnies were everywhere! And the store owners still don't know who's giving them the pumpkins...

My awful and good reviews

My former favorite book magazine had this to say...

But I also got two good reviews! Thanks whoever they are! :D

Icy paw and Bouncing spirit's British accent soon to be fixed.

In Jama in jepordy Icy paw and Bouncing spirit somehow got British accents.

I have no idea how it happened but it's probably because I wrote the story that way, soon I will revise the characters.

Until then, Jam on!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The story of the lava glove

Once upon a time a wicked lava phantom had a lava glove, with it he filled the valley he was in with volcano's forcing the jammers who lived there to leave.

Greely heard of the lava phantom's wicked deeds! He defeated the lava phantom in a epic battle.

The lava gloves were given to jammers who were worthy, and the volcano's the lava phantom had created are volcano dens.

How scamming started

One dark and stormy night the magical trading orb was hit by a bolt from a evil phantom.

A tinge of dark was floating around in the trading orb, and it grew and grew as more ways to scam exploded inside the orb.

Jammers were going around their normal lives unaware of what would happen next.

All at once the the wind started blowing harder and harder the clouds above Jamaa started rotating.

The leaves blew across the brick roads, the trees swayed and bent in the sudden gale, weather vanes were spinning like crazy and plumes of smoke from chimneys evaporated in the powerful breeze.

Lightning streaked across the sky and thunder boomed. The orb of trading was vibrating violently, causing Jamaa to fall apart.

All at once from the rotating clouds came a strike of lightning which hit Jamaa Township with a loud BOOOM!!!

Jammers everywhere hurried to the center of Jamaa Township murmuring. When the smoke cleared away it revealed a wolf.

Welcome jammers of Jamaa! She said in a honey sweet yet somewhat venomous and acidly tone.

"My name is Alurea I have come to bring joy and happiness into your lives! Send me your rares, all your rares! Yes send them now! And you shall be rewarded with even better rares" Alurea said sweetly.

Everyone started sending Alurea rares, Alurea smirked at the crowd. "Fools! Simple foolish fools!!!" She now had thousands of rares. From Elf tail armor to the Bling Bling tiger.

She waved her paw and lightning struck once again in Jamaa Township. After the smoke had cleared away Alurea had disappeared. Everyone gasped. Where were their rares!

Everyone broke out into anger and scamming has been going on ever since...

Tale of the phantoms

Once every year on the darkest night phantoms come out of their dark cave, they go around to spread chaos and confusion.

Which is why animals dress up in silly or scary costumes, when the phantoms came they were terrified! Where had the animals gone? And what were these scary monsters doing? But afterwards the phantom's realized it was just the animals, and they went back to their cave for another year.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The belt of a 1000 jammers

Today I was searching for lost scrolls and found one with a story! So I want to share it with you.

The belt of a thousand jammers.

A long time ago during the war of the phantoms, many brave animals had to fight.

The jammers who stayed behind made special colorful belts.

When ever someone passed by they asked that person to wish the phantom fighters luck, then they would make a stitch.

Jammers believed that these belts were lucky because they had the good wishes of a 1000 jammers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome to the Rapids Story Lounge!

Hello! Welcome to Rapids Story lounge, new and exciting tales are always being added.

Yes I know we only have two stories so far, so we need your story ideas! Because sadly like our neighboring library Phantom corner libary we were raided by phantoms.

But new stories that are book worthy are always happening, and who knows? You may find yourself on the shelf! :D