Trouble in Kangan Flats

1. Chapter one Katagan Land race.

"Yee Haw!" I yelled! I slid down the stair rail to the living room.
"What is it?" Asked Octo and Spino both eating noodles.
"We've been accepted into the Kangan Flats land race!" I yelled! Waving the letter.
Spino took the letter and read. She jumped up dancing and handed it to Octo.
We were all dancing with joy! We were going to be in the Kangan Land race!
Hank and Drover rushed in from the kitchen barking.
Snowrook, Octo's cat started at them with her cat eyes from her couch. At least she calls it her couch.
Bongo was still asleep being an owl but woke up when Hank and Drover burst in.
Hank spoke up first. "We're going to Kangan?" 
"We are!" I told him. "That's my home town!" Hank said. "And Drovers too!" He added.
"I can't wait to see windmill canyon!" Drover said.
"Saddle up!" I shouted. "We're building a house there!"

2. Chapter two Burzel the ticket seller.

We went to the newly opened Jamaa train station, a porter tiger pushed a cart with a
tower of towering luggage.
We walked up to the ticket seller.
"Welcome... to Jamaa expressss!" Said the ticket teller in a voice with a hint of smugness.
The ticket seller was a seal which was wearing a green tie, he was wearing a green hat and a watch,
and he was smiling one of those fake phony smiles.
"Erm...hi...Can I buy a ticket?" I asked hesitantly.
"Why of course!!! It would be a...uh...Pleasure!" Said the seal, his fake smile growing bigger and toothier.
"Watch out for Burzel..." Said the porter tiger heaving deep breaths.
"He causes...trouble, let us say." The tiger took three more deep breaths and leaned against a wall.
"That is the ugliest smile I ever saw." Said Spino, "I can tell it's fake." She whispered.
Octo had been studying the map and said. "I want three tickets for the green line to Kangan Flats!"
Burzel the seal leaned forward showing a mouth full of shining teeth.
"That will be 30 gems...PER TICKET!" Said Burzel smirking.

3. Chapter three On our way to Kangan Flats! We hope!

"I do hope I have enough!" Said Octo rummaging around in her jacket.
Octo counted gems into her paw and gave them to Burzel.
Burzel took the gems and gave Octo three green tickets, smiling a sour smirk all the while.
We sat down on a bench waiting for the train, I had butterflies in my stomach.
All at once I heard a cry! "No!" Octo jumped up and ran after our train tickets
blowing away in the sudden breeze.
Me and Spino jumped up to catch the tickets but all at once a cloaked wolfish animal stepped out from behind a bush and caught the tickets.
"I do believe these are yours?" He said in a gruff voice.
"Yes they are!" I said. "Please give them back." Stated Spino.
The cloaked animal handed us our tickets one by one.
"Thank you!" Said Octo. "What is your name?" She asked.
"I am the coyote with no name." He replied flatly then he walked away behind the train that had just pulled in.
"How mysterious!" Spino remarked. "Lets get on the train now!" I yelled walking up the steps into the train.
Octo and Spino followed behind, the train was made up of foggy glass compartments with each compartment having a sliding door.
We walked to the back of the train and slid back the door into our compartment and sat down.
We looked out the window at the smoke billowing around the bottom of the train.
"I'm so excited about going to Kangan Flats!" Said spino.
I let Drover and Hank out of their pet carriers, and they sat down on the seat next to me.
Spino let Bongo her owl out of her cage, and Octo let Snowrook come out.
Just then the loud speakers in the station blared! "Last calling for Jamaa express Kangan Flats!"
The floor started vibrating as the engine started and the train shook.
The loud speakers blared again. "Last boarding for Jamaa Express Kangan Flats!" A few more Animals hurried onto the train with luggage just as the doors closed.
Smoke billowed out of the steam pipe and cinders blew past the window.
All at once there was a banging on the door!
"We know you three robbed the stage coach! Come out with your hands up!"

4. Chapter four

When we heard that voice we all did the oddest thing, we started singing a song!

We aren't thieves who disappear in the fog!

We don't have a hideout in a bog!

We are innocent as the pure white snow.

So who ever you are marshal or sheriff please go!

We didn't do it, don't you understand?

We aren't thieves going to distant land!

We don't have sacks of plundered gold, stealing it would get really old.


We aren't thieves who disappear in the fog!

We don't have a hideout in a bog!

We are innocent as the pure white snow.

So who ever you are marshal or sheriff please go!

So please don't clap us in chains!

We haven't done anything on this train!

We are only going to Kangan Flats.

And thats...


We stayed still for...well it seemed like hours but it was probably only ten seconds.
Then the foot steps...or should I say paw steps became fainter and fainter.
We all let out our breaths in big loud gasps.
"I wonder who that was!" Said Icy paw.
"Me too!" I said trembling. Drover was hiding in a corner.
Hank had been staring out the window his eyes fixed on...something.
I leaned forward and looked out the window. There were 1000's of cats everywhere!
Hank was staring at them licking his lips. And he was muttering "I'll Hamburgerize just one...just one..."
"Don't even think of it!" Said Snowrook Octo's cat hissing at Hank.
Hank walked over to Drover and whispered in his ear..."Drover keep Snowrook busy while I choose my uh...playmate."
Drover backed even deeper into his corner. "But what...what if she...scratches me with her claws?" He said trembling.
Hank groaned, UHHH! "Your job for the day is to keep Snowrook...busy!" Hank said.
All at once the train came to screeching halt! We were all thrown out of our chairs.
I slammed into the wall and Drover and Hank slid in the other direction,
their claws making little dents in the floor.
Octo was buried in luggage, and Spino's paw was stuck in Bongo's cage.

5. Chapter five

We all untangled ourselves with much...scrambling of legs, throwing of luggage, and smashing of pets.
I grabbed the sliding door and slid it open, we all walked out carrying our luggage.
We all went to the door of the train and looked out. It was Kangan Flats!
"Wow it's so hot!" Said Spino wiping her brow with a red handkerchief.
We all stepped down, everyone was gathering in front of the train station.
"Howdy city folks!" Said a wolf wearing boots, chaps, and a wide brimmed high crowned felt hat.
I noticed he had a western accent. "My name is Sheriff Hataway,
I'll be directing the land race in Kangan Flats."
He pointed at five covered wagons with horses.
"These will be what you race on, load all your city luggage in the back and ride to piece of land you want.
Once you get there mark off your land with these here fence posts."
Sheriff Hataway gestured towards fence posts that were in back in each of the wagons.
We all went to our wagon and started loading our belongings in the back.
"Wow this is so heavy!" I breathed. Four other groups of animals were loading luggage into the back of their wagons.
I guess we were so busy loading luggage in the back we didn't notice him...but if we had well you'll just have to listen to the story.
I was loading luggage into the back of the wagon when I heard a sound...Thump! Thump! Thump!
I stared at the part of the wagon from where the sound was coming from.
All at once another wolf came over.
She had green and red fur, black eyes and was wearing a green heart locket.
She came over to us and looked at what we were doing. "Hello! Are you in the land race too?" she asked.
Octo came around from feeding the horses and me and Spino came out of the back.
"Yes we are!" Said Octo. "I hope we get a piece of land next to a lake." Said spino.
Hank, Drover, Bongo and Snowrook had been inside the wagon but then they stuck their heads out.
"My name is Sophia!" Said the red and green wolf. "Mine is Trickertreee! And this is Spino, Octo, Hank and Drover" I told her.
"And Bongo and Snowrook!" Added Spino and Octo.
All at once Sophia noticed the thumping sound which was still going on. Thump! Thump! Thump!
She gasped. "It's a bomb! Tear up the planks!!!"

6. Chapter six Adventure in many sorts.

All at once there was a bang! Or something like that it's hard to describe in words.
The race had started! We jumped into our wagon and Sophia ran to hers.
"Quick Trickertreee get rid of that bomb!" Yelled Octo as she grabbed the reins.
I pried open the boards with a hammer from my toolbox and pulled out...a clock?
Why, it was a clock! The clock was still thumping. Thump! Thump! Thump!
"Shouldn't that be ticking?" Asked Spino. "I'm not finding out!" I yelled as I hurled the clock out of the wagon.
By this time Octo had the horses in a gallop and the wagon was racing through tall grass.
All at once we heard a bang! The bomb I had thrown out had exploded!
Causing prairie dogs to dive into their holes!
"I wonder who planted that bomb?" I thought to my self as we rushed though the tall grass.
"Wow the grass sure is getting tall!" Yelled Spino as we entered some especially tall grass.
You know fellers it was getting sorta creepy in that grass. The sun was setting by this time, casting eerie shadows in the grass.
"Gee it's getting sca-sca-scary out here!" Said Drover teeth clacking.
"Yes I must admit it is getting slightly dark." Replied Hank.
The frying pans we had tied on a nail were rattling together and the wind blew though the grass with swishes.
We crept on through the tall grass a shimmering moon overhead.
 "Say want to listen to a scary story?" Said Snowrook, Octo's cat grinning at Hank.
All at once there was a bump! "Hold on!!!" Yelled Octo as we started going faster.
"Whats going on!?" I yelled and tried to see what was going on in the front.
"Turn back turn back!" Spino screamed. "Your going into Mischievous mirage canyon!"
"I can't! The horses won't turn back!" Yelled Octo as she strained on the reins.

7. Chapter seven Rescued by elephants!

The wagon plummeted into the canyon! Taking us with it!
"Help! Help!" Drover wailed in fright! The wagon hit a rock and the entire wagon shook like a scared Drover!
 "I saw something!" Spino gasped, "It looked like, like a bunny!"
"Maybe it's why it's called Mischievous mirage canyon!" I said.
All at once the wagon came to a stop,
it was weird the wagon slowed down and came to a stop right in front of a cactus.
Whew! We all breathed. "That...was close." Octo said slowly.
"How will we get back?" Asked Hank. We all looked up the canyon walls rose twenty feet high or more!
All at once I heard foot steps...big thunderin footsteps,
the fur on my back stood on end! "Quick hide under the wagon!" Spino whispered loudly.
We all dove under the wagon and looked around slowly. All I could see was a dark spooky canyon.
But then I saw eight giant feet, which were connected to eight giant feet, which were connected too...
"Hello anyone here?" A voice said suddenly. "Maybe it's a abandoned wagon." Said another voice.
All at once...I couldn't believe it! Hank...hiccuped! HIC!
"I know I heard something!" Said one the elephants.
All at once the wagon was pushed and our hiding place was exposed!
We all screamed in horror! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!
"Hey chill!" Said the elephant on the left, "My name is Austin and this is my twin Joselle!"
"So do you want to get out of Mischievous mirage canyon canyon?" Asked Joselle.
"Yes please!" I said, "Then follow us to our boat!" Austin said cutting in.
We exchanged nervous glances and followed Austin and Joselle.
Little did we know that on the canyon rim we were being watched by an old villain from the first adventure we ever had...

8. Chapter eight A river trip.

We followed Austin and Joselle to the side of the river. "Where is it this boat?" Asked Spino.
"Over there!" Austin pointed his trunk at an old river boat tied to a rusty dock.
"Um...are you sure it's safe? I mean..." Octo said hesitantly.
"Hey it can hold the weight of two elephants! It should be able to hold all of you." said Joselle.
Drover and Hank jumped in and placed their paws on the side of the boat, looking out.
"Hmm it seems safe enough." I said as I got in and sat down on a striped couch in the back.
"All aboard! I will be your boat tour guide! Scouter! Safety instructor!
And if you don't like my jokes your swimming instructor!" Joselle shouted.
"We've been sailing these rivers for a long time." Austin commented as he sat down at the wheel.
Steam started billowing out of a pipe in the front,
and the wheels started turning and the boat started moving forward.
"I just hope we don't run into Modge!" Austin said. "Who's Modge?" Asked Spino.
"I remember who Modge is!" Drover said suddenly, "He's that horrible joker puppy I knew a long time ago."
"He's probably doing something horrible, like drawing graffiti on our old boat house." Joselle said thoughtfully.
"We're here!" Austin yelled, the boat was approaching another dock.
"Oh no! Just as I suspected!" Joselle said in a exasperated voice.
She shined her flash light at a old boat house, revealing that it was covered in really bad paintings of Mira.

9. Chapter nine Our boat house home.

The riverboat scraped against the dock, and Austin tied a rope around a hook,
 sticking out of the side of the boat.
"Modge is at it again," Austin said in a slightly bored note.
"Say your in the Kangan land race aren't you?" Joselle said looking at us.
"Um, yes we are," Octo said looking at Joselle.
"Want the boat house?" Joselle said smiling.
"It looks very cozy!" Drover yipped,  "Just give it a new paint job and it will be perfect for a cowdog!"
Hank barked.
"It's yours then!" Joselle said. "It's getting really late!" Spino yawned.
"We'll ferry your wagon across in the morning, there are three beds on the third floor!"
Austin said as he pointed his trunk at the top floor.
Joselle took a key out of a pouch hanging on her back, and unlocked a heart locket in her neck.
She took out another key and gave it to me, saying "Here this is the key for the boat house!"
I went to the door of the boathouse and opened the door, "There are the stairs!"
The stairs were in a slanted square shape, at each landing was a window which gave a view of the outside.
"The top floor!" Spino said, Octo pushed the door open and we all came inside.
Moonlight spilled out the window onto the floor, in a cascading silver waterfall, revealing three beds.
"I get the top bunk!" Drover and Hank yelled together as they darted up the ladder.
I got into the bottom bunk under Hank and Drovers, Octo got into the one next to the window and Spino got into the one opposite of her's.
But I wasn't tired! I was wide awonk, erm...awake...Yes I had my eyes wide opern...Snooorrreee...

10. Chapter ten Refurbishing and Bistro plans

All at once something hit me in face, I opened my eyes in surprise,
just in time to get hit in the face again with a pillow!
"Did you know more animals caught Phantom pox in bed than anywhere else?" Spino said grinning.
"I'm up! I'm up!" I said wiping my eyes with my paw, "What are we doing today?"
"We're going to fix up this old boathouse!" Octo said with vigor.
Hank padded down the stairs with a can of paint in his mouth,
and Drover was right behind him holding a paint brush in his mouth.
We all went outside and looked around, "Look it's the wagon!" I yelled!
"Hooray!" Octo yelled as she picked up a box filled with phantom plushys.
"My tin of paw candy is here!" Spino said as she moved boxes around.
I grabbed my tool box, "Lets get to work on our new home!"
Hank and Drover were at work at the Mira pictures Splodge had made!
Spino and Octo were moving things into the house, and I was at work on the fence.
"Whew these trunks sure are heavy!" Spino said as she and Octo heaved a trunk into the house.
I took some loose boards that were by the side of the house, and started hammering them into a fence!
Wham! Wham! Wham! I looked over and saw Drover and Hank painting the house.
They had already painted over about seven and a half pictures of Mira.
I went back to building the fence, the boards on the the original fence had fallen off,
but the posts were still there! All I had to do was nail boards between the posts.
I finished one side and started on the other, "Hmm a gate will be harder to build", I thought
as I looked at the rusty gate.
I finished nailing in the last board and went inside to see how Octo and Spino were doing.
I climbed the stairs to the second floor, I gasped.
Pictures had been hung on the walls along with green gecko banners!
I went into the first of four rooms on the second floor, there were bookshelves lining the walls in this room.
I went out and bumped into Spino and Octo, "There are only a few more things to unpack!" Octo said.
We all went downstairs and outside, "Finished!" Hank and Drover proclaimed triumphantly!
"We'll have my famous noodle soup in just a moment!" I said happily,
"We just need to unpack the last few things!"
"Hmm lets see...Bongo drums, Teacups...Hey what are these?" I said as I moved away a welcome mat.
"Red clay bowls!" Octo exclaimed. "There's a tag!" Spino said.
"Hmm...A little gift for you, made by Austin." I read.
"Lets go and eat dinner now!" Drover yipped!
"Okay lets!" Spino said, "I'm hungry!"
I went into the kitchen and checked the cupboards, surprisingly they were filled with food!
I just put on my onion chopping goggles (to protect my eyes from the onion fumes) and was raising my knife above the cutting board.
When all at once Drover and Hank ran though the kitchen barking!
AHHHHH!!!!! I almost dropped the knife!

"Whoops! Sorry Trickertreee!" Drover yipped and he and Hank left.
I finished chopping the green onions and put them into the chicken broth bubbling in the pot.
After a while I finished the noodle soup poured them into the red clay bowls from Austin the elephant. 

I brought the bowls out and set them on the dining table! "Soups up!"
"Wow that smells so good!" Octo said as she picked up her spoon and fork.
"You know maybe you should open up a  restaurant!" Spino said as she put in her spoon.
"Don't be silly! Besides where would I set up shop?" I said as I searched in the soup for my dumpling.
"Well there's always the bottom floor of the our boathouse!" Spino said thoughtfully.

"Yes I'm sure lots of jammers would love your food!" Octo said.
After a bit of thought I said, "Ok I'll do it! Tomorrow we can start making the restaurant!" 
We all clicked cups filled with Lemon Splashers. "It will be grand!" Drover howled.

11. Chapter eleven The naming of the restaurant

Tablecloths flew onto tables and pictures seemed to hammer themselves into walls.
It was an exciting day! Carpets rolled across the floor and dishes, forks, spoons, 
and knives carpeted every table.
"Now we need some employees!" Spino said as she looked around the bottom floor of the boat house.
It had been transformed! It hardly looked like the broken down boat house it had been only hours ago.
"I'll go put some advertisements down at the town!" Octo said.
She went outside with advertisements and we heard the snap of reins as Octo rode off.
It seemed like only a few seconds before Octo came back with two wolves.
"Hello sophia!" I said as I recognized one of the wolves coming down.
"This is gingerpawz!" Octo said pointing at the other wolf.
"Okay we need a waitress and a cashier!" I said.
"I want to be a waitress!" Sophia said.
"I'll be a cashier, if anyone tries to get away without paying, I'll scream at them really loudly," 
Gingerpawz said.
We all stared at her blankly, "I'll give a demonstration!" She took a deep breath and let out a loud scream.
The scream echoed everywhere, the trees groaned and Drover and Hank fell over backwards.
"Ooh" Said Spino rubbing her ears, "That was most, interesting."
"Your hired!" Octo said at once to Gingerpawz and Sophia.
"But first we must think up a name!" Drover said.
"Since when could your dogs talk?" Sophia and Gingerpawz said at once.
"Since forever!" Hank said sternly, "And why don't we name the restaurant...Hank's hotdogs?"
"What about Drover's delectable delights?" said Drover.
"How about...Bengal Bistro?" Spino said with a thoughtful expression.
We all thought it over, "That's a great name!" We all said!

12. Chapter twelve Rodent rampage

We put a open sign on the door, soon people started to come.
A tiger and a wolf were our first customers.
"Hello, welcome to the Bengal Bistro!" Sophia said greeting them.
She lead them to a table and said "We serve anything! If we can't cook it you eat free for a week!"
"The tiger said, free food for a week?! Wow what a way to get free food!" 
I watched them out the kitchen window, "It seems we're going to get some tough orders," I said to Spino and Octo. "Bring it on!" They said.
Sophia brushed the gecko banners away and yelled, "An order of fried batwings!"
Spino made it in a flash and handed it out the window.
Sophia came back and yelled, "An order of octopus beaks in spicy lemon sauce!"
Octo made the octopus beaks, and handed them out the window in a blur.
Sophia came in and said, "This is the last order, Guava icecream with peanuts and coconut strips!"
I plopped the icecream into a bowl covered it in peanuts and coconut and gave it to Sophia.
Gingerpawz was at the Gemregister and the tiger and the wolf paid for their meal leaving ten gems as tip.
Gingerpawz rang the guest counter and it went from 0 to 2.
I went to the door and turned the sign around to Sorry we're closed
Octo and Spino turned off the lights and we all went to our rooms upstairs.
Little did we know what a fiasco there would be that night.
I woke up first, I heard a thudding sound in the night, it seemed to be coming from the kitchen!
I loped down the stairs and crept, slunk, slank, whatever! I sneaked into the kitchen on soft foots, feet, paws I mean. I turned on the search lights! (The kitchen lights) and it revealed...a rat! 
Yes a rat was standing on a stew pot! Holding a piece of stolen sausage in it's mouth!
I yelled the alarm and in mere seconds everyone was assembled in the kitchen with hammers, long nosed pliers, hair dryers, and other weapons! Well as you can imagine the rat didn't just sit there, petrified.
It leaped off the pot and scurried into the tables, it was a roaring, screaming, yelling chase! Over tables and through chairs, Sophia was yelling and hunting the rat with a broom.
"I see it I yelled!" I held the golf club high above my head and swung with the force of a mighty lion!
And if I had hit the rat instead of the ceiling light fixture...CRASH! TINKLE!...we would have had our selves one splattered rat! But that wasn't the case, I hit the ceiling light fixture with a loud crack!
As you might have guessed it was an eventful night...


  1. so r u thinking about my chacater??? (my idea is like when they build a house there they notice the character or something) THX if u do ;D.


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