Friday, June 29, 2012

The Scared Ninja Tiger

Deep in Jamaa
Where the birds'll sing, "La, la, la"
There's a den full of Jammers to hang out.
Not a single one has yet to pout.

There, lives a tiger
His guarding is higher
Than the average Jammer.
If someone steals, he brings down the hammer.

The Noodle Treasure was the rarest of all.
Juicy, delicious, and not found in a mall.
The ninja tiger wants to have it
He wants it so bad, he doesn't have time to sit.

One day, another ninja shown up.
The ninja tiger screamed, and dropped his cup.

The ninja tiger ran and ran.
Finally, he jumped behind a lemonade stand.
(Another tiger came along too)

The tiger jumped into a plane,
where he thought me may at least be sane.
the tigers so clever,

The plane took off, the tiger thought he was safe.

Then, the other tigers shown up.
Tiger accidently (again) dropped a cup.

The tiger put on a parachute
And passed a horse playing a flute.
He jumped of the plane,
and landed on the ground below, how insane!

The other tigers followed him down
With that, the ninja ran out of town.

Moral: Some tigers don't make the best ninjas.

Written By GreatShot

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