Monday, January 16, 2012

Sir slurp, he who made food Scrumptious

Chapter one: Craving lemonade
Sir Craving wrote down the last few words "And with a crispy golden brown crust
this garlic bread cannot be missed!" 
Sir Craving was writing down descriptions of foods for a sprouting cafe.
"They should get some good sales on garlic bread" he said to himself grinning.
Sir craving did a home business writing descriptions of foods
and being a food critic.
Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door! It was actually more like banging.

Sir craving opened the door and saw a wolf with a red police hat, 
"I'm deputy Rochif, are you Sir Craving?"
"In person!" Sir Craving said, Sir Craving noticed that deputy Rochif was out of breath and breathing heavily.
He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help himself, 
"Are you thirsting for a glass of cool 
refreshing homemade lemonade with ice and freshly squeezed lemons?" he asked.
He watched amused as deputy Rochif's eyes glazed over and his tongue 
hung out of his mouth like a wet red towel.
But he quickly snapped out out of it and turned back to Sir Craving, "Follow me, we have pressing matters...
...and please, I implore you, don't talk about lemonade"

Chapter two: The private pie league

Sir Craving followed the deputy to the Juice hut.
Sir Craving looked around in shock, befuddled and dazed jammers stood slumped in corners or against walls.
A tiger suddenly said "You look just like that wolf who told me about pizza," a warm lopsided smile spread across the tigers face, "Pipping hot crispy crust..." 

Suddenly three jammers wearing red police hats entered, "We're Private pie league!" they exclaimed flustered.
"I'm Incredible, Pie eye deputy," said a wolf that was raspberry with black patches.
"A wolf that looked just like you came in here and did this to all these jammers!" said a tiger that was green with dark green stripes and light blue fur on his cheeks.
"Don't you mean the Private eye league?" Sir Craving asked, "No it's the Private pie league, 
we throw pies to stop villains!" said a horse that was entirely black with white hooves.
"You've got to stop this other wolf, he has powers of hungering just like yours!" Said the tiger, 
"I'm Pie eye deputy Explorer by the way," 
"There are some foot prints!" Sir Craving said as he pointed at some foot prints.
Sir Craving walked out the door following the foot prints, when all at once he saw another wolf.
"Stop wolf!" Yelled Deputy Incredible, she dived at the wolf and grabbed it's tail.


  1. Lol, I wish to see Sir Slurp come soon! And nice descriptions of food... *smacks lips*

  2. haha so funny trickertreee you make the best stories ever! if i ever have a blog it is because of you.......and pink of course. -pixiegirl86155-

  3. please can i be a author because im a very good story teller

  4. This music is in How To train Your Dragon! :D

  5. This story was great! I loved it! Keep up the good work!!


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