Friday, November 25, 2011

The story of Captain Melville!

This is the story of Captain Melville, Smoothie tiger, Fruit artist, Juice jammer!
You all know the name Captain Melville well don't you?
He is the supposed owner of the juice hut!
There has been much speculation over who this jammer is.
Well late this night I was hungry, so I went down to the juice hut under the star sprayed sky.
I walked into the juice hut, and imagine my surprise to  see a tiger! It was Captain Melville! Here is his story, told in his own words.

The story of Captain Melville.

A long time ago I lived in Smoothie Swamp, a peaceful place on a island off the coast of Coral Canyons, bordering the Coco islands where coco is harvested.

Me and my cat Gurdy always loved to play pirate and still do! We never knew what would happen because of that.

We were siting on the shore next to Fruit Juice Falls, playing pirate when a foggy shape appeared in the waterfall mist.

It was a pirate ship! There were thousands of phantoms! Wearing pirate hats and holding flaming torches and bloody swords! Then they waved their flaming swords and bloody torches! Or is that backwards...

Then they said. "A cabin tiger!" They waved their arms and all at once I was floating into the pirate ship! Along with Gurdy!

The phantoms shoved me in front of a door, and then the leader said. "This is your job! Scrub the deck, wash the windows, shine the cannon balls, mend the sails!" 

And on and on and on...then they did the worst thing of all! They threw Gurdy off the ship! 

I was locked in my mop room and I sat down on a barrel and cried and cried. "Why me?" I wondered.

Gurdy is gone, I'll never see my home again and what lies ahead is working forever for these phantoms.

Then my stomach growled. "And, and, and...I'm so hungry!" I yowled!

All at once there was a scratching on the little window behind me.

I turned around and was shocked to see...Gurdy! And she was holding a fair sized wriggling fish!

I opened the window and let her in, she hopped down holding the fish in her mouth.

Turns out there was a candle and a frying pan in that little mop room.

I cleaned the fish and baked it on the frying pan. Me and Gurdy had a yummy fish dinner.

We had gone to sleep on the soft part of the mops when all at once the ship stopped and shook!

Me and Gurdy woke up with a start and all the mops fell on us.

We were being squashed with mops! I was pressed against the door when all at once the door groaned and fell down with a crash!

We found our selves on the deck, about twenty yards away was the shore!

All the phantoms were streaming out from the bunk room and were yelling! "NIFAJO METLA MIZA! MIZA! MIZA!" 

Who is "Miza?" Oh well I didn't wonder about that I hesitated for a moment in front of the water, then dived in with a giant tiger splash!

Me and Gurdy swam to shore, the phantoms didn't follow.

Then everything went black, black as night, black as...a phantom.

The sun shone on my face and I groaned and shook the seaweed off my face.

I opened my eyes and saw two other tigers! The one on the left was black with raspberry stars and she was wearing a red glove, also next to this tiger was a red cat.

The other tiger was raspberry and white colored with green leaves, wearing a pink top hat a lei and leaves on her paws.

"Wha...who are you?" I asked. "My name is Oranoo." Said the tiger on the left. "Mine is Quavine." Said the other tiger.

"Where am I?" I asked them. "You are in Jamaa." Said Quavine.

"Can me and my cat Gurdy live here?" I said slowly. 

"Jamaa is for all animals in need!" Said Oranoo. 

Later with the help of my new friends Oranoo and Quavine I built the juice hut! 

That is my story, and also the story of the juice hut I used my knowledge on smoothies to make them!. 

And where do I live? Well I don't live in the juice hut. To find out where I live decode the puzzle below.

24, 1 24 11 20, 24 3, 9 23 20, 18 23 16 2 17 20 7, 4 21, 8 2 4 4 9 23 24 20 8!

Your clue is... V=11


  1. Wow! That is really good! Thank you so much for adding Quavine and I in it! You are truly a great friend!

  2. Oh that is just too good! You're awesome! :D


  3. i cant wait to find out where he lives(but it should be a secret message for the followers to decode)(but like in mirror stuff). (how fun will that will be?)(only if you do it).


  4. I decoded it! "I live in the Chamber of Smoothies!"

  5. I dont even need to decode it! :3. (The Chamber of Smoothies)(if i didnt know i couldnt figure that code out anyways.) What will we explore next?!?!

  6. i think i might know the true story of captain melville but i dont remember it or i'd share it to all!

    -must remain unknown-

  7. omg i luv ur blog!! plz add me katybean

    P.S do u like tacoz...

  8. this is the best story i ever heard its fanstastic@


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