Sunday, January 8, 2012

The invader from the museum of pink

Chapter one: Tiggerkat's Reese Cup break
"Welcome! Greetings! Welcome to the green museum of dreams!" 
Tiggerkat and I stood at the entrance of the museum greeting visitors.
Octo and Spino were giving tours of the museum. "And there is the rare Green zap phantom!"
 Octo said as she displayed her phantom knowledge.
"And there is the Cactus lemoncitrus!" Spino said as she pointed at a tall cactus that was filled with lemon juice.
"I'm going for a lunch break!" Tiggerkat said suddenly.
"You mean Reese Cup break," I said smiling knowingly.
Utterances of "Wow!" and "Amazing!" and occasionally, 
"My eyes! The green is horrible!"
 drifted up from the crowd. 
Tiggerkat got off his chair and was going for his Reese Cup break when a black wolf suddenly said, 
"I saw this great picture of a Reese Cup..."
"STOP MAKING ME HUNGRY!" Tiggerkat yelled!

Chapter two: The pink monster

Tiggerkat was lured to the black wolf. The black wolf continued his story, "The Reese cup phantom was getting bigger and bigger." Greatshot, the security guard, came up, "Stop enticing Tiggerkat!" she yelled.
Suddenly the black wolf transformed into an evil pink monster!

Greatshot, Spino, Octo and I all jumped back in alarm! The pink monster reached out and tapped Tiggerkat. Tiggerkat started turning pink!

Everyone screamed in horror as Tiggerkat was turned into a pink monster! 
The pink monster that had come in cackled wickedly. "It's, it's pink!" Octo stammered. 
"Noo please anything but that!" Spino screamed.

Chapter three: The green cowboy

Tiggerkat fainted as the pink spread everywhere, and the pink monster started destroying everything!
Books flew out of shelves, lamps crashed, stuffing was ripped out of couches and green plushys went flying.
In fact, I narrowly ducked a hurtling couch. All the visitors had fled the museum by now, 
and the museum was empty except for me and my friends, oh and the pink monster.

All at once a cowboy appeared on the bean bag. "I am the green cowboy!" he exclaimed.
He suddenly lassoed the pink monster, and the pink monster started turning green!
Whatever the green cowboy touched turned green again, and the museum of green was as it was before.
Then the green cowboy disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 
Now the museum of green is the same again, except that now Tiggerkat has a terrible fear of pink Reese Cups.


  1. zooie mama! I'm famous!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!

  2. zooie mama! I'm famous!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!

  3. zoo-wee-mama!! I'm famous!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love the last chapter! That cowboy is AWESOME!


  5. And you thought that Reeses cups make you hungry? Wait til ya meet Sir Craving! :P

  6. brrrrrrr! **shivers in fear*** still having nightmares about pink reese cups! I have to make an appointment with my therapist!

  7. i love there anything wrong with it? also i would love to be in a story i can be anything.also i am afraid of reese cups.......... the penut butter is evil! -pixiegirl86155-

  8. I will save you, Pixiegirl, from all the evil reese cups!!!! If any of those scary reese's come your way, just call! Super Tiggerkat will save the day!!!!


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