Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The mysterious leaf creatures of Jama

Once a year every fall leaf piles appear everywhere.

Are these leaf piles harmless? Do they just lie there?

Here is the tale of the leaf creatures, left just the way it was written.

A very long time ago one fall evening a wolf named Rocky Wolf was walking down a path in Sarepia Forest.

This was when Sarepia forest was first discovered, when the theater had never existed! And the lock was still on the flag shop.

Rocky wolf stepped on a leaf, Then she heard a strange sound...

Crunch! mulf! munch! melf! It was coming a leaf pile! With red, yellow, and orange leaves.

Then a orange creature rose out of the deep! And it moaned!

Then creatures like these rose out of all the other leaf piles!

Rocky wolf ran away as fast as she could!

Rocky wolf also got some pictures of these strange beasts! (Oddly they were in color)

No one knows where they came from. Maybe they are creatures like phantoms...

But we do know this, they come out every year in the fall! To terrorize!

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  1. Tell more about the weird leaf people!

    littlepinkyc12 (animaljam acount)


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