Monday, January 2, 2012

Angler fish dueling

The ancient tradition of Angler fish dueling began many many years ago,
 before the Flag shop was unlocked and when Coral Corner was open.
It all started with two ocean animals who were having a terrible argument!
Karo the seal thought Chicken noodle soup was the best, 
while Frienger the turtle thought Tomato basil soup was the best!
Their argument went on for years until Frienger decided to end it once and for all.
Karo and Frienger both had Angler fishes and Frienger challenged Karo to a Angler fish duel!

Karo accepted and both Angler fishes went into a ferocious fight! While their owners cheered them on.
No one knows who won, 
but no one knows why it's a complete tie between jammers who like Chicken noodle, and Tomato basil.
And the tradition was started! All thanks to Karo the seal and Frienger the turtle.


  1. thats me karo!

  2. Lol, just a buncha talk about food can go on for years! You made me hungry! Now it's my turn...creamy, rich, slight salt flavor of a tomato basil...and it also is slurpy when the sensation of it goes down your throat.

  3. How do you get the soundcloud system gadget???


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