Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Phantom's Punishment

Once, in Jamaa, there was a lil' rabbit. The rabbit was always right about everything. It bragged to everyone.
"I'm right about everything! You guys can be wrong sometimes, but me, I'm always RIGHT!" it laughed at other Jammers. 
But, the unfortunate truth was that, the rabbit was right about being right all the time. Annoying, right? The other Jammers wanted to deny it, but they couldn't, because what the rabbit said was true.
One fine day, the rabbit was hopping around Crystal Sands.
"Hey guys," a fox was saying to a wolf, seal, and tiger, "if you sleep by the pit in the Lost Temple of Zios, phantoms come out!"
"Wow! Really?" the seal gasped in delight.
"It's true!" the fox grinned, "so c'mon, let's go do it!"
The group of animals set off for Zios, and the rabbit smirked, thinking: Ha! More animals to criticize. Phantoms don't come out of the pit! What noodleheads!
The rabbit followed them into Zios; he saw them all sleeping, surrounding the pit. With an annoying smirk, the rabbit hopped over.
"You know that won't work," the rabbit said, eyes narrowed.
"Yes, it will!" the fox woke up and sat up, "It's been done before!"
"Yeah, right!" the rabbit snorted, "you're just listening to a bunch of rumors. Get lost!"
Offended, the fox whispered to the others, "C'mon. Let's go attract the eagles in Coral Canyons by hopping on the bridge."
They left, and the rabbit stood by the pit, watching them leave, with a smirk on his face. "My work here is done," he murmured.
Suddenly, behind the pit, purple smoke appeared, but the rabbit didn't pay attention. He was too busy whispering to himself how smart he was and that he should give advice to Mira.
"Yeah, that's what I'll do!" the rabbit said, as a phantom rose out of the pit. "Since I'm so smart and wise, I should give advice to Mira! She'd have to accept me, because I'm always right!"
The rabbit turned around to head for Jamaa Township, and saw the phantom rising above the pit. The rabbit gasped.
"You're smart, eh? And want to advice Mira?" said the phantom - no mouth moved, however. "And, you were wrong. Us phantoms do appear out of the pit! Plus, I'll bet you didn't know that we WERE created by Mira!"
The rabbit backed up, wide-eyed. For the first time in his life, he was wrong. "N-No! I'm never wrong! I-I must be having some sort of nightmare!"
"You're not!" the phantom roared, "You shouldn't brag about being right all the time. You were wrong! And, being Jamaasian, you should have known phantoms came out of the pit!"
The rabbit suddenly realized something. "Oh! I was mistaken, I got confused with that you get free items when you sleep by the pit! So I was right, right? I did know the phantoms came out of the pit."
The phantom shook his body, like an animal would shake their head. "No. Because you were still mistaken!"
The rabbit wailed. "No...! I was going to be Mira's advisor!"
"Well, you're not! And now, for bragging, I shall put a curse on the world of Jamaa! No animal shall EVER be perfect or always right because of you!"
A big lightning bolt came out of the phantom. When it was done, the animals of Jamaa were never always right, or perfect.
What happened to the rabbit, might you ask? Well, he learned from his mistakes. The rabbit from then on became an artist, and loved to draw. He never bragged again, and learned from the phantom that being right wasn't everything.
Now, what is the name of this rabbit, might you ask?

Written by GreatShot


  1. Good story! *Applause* Sorry anyone who's reading this comment that I haven't updated this blog. I need to find time to do it.


    1. Thanks! :3 And yes, I was a bit concerned why no one really posts on here... I like the stories on here! :P


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