Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friendships Can Start In A Weird Way

You know, sometimes friendships can start in a weird way.
Have you made any friends today?
Think about how you met them. How did you?
Did you buddy them right on que?
Or did the friendship start awkwardly?
Did it end shortly?
Here are some friendships that I had.
Let me tell you, they started out bad...

But ended up good!

When I Met Spino11

Okay, I'm done with the rhyming. :3 Of course, you must know this jammer.

And yes, you probably know she's one of my very best friends.
Well, I buddied her, but I didn't know her well back then.
I didn't even know she was a blogger.
One day, I was talking to my friend Awesomecoolanimals about my blog.
Spino11 happened to come by, and boy, am I glad she did.
She asked, "You have a blog? What is it so I can follow it?"
I told her my blog name.
She followed it, and I checked out her blog (Animal Jam Volcano at the moment). I followed hers, commented on it a lot, and then we became good friends.

See? The friendship started out weirdly, but now Spino11 is one of my great friends.

The Blogger With 3 E's.

Guess who that is?

So Spino11 had told me about Animal Jam Rapids. I went to it, did a comment, and told Trickertreee to check out my blog.
So he did. Then, I met him on AJ and buddied him.

A Seal That Came Out Of The Blue

Boy, I remember this day like it was yesterday.
This jammer is...

Seals101 was in Deep Blue when I found her.
See, I was hanging out with tech66 in Deep Blue. Then, this non-member seal with a lightning pattern swam up, saying "Hello!"
I clicked her username, and saw it said "Seals101".
Tech, Seals and I talked for a bit. Then I got a buddy request from Seals101, and I accepted it.
Seals101 became one of my good friends.

Through A Jam-A-Gram

The next person is someone who EVERYBODY knows...

I used to never had known Tech66 was famous.

Well, I was in Jamaa Township, and Tech66 asked to buddy me. He said he had seen my blog and liked it. So I buddied him.
Yeah, short story. But Tech66 was one of my first blogger buddies.

A Blue Crocodile And A Gray Wolf

Well, these are two people I am talking 'bout.


Creature Icyspirit

I met Hope4meg when she asked to buddy me because she loved my blog. And I checked out her blog, and we became friends that way.
I was in Crystal Reef one day, and Hope4meg brought Creature Icyspirit to meet me. And I buddied him.

Thanks for reading!
I am friends with many others, but I can't remember how I buddied them.
And hey, maybe one of the friends you don't know so well will end up as your best buddy in the future!

Written By GreatShot


  1. Hehe I just love my friendships too. I have some friends who became my friends in VERY weird ways. One of my friends was once my enemy and another one I once fought with. People can surprise you. =D I really like your blogs and you should keep blogging!

  2. i remember how i met lovelost! it was a normal day and i was in jamma. suddenly lovelost appeared and i complimented her outfit,cause well it was awesome:3 . then she told be to come to a den but i couldnt find it... about a month later insted of witchhatbunny she changed to lovelost.when i looked her up it said she was offline but i sent the request anyway.then it said lovelost is now your buddy.since then we are best friends!!!


  3. actually, trickertreee may not be one of my bffs, or bfs, or close friends, or good friends, or friends at all (>:(, :'() but I found out about you guys in a weird way. I searched up animal jam, and one of them was "Animal Jam Parks". I soon liked it, and when searching up THAT, i saw *angelic music* AJR!!!!!!!!!!


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